Xavier Samuel To Appear At Film Festival

Xavier Samuel is going to be appearing at the Melbourne Film Festival on Thursday where his horror film, the Loved Ones, is appearing. According to The West Australian:

“The movie, which is described as Pretty in Pink meets Misery, has its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Thursday and has also been selected for the Toronto Film Festival. It is Samuel’s first foray into horror, a genre he isn’t a huge fan of usually.

I can’t really sit through them often. I’ll let you know how I go on Thursday – you might see someone just run out distressed.”

Well considering the way Riley meets his end in Eclipse, it looks like this is merely on-the-job training! Read the rest on the Western Australian.

Bloody Disgusting has an article on the film; however, please keep in mind that it’s a horror flim and the name of the site is Bloody Disgusting (so if that is not your thing, you havbe been warned).


  1. Katie Bell says:

    I have something to say – although I appreciate news about Twilight Saga’s filming – I do not get why we all care so much about one of the many people involved in the films, especially when it’s the role of Riley. I am so sick of hearing about Xavier Samuel! Why are you wasting space? It’s a minimal role! Well, that is unless Melissa Rosenberg delivers us a sting-bag of a script again.


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