The Lexicon Position

We want to share with our readers a statement that we gave to a media outlet earlier tonight that requested permission to quote the comments on our site and for us to give them a statement. We don’t know if ultimately we will or will not be quoted in the article, but thought it best to put it all out there right now.

“Our fan comments and blog stories are a matter of public record. You may quote them within the boundaries of Fair Use laws with citation.

As for our opinion, casting and recasting is always something we have stayed neutral on whether is was Taylor Lautner and Solomon Trimble being recast, or Catherine Hardwicke being rehired.

It’s not that we don’t have feelings for Rachelle. We certainly enjoyed her performance. She’s a classy lady who gives back to fans and is generous to charity. However since we don’t know what was in contracts, what was said at meetings, what verbal understandings were or were not reached, etc. we feel most comfortable staying out of it, reporting the facts as given to us from both sides, and letting the fans judge for themselves.”

We say this with the complete knowledge that some fans are fine with this stance, some are not, but that’s our approach and we are comfortable with it. In the end, we have to do what we subjectively feel is the appropriate thing for us to do.

If either side responds again, we will run their uneditorialized statement in its entirety as we have been doing.


  1. I don’t understand why people are getting pissed as you guys?

    • Just because you guys are being unbiased and rational, their hating on you. I swear some times it’s very hard to tolerate this fandom.

    • BloodSuckingLeech says:

      Hey, Lex: I agree I think this is one of those sitch’s the Lex needs to remain neutral on, even though I’m sure you guys have passionate responses to things like this, but what good would it do for the Admins to vent it here?

  2. I’m glad this site will continue fair coverage from both sides.

  3. TwinerdMandy says:

    Yeah I think it would be wrong for u to comment on it when u have made this site & following the saga thanx for keepin us up to date!

  4. This is why you guys are a reliable Twilight source because you report the facts and don’t take sides.

    Fans shouldn’t be upset with you, its our job to take sides not yours.

    You are doing a terrifically classy job, thanks.

  5. Otherwise known as “We love Summit and are scared our New Moon invitation will be taken back”.

    Puhlease…Have you EVER stood upto anything Summit did? Have you EVER published 1 criticism?

    I am glad you are happy with your decision. As a fan I’m not. This is a fan site not a Summit site.

    Enjoy your Eclipse set visits…

    • AGREEDD!!!

    • Twilight_News says:

      If my allegiance was to Summit I wouldn’t have been the first fansite to post Rachelle’s response. I would have ignored it or editorialized on it.

      • {Quote] Twilight_News says:
        July 29, 2009 at 11:07 pm

        If my allegiance was to Summit I wouldn’t have been the first fansite to post Rachelle’s response. I would have ignored it or editorialized on it.[/quote]

        I didn’t say you were stupid, I said you had no backbone to stand up. If you editorialized it , it would have been too obvious.

        And calling the sites that supported twitter movement “mobs”? That’s how you see the fans that were reacting mobs…

        Again, I’m happy you are in peace in your heads. But I’m telling you: it doesn’t look so “unbiased” from the outside.

        • Twilight_News says:

          FYI “editorializing” means giving an opinion. That’s what an editorial is by definition.

          And I have not referenced a single fansite in anything we posted. I was referring to jumping on the fan movement where fans were tweeting us to join the bring back Rachelle trend.

          Kudos to any site who wishes to take either Summit’s side, Rachelle’s side, or like us be Switzerland. It 100% their prerogative to do as they wish.

          • I think you’re wasting your time responding to Sydney. Your position is correct, and most people can look at both sides and decide for themselves. However, we don’t have all the facts, so that can be difficult. These fans who are willing to boycott Eclipse or come up with conspiracies that Ron Howard bought his daughter’s role so he could direct BD can’t be reasoned with. They all have a right to their opinion and also have a right to create their own fan site if they aren’t happy with the content at the Lexicon.

    • Who are YOU to tell them what THEIR website is about. If you feel so strongly then take your behind to another website.

    • CindyBlack says:

      ditto. glad i wasn’t the only one thinking it.

    • I agree, we, as fans, support Rachelle completely, and you seem extremely out taken by the set invitation.
      Have a little spine, please!

      • My dear, you don’t speak for all the fans. Keep YOUR opinion as your own, but don’t say it represents everyone because their are some fans out there who could care less about this situation.

    • if you have such a big problem with the way the lex is run, i challenge you to go start your own site and manage it half as well.

    • You are my hero … you know Twilight Lexicon are bunch of ass lickers.

  6. Veronica says:

    I think the stand that the Lexicon is taking is the best, as we don’t know what exactly went on between Summit Entertainment and Rachelle Lefevre. Staying neutral is always safe.

  7. Danielle says:

    all of people’s anger is directed at the wrong people. this isn’t bryce’s fault,nor is it the lexicon’s. i am very impressed with the way the lexicon is standing their ground no matter how difficult it seems to be. as a fan of the series and of rachelle, i too am very heartbroken by the news but it’s not fair to place the blame on those who have no control over the situation. i think the lexicon should stand strong and i back you up 110%.

    • i agree with you too
      the lexicon are showing a really professional attitude; it isnt a matter of favoritism: lexicon has nothing against rachell nor summit

      i was also shock and heartbroken by wat happened but we will never really know wat happened behind doors between them 🙁

      lets just hope everything turns out ok for both parties…. and go lexicon!! thanks for staying neutral 🙂

  8. Thank you for remaining an unbiased source for all Twilight news. I truly appreciate it. Forget the haters. The sites that continue to succeed are the ones that report the news and tell the truth without getting involved with the drama, because by doing that they are able to maintain a good reputation.

    Because of this neutrality, the Lexicon will always be the first site I go to for anything Twilight. Thanks again!

  9. Christine says:

    Good Work Lexicon… it is important that fan sites remain neutral in situations like this.. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. I do believe Sydney has hit the nail on the head.

    Dear Lexicon Ladies,
    I say this in love: You mean NOTHING to Summit. Not even a blip on their radar. So take your heads out of your behinds and act like what you claim to be–fans of the Twilight Saga. Your incessant kow-towing is impressing no one.

    Did you get defensive after so many other Twilight sites took you to task on Twitter? Get a freaking clue! It’s OK to take sides in this matter. And clearly you’ve sided with the people at Summit.

    Way to go. And you call this a fansite. Right. Keep on thinking that, ladies.
    A real fan

    • Christina says:

      Grow up this is not highschool.

    • I wouldn’t doubt that the Lexicon ladies do, in fact, have their own personal opinions about the current situation. However, they know that many fans come to their site for news and information, and as such they are respecting the fans’ own ability to form opinions about what they read without forcing their own opinions on anyone.

      I think it’s commendable that they are choosing to report the news without commentary. As a “real fan” myself, I appreciate the fact that I can come here for news and then make my own informed opinion about what I read.

      • Twilight_News says:

        “I wouldn’t doubt that the Lexicon ladies do, in fact, have their own personal opinions about the current situation. However, they know that many fans come to their site for news and information, and as such they are respecting the fans’ own ability to form opinions about what they read without forcing their own opinions on anyone.”

        BINGO, and just as an FYI the personal opinions of the admin team vary.

  11. Twilight Lexicon – THANK YOU for being Team Switzerland! I commend the individual who drafted the statement on TL’s position. GREAT JOB Lexicon! I respect that you are neutral.

  12. The Lexicon is huge. It’s loved by all, including Stephenie Meyer. The Lexicon shouldn’t have to pick a side, isn’t that the whole point of this site? To bring the news to the fans. And let the fans know what’s going on? It’s a wise choice to not get involved with a particular side. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to be happy. I complete understand why a side hasn’t been chosen.

  13. One word- AMEN!

  14. Christina says:

    I think it’s great you are not being biased. Just because you are a Twilight fansite does not mean you have to side one way or another. In the end all that really matters is that a great movie that is true to the book. Why can’t everyone just forget about all this crap and go back to being excited about New Moon? This is starting to turn into highschool and for that reason I choose to stay out of this kind of stuff and just continue to enjoy the Sega.

  15. I’d just like to say thank you to Alphie and Pel for sticking to your guns and keeping your integrity through this whole process. The entire staff of Pattinson Online is behind you 100% and we hope that the true fans will be as well.

  16. Thanks Lexicon for giving us the latest Twilight news and for giving us a forum to air our views!

  17. Thank you for keeping the website unbiased. It is my homepage and I totally support the way that it is run.

  18. sydtwimum says:

    You gals are like the Fox News channel of the Twilight world!!!! Clear, concise and unbiased news!!!!!

    I just think it’s good that Summit sent out their reply quickly, although the tone of it does seem a little bit ‘bitchier’ than Rachelles statement was!
    Oh well…they’re the ones making all the money peeps, not us!! Go with it..

  19. Well, you’re right, we don’t know -and most likelly we’ll never know- the whole story. I’m really sad that Rachelle is not going to be in Eclipse, and I am angry that things turned up this way, but we can’t blame neither Summit nor Rachelle, so I don’t know who I’m most angry at (ok, yeah, who am I kidding? I’m pissed at Summit and I love Rachelle) Anyway, I think that you guys made the right choice by staying neutral and trying to be as objective as you can in this whole mess. You’re here to provide us information about the saga we all love, and that requieres a certain degree of objectivity

  20. Ashley Dilman says:

    ummm this is totally random….and had nothing to do with the topic….but are they going to make Breaking Dawn a movie?

  21. You guys are awesome. I am completely and totally a fan of what you post and your stand on this matter.
    Total Support <3 xox

  22. Totally agree with you guys, especially about how we don’t know exactly what happened on either side. If only people can understand/realize that!

  23. I think it’s hilarious that some fans are getting so bent out of shape over this situation. I’m personally HAPPY this website isn’t blasting the production company that has brought this saga to life for FANS to enjoy. “Twilight” the movie was less than stellar and from the looks of things Summit got that and changed things up a lot for “New Moon”! I’m happy they got a new director and spent much more money on the second installment. It already looks SO much better than the first movie. Recasting Victoria is a great move! Bryce Dallas Howard is gorgeous and will do a good job I think! Everyone will get over it when the movie comes out and she is amazing in the part you watch, and then everyone will be screaming, WE LOVE HER, SHE WAS PERFECT! Funny how fleeting some of these so called fans are. Be happy this movie is here and they are spending the money and time on it to make it phenomenal!

    • FUN FACT: BDH is the daughter of director – Ron Howard. Ron Howard as in Imagine Entertainment. Who from what is being discussed on other blog sites are speculating wants to direct BD. Summit is spending $$$ alright – to kiss arse & suck up! I’m a loyal fan to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, no longer the franchise. Summit sold out!!!

      • If Summit sold out than I’m on board. I absolutely loved the novels too(well BD was a little out there). Anyway, you have to admit that the first movie was just not good. To be a fan of the series I think you would be ecstatic to have a movie to go along with this world you invisioned in your mind. The fact is when “Twilight” came out I just kept thinking, WHAT!? Was that the best they could do! I mean it wasn’t the worse movie ever but for me it was a real letdown. From what I seen,having all the success with the first movie, has really opened up bigger and better filming possibilities to make these movies what they should be right!? A book that is so beloved by so many should have the right budget, directors, actors, everything to make it as true and real as it can be on screen. I’m happy the “francise” is doing well and we can look forward to BETTER movies for this series!

        • Estrella says:

          Yes, is all business as some people has said, you want them to notice you and listen to you, don’t go see New Moon on the movies. If you can’t resist not watching it then at least wait after the opening weekend, see what they have to say when their numbers are not as good, that’s the only power we as consumers have over them, the power of purchase, we can choose not to buy their product, we can choose not to give them our money.

          They are doing a better New Moon, with better effects and a better budget thanks to all of us who went to watch Twilight, some people watched it more than 10 times, I think those people should have at least a lil’ bit of opinion.

  24. I am a fan of the book series and movies, and I’m just as upset that Rachelle is not returning for Eclipse. There is no reason to get mad at Twilight Lexicon. It’s not in their control whether Rachelle remains with the cast, it’s up to Summit. They’re simply posting what they know about the situation, and are not taking sides.

  25. As a mod of another saga fansite, I want to say that you did the right thing. I know you don’t need my approval, but i just want to give you all some love. I will not be choosing a side. I will give info on the story, but not directly express my personal opinion so that it then looks to be the opinion of every fan that is a member or visits my site.
    a fellow mod

  26. I would never be angry at you guys for an opinion or for remaining neutral.
    I was disappointed with Sol being replaced because I think he could have done a good job.
    I am disappointed that Rachelle won’t be in Eclipse.
    I, however, do not know what was going on with either side.
    I am willing to give BDH a chance just like anyone else with any of the other movies..

  27. I agree: keep reporting the facts in an unbiased way, everything else is just trite gossip… that’s why we read this blog. If we wanted celebrity drama we would read the 100+ blogs dedicated to it.

    • totally agree with you its there website they are running it how they want and in a very proffesional way and i completely respect their decisions.

    • femmeslash says:

      this is just another example of the commendable ethics displayed on the lexicon daily. thanks for elevating the fan experience, and for making me feel like being a fan doesn’t by definition have to be a disruptive, destructive force.

      who knows what happens behind closed doors? it makes me feel bad for the howard family cuz now if ron wants to be involved (which would be incredible), it is def gonna look like there was nepotism or the like.

  28. somethingblue says:

    Very well done! Professionally handled and reported.

  29. uggh
    Sometimes the Lexicon is so full of itself, striving project the image of being all neutral and mature.

  30. I wholeheartedly agree with your stance. I applaud your courage to stand with integrity and character. Thank you for your efforts and for running an awesome site, blog and twitter!

  31. Replacing Edward…worth getting upset about. Replacing Victoria…not worth ripping Summit’s head off.

  32. thanks for staying classy, lexicon.
    while i am often embarrassed these days to admit i’m a twilight fan because of the behavior of many fans (ie the ones who freak out and take sides and get mad at the lex for staying neutral) the lex always reminds me that the wonderful fandom i fell in love with back in 2006 is still out there somewhere.

  33. mschicklet says:

    LOL the world of Twilight is INTENSE.

  34. Evie LePelley says:

    i just wanted to commend you ladies on staying neutral thru all of this shenanigans. Yes I am upset that Rachelle won’t be playing Victoria but you know what?? the show must go on. i actually think Bryce Dallas Howard is a very good actress and think she will do a good job as Victoria. Its not her fault that she is taking over for someone else.

    anyway dont even think a minute about the haters out there know who the true fans of the Lex are..Thanks for being Team let’s talk about how cute Carlisle is???? ;o)

    Evie LePelley
    Canton OH

  35. TwilightRulez14 says:

    wow you people need to calm down!! its NOT that big of a deal!!! its a good thing that they dont take sides because then we get the straight truth and if you dont like the way its run then go to a dif site and stop hatinng on the lexicon!! stop telling them how to run thier website!! if you want it done differently, then you go make your own website and you can run it however you want everyone just needs to respect thier decision!

  36. Why would a Twilight website take sides?
    This Lexicon was started for the books not the movies.
    Just because some idiotic fans don’t have backup for the recasting of Rachelle petition they have to get all pissy.
    You guys are awesome. I love you and Stephenie loves you.
    I admire your neutral stance on this.

  37. Yisel_Cullen says:

    The Lexicon IS the most trusted name in Twilight news…(yes like CNN) Everybody has the right to have an oppinion. My heart is with Rachelle…I’m her fan, I believe her and not Summit..but that is just my position…everyone is free to chose their own.

    I just want her back!!! and I will write letters and do everything I can let my voice be heard!

    Thanks Twilight Lexicon for your excellent job!

  38. Just keep on doing what you admins do best. I praise that you have to put up with all the differences when you have done nothing wrong but post up information for fans to decide themselves. You are not imposing your thoughts onto us and I am grateful for such a site. Twilight needs someplace like the lexicon to turn to for REAL news coming from both sides.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and since fans here have stated their stance it is only fair Lexicon choose their stance and it happens to be neutral. SO be it!

    Everyone is creating drama for the wrong reasons and getting mad at those who are not deserving of all this hate.

    As fans of the Twilight series: we should still remember that it’s the passion for the books/characters.

  39. Why is it that this site has turned from a repectable, great fansite for a wonderful book into a free for all? It seems as if every time I come on here I see a post about the 100 Monkeys or Mike’s side progects or minor character’s twitter sites… This has nothing to do with the movie, and especially not the book. I see where this situation has to do with the movie in some way, but this is not the Summit Fansite, or the Rachelle L. fan club, or the 100 Monkey’s Lexicon. Or is it? It seems as if this site is trying to get their ten posts a day in, whether or not it’s actually relevant.

    I am a fan of the Twilight Lexicon, but it is looks like it is going down a pointless road..

    Confused and Frustrated Fan

    • news about the twilight movie is news about twilight.
      news about twilight actors is news about the twilight movie.
      therefore, news about the twilight actors is news about twilight.

      the movie is what’s going on in the twilight world right now. it’s not as if the lex is foregoing book-related news to post the movie stuff. the movie news is all there is right now.

    • Chela85 says:

      I feel like many fans want to support the actors who are in Twilight in their other endeavors in life. That’s why many fan sites including the Lex post the unobtrusive goings-on of the actors. Like when they get a new twitter account so that we can follow the actors as a little sign of our support

  40. i don’t agree with summit. Rachelle is a nice victoria and i think summit should’nt take her of the film! And i don’t think she is a lier.

  41. Honestly, situations like this and the immature people calling themselves “true fans” who are ranting and ranting and ranting about this and then attacking you for being Switzerland are why soooo many people LOATHE Twilight just because of it’s fandom. That’s right, people. It is because of immature people like you who act like the world has ended when a RECAST happens and the freaking Lex doesn’t join you in your gripe fest that so many people think “Ugh! Twilighters are the most annoying form of worthless vermin in the universe!” It is people like you who make us quiet fans who love the series and the movies with a passion look like total IDIOTS to everyone because you all have helped to generalize us all as a fanbase. So thank you so much for that.

    Also…you all need to realize that griping and whining and getting so worked up and angry over something like this changes NOTHING. If you want to go ahead and not see the film because VICTORIA is a different actress, then by all means, go ahead and sit at home and sulk. I’d just like to ask you all though…why would you pick up a book series that you claim to be “true fans” of…a series that is about Bella and her love and life with Edward at it’s core…and then get all worked up because a character that is someone that the books don’t center and revolve around is suddenly recast? Grow up and get over it.

    To the Lex ladies- I commend you for staying strong in your beliefs and remaining a FRIENDLY and quiet true fansite that FINALLY makes us fans look intelligent. Keep up the great work.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • Very well said. Thank you! It’s the life of Hollywood, shouldn’t be such a shock; this happens regularly. As much as I love Rachelle for being her, who knows, maybe this new actress will be better?? There’s a chance it’s possible!

      Lex Ladies, thank you for staying true to your original intentions. Why this is a surprise, and sudden talk and finger pointing is beyond me. You’ve always stated from the start your position in your reporting. Because you’re Switzerland, I read. Makes it MUCH easier to read the REAL thing, instead of the bloated, opinionated, washed-up news/rumor mill. This is why I always come back. Thank you!

  42. Confessions says:

    I just love the series and want to see put on screen. I thought Rachelle was good, she looked great. I think Bryce Dallas Howard will do great. She is a great actress.

    I just wish people could be mature about it. I think the lex is great. I love to come here and check my random twilight news. You guys rock!

  43. Carmen C says:

    To quote from Anchorman: “Loud noises!”
    By the way, I think the Lex is doing a great job. Thanks for reporting without bias, guys!

    • Chela85 says:

      THAT IS MY FAVORITE QUOTE!! hahahahaha I’m not commenting on the twilight situation(s) at all just saying I love the “LOUD NOISES!” quote I was cracking up! Sorry to be so off topic, but you started it 😉 lol

  44. Amie(vampwolf) says:

    Are they thinking of taking Rachelle out. Oh all for it. I want Victoria to have the right voice. She wasn’t even supposed to talk in Twilight.

  45. some people are so stupid to think you guys have any power of word as to what occurs with the films. However, I thank you girls and guys for always giving me the best Twilight info. when it occurs. You are still my favorit Twilight fan site. Some people need to grow up. I love Rachelle and will miss her very much cause she is great. I’m bummed, but as a fan I have to trust this will be a positive thing in the end. I feel your stance is mature and responsible. That’s all I have to say about that.

  46. I wholeheartedly support the administrators of The Twilight Lexicon.

    The blog, is about news, news reported with the good old-fashioned American values we all should try to uphold, unbiased truth. They did not agree or disagree with Summits decision, or Rachel’s comments on the situation, they only reported it.
    I loved Rachel as Victoria, and I am sad that she will not be reprising her role, but there is something you all must understand:

    It’s all business.

    If a graphic artists began designing the covers for a comic book series, then between jobs, booked themselves for another project, unfortunately realizing that it would impede on the deadline for the next installment of the comic book series, the owners would have no choice but to replace him, to meet the deadline.

    It was probably a very regrettable, but necessary action in order to begin pre-production for Eclipse.

    You have to understand, altering the shooting schedule and/or press junkets around her time frame could throw their budget off by hundreds of thousands of dollars. And would you want them to have to cut a scene that may have been very near and dear to your heart, just so Victoria would be played by the same person?

    It’s sad, but that’s Hollywood.

    Please, fellow Twilight fans, I beg you to be understanding of this. The Lexicon, gains nothing from picking sides. What they should gain, is respect from all of us, for merely informing us about the situation. The blog on their website is a news outlet, and it’s only purpose is to keep us all informed-not try to persuade our opinions on the subject. They allow us all, to decide for ourselves, how we feel about these types of situations. Would you rather they try to shove their own personal feelings down our throats? Of course not. Once again, I beg you to be respectful and understanding.

  47. phillygirl19119 says:

    People have to respect your position especially if you are consistent. I love Rachelle. I read her statement and I read Summit’s rebuttal. I think Summit’s rebuttal was slightly harsh for the situation but since there has not been any further statement from Rachelle’s people correcting their statement or providing further insight, I have to look at what is logical. From my perspective, Summit’s statement appears to be logical. I think Rachelle took it for granted that Slade would make an adjustment just because it was only 10 days. And he either couldn’t or wouldn’t. When you go by the name of Nichole Kidman, Jody Foster, Julia Roberts etc…you might just get 10 days. Rachelle LaFevre doesn’t. I agree w/Lexicon, trust me I was shocked and outraged early today like the rest of you, but no one has seen a contract so we don’t know. But just going by each statement, what Summit has said seems logical and has not been rebutted. Rachelle hasn’t called them outright liars and stated what’s not true with what they said. She and her people rolled the dice and they crapped out. Such is life. She, like Solomon and Catherine would be missed but life goes on. No one likes the wolf pack now because Solomon is no longer Sam? I don’t think so. Has anyone seen the latest wolf pack poster? I liked Solomon but I’m sorry, I love the wolf pack as it is today. Bryce (go see her You Tube video interview when she was on the David Letterman show) is such a sweet person just like her daddy Ron. She’s funny and just down right nice. I really think we all should step back and give her a chance. Let’s all calm down. Rachelle is not returning no matter how many calls are made and petitions are signed (yes I signed it because my heart gave in). She just blew it. She wanted her cake and eat it too and it just didn’t pan out. Here’s my question to all Twilighters and think really hard: “If Rachelle has this love for Twilight like she said she does, then why didn’t she quit the other movie so she could be in Vancouver for rehearsal”? She could have told the other producers that she couldn’t be in the Dustin Hoffman film because she had to do Eclipse. See…this is what Summit was saying (kind of harshly but you understand their point). She should have quit the other film because of the scheduling conflict. She had to be in Vancouver to rehearse with the cast. She is a major character and focal point in the film. You bring your behind to Canada. By the way, go and read the article dated July 11, 2009 written by Twilight Examiner where she called it then that Rachelle may not be in Eclipse due to a scheduling conflict. That was on the 11th folks. I’m sorry, Rachelle knew it like Summit stated. She blew it. I love her dearly and will miss her. But she just blew it. Summit called her bluff and she lost. It’s sad, but we have to move on. Because the bottom-line is…WE ARE GOING TO GO TO SEE ECLIPSE NO MATTER WHAT. The proposal, the sleeping bag scene as Taylor so fondly intimated during the panel, the huge fight, the visit of the Volturi, Jacob stealing a kiss and Bella kissing him back! Come on people, you are going to see Eclipse no matter who plays Victoria. So let’s all calm down, take a deep breath, shed some tears for Rachelle and move on.

  48. I also am proud of the lexicon staying biased about this.

    I haven’t said very much about this whole thing so far, but yes, as a fan of both the books AND the movies, I am sad to see the character of Victoria be recast. I loved Rachelle in the role too, just like many people did.

    I don’t think it’s worth getting super worked up over though. I’ve had my days to reflect on it, and like someone else said, the show goes on. It could have been someone else that was recast. What if the Runaways ran longer than it’s supposed to shoot and they had to recast Kristen? I think that would be more of a blow than Rachelle’s recasting.

    I just think some people need to calm down and not take this so hard. It’s a movie. If you don’t like it, then don’t go see the movie. Whatever. Plus, I don’t think it’s fair to judge Bryce Dallas Howard in this. At least give her the chance to put the makeup on, say a few lines and see how it works. Sure, Rachelle originated the role, but Bryce could be much better at than we all think right now.

    It’s just so much going on at once, and I am really glad that the Lexicon is being Switzerland in this case. Thanks ladies.

  49. Jetcliffe says:

    She deserves to stay!! taylor lautner has passionate fans and has girls who adore him, and guys, like my friends and I who admire his confidence and swagger, but Rachelle, she may not have fans like Taylor , but I really hope she gets recasted back. I mean, come on, she deserves to stay!! I hope Twilight Lexicon takes sides with her

    • Jetcliffe says:

      i mean, yes, I think it was great that Twilight Lexicon is unbiased and examined both sides well, but I hope that hopefully, in the future, we all support Rachelle being recasted as Victoria

  50. I agree w/ Lexicon regarding their position. I always say that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Both sides (Summitt and Rachelle) have their stance on the issue and the truth is probably a little bit of both. Fans need to relax. Rachelle was great to the fans and the twilight franchise. However, we only saw maybe 5 minutes of her acting in the first movie. Not sure how much of her is in the second film. If this had been one of the Cullens (god forbid) or Wolves being recast, THEN that would be a big problem.

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