Rachelle Lefevre Speaks

This just in from Access Hollywood who got an exclusive interview with Rachelle:

“I was fully committed to the ‘Twilight’ saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria,” Rachelle continued, explaining the turn of events that led to the casting change. “I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to ‘Barney’s Version’ is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for ‘Eclipse.’ Although the production schedule for ‘Eclipse’ is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for ‘Eclipse,’ never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

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  1. efeig@summit-wnt.com … i posted a number and physical address earlier which i think are correct

  2. Marcella says:

    sign the petition for Rachelle’s return!!


  3. Whoever asked for Summit’s email info.. I got this from someone at NewMoonMovie.org and copied it.



  4. correction! efeig@summit-ent.com

  5. Wow DON’T BLAME BRYCE I LOVE HER. And I also love Rachelle but what can we do ? This worser than when Potter got moved back it seems WOW LOOK AT ALL THESE MAD PEOPLE haha …

  6. Wtf when they shot twilight they had no problem shooting Cams scenes first to accomodate him, but now that its a big franchise they think they can do what they want. They dont understand that to us fans rachelle IS victoria, and we wont take kindly to change.

  7. Sarabeth says:

    continuity. period. you can’t have continuity if you use one actor portraying a character for 2 movies and then throw in a curve ball for their last movie…it will look weird regardless of how good the new actress is. it just won’t work for anyone that follows the movies. what idiots.

  8. Scheduling conflict? Seems absurd they could not accomodate for the 10 days. Rachelle is absolutely perfect for the role. She brought the role of Victoria to life. What are you thinking Summit?

  9. lolly12 says:

    Very disappointed in how Summit handled this, I feel bad for the fans of Twilight and for Rachelle.

  10. they didn’t even try. SKEEZY.

  11. ronariverah says:

    The new actress may be the best actress/Victoria in the world, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that Rachelle was shafted and this will/may affect the rest of the cast.

    I’m sure the Twilight cast will treat Bryce very well because it’s not her fault but there may be bitterness towards her. Not to mention how the fans might treat her.

    This is sad really. I feel bad for both actresses now.

  12. Niki Lynn says:

    Bullcrap. It’s always a risky move to recast a part for a pop culture phenomenon. I know I’m pissed. That doesn’t me I won’t see Eclipse, but I will be pissed every time I see Bryce where Rachelle should be (no offense to Bryce).

  13. Amy Darlene says:

    It’s THEIR FAULT?!?!?!? why would they want to upset us? don’t they know that we have the power to make or break them????

  14. Swan_16 says:

    I am extremely upset about this. =[ She was perfect for the role…but oh well =[

    I know this is random but the volturi pictures are up now

  15. boo to summit!! Rachelle was awesome, such a beautful person. She made victoria and I will miss her.

  16. Are they serious,just for ten days? That’s crap,summit you completely fail! Bring back Rachelle.

  17. (b)Ella says:

    this is such bullshit!!!

    ahh why would they do this when its going to completely mess everything up. its going to be so confusing and ridiculous.

    Personally i can’t imagine anyone else doing the big fight scene in eclipse apart from rachelle.

    man do i hate stupid production companies that get too big for their boots and think they can just do this sort of stuff. i thought summit was all about accomodating their casts ect. GRRRR NOT HAPPPY.

  18. Wow. Sad.

  19. Patricia says:

    ALERT!!!!! Go here and sign the petition to Summit Entertainment!


    Go to browse on the site and select
    We want Rachelle! (This is the petition) TGrying to get 1,000,000 Twi Fans!! We can do it! Spread the word!!

  20. Greedy, Greedy studios. Not only do I think that Rachelle is the only one that could play Victoria, but I also think (and I mean no harm to Bryce) that their new casting decision was horrible. I honestly cannot picture that girl playing an evil vampire.
    How much does summit care about what fans think? Not much i think.

  21. Super bummed! Rachelle is the only Victoria I can see…one thing that I really liked about the casting for Twilight is that they didn’t pick well known actors so it really made the world Stephenie created come to life or exist somehow out there. Now it won’t be that way…it’s just Hollywood putting on a good show. Bummer!

  22. Aw Hollywood don’t you just love them! This is terrible for the Twilight movies and poor judgment on Summit’s part what a horrible way to treat a devoted actress! That and the fact that she has turned down jobs to full fill her contract with Summit!

    Not cool Summit!

  23. LaTuaCantante says:

    ITA with everyone. I’m bummed 🙁 And Eclipse’s storyline is so major for Victoria. I was hoping to see her and Rob go at it. This is definitely a positioning tactic by Summit to get bigger name actors/actresses in their contact list. It’s definitely rubbing me the wrong way. Rachelle brought the character to life and now someone else is going to take the glory. Shame on Summit. Bad decision-making there.

  24. Symantha says:

    Well that’ll ruin your day. Sorry Rachelle.

  25. higgin704 says:

    I am beyond livid.

  26. higgin704 says:

    I am currently at Twicon, with 2000 fans decending on Dallas tomorrow. Can you imagine how p*ssed everyone is going to be??????

  27. Brittany says:

    I’m kinda in shock, but one thing’s for sure is Rachelle is the only Victoria ever, and always will be!

  28. Samantha says:

    Rachelle IS Victoria!! This is such a bad way to treat a great actress, and ruin the whole Victoria role!!
    Not that Bryce isn’t a good actress, she just isn’t Victoria!! I really hope Summit rethink this desision!! I am signing the petition!!

  29. Hey Guys!!! please sign the petition if you want Rachelle Back!!! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/rachelleinecpliseyes/

  30. Elizabeth says:

    We went through this Taylor, and he satyed. We need to do the same for Rachelle. People have posted emails and petitions. Voice your opinion here, but when you’re done, send an email where it counts. Let’s get her back. No one underestimates the power of twifans…

  31. #bringbackrachelle is number 2 already on trending topics on twitter..yay! also someone should screencap it and send it to her..just so she knows even more how much we all care!

  32. I have lost all my respect for Summit and along with it any excitement I had to see Eclipse.

    In fact, I thought New Moon was going to break records and be in line with Transformers and Harry Potter but after hearing this I don’t know.

    I was planning to see it multiple times in theaters but now, maybe once. All my excitement for it is gone with Rachelle, and she wasn’t even my favorite character- it’s just the horribly bad taste Summit has left in my mouth.

    I guess I’ll just keep re-reading the books.

  33. Good idea Mel, we are going to see New Moon anyways, so we can wait one week more.
    Another idea is to wait for the DVD.

  34. way to go summit… bunch of BULL
    support Rachelle


  35. AliceKikiCullen says:

    SUMMIT!! Curse it! Is it me or are Summit and the rest of the Movie companies like, shooting themselves in the foot?! They wanna make money right? THIS IS STUPID!! I love Rachelle! *spits in the diriction of Summit* They have no bloody brains honstely. Sorry spelling is bad, Im so TICKED!!!

  36. Replacing Rachelle is such a horrible business decision by Summit. What a bunch of clueless business execs! Don’t they realize that that they are risking the goodwill of the fanbase and general audience’s loyalty to the Twilight franchise? Rachelle originated the role, so the audience has already ingrained her in their minds as Victoria. And since Victoria’s story reaches its climax in Eclipse, it’s a big let down to those of us who have seen Rachelle grow the character from the beginning. It’s a shame that cost savings and scheduling inconveniences are worth more than giving loyal fans a quality movie going experience.

  37. Swan_16 says:
  38. Well, looks like Summit is really trying to mess it up for themselves!! They already ruined the first book by getting the wrong director now they are changing actors on a major part midstream. Very disappointing! Stephanie M I’d be worried if I were you!

  39. This all comes down to 3 things: greed, fame & ‘good contacts’ in the industry. I find it insulting that they recast someone as dedicated as Rachelle almost without telling her, but its even worse that theyre doing it with an actress who, although good at her craft, im sure only got the part because of her contacts in the industry. Id bet Rachelle got the boot cause they probably dont consider her a ‘famous enough’ asset to the franchise and itd be easier to kick her out and get someone with more fame than accomodate her schedule. What keeps me utterly amused is how hush-hush Summit did this, no word of it got out until AFTER they had done the recasting, and of course! they wouldnt want the fanbase to repeat the Taylor fiasco. This fanbase has more power than they know because this company started out as an independent one and now theyre soaring thanks to the Twilight saga. So, backstabbing said fanbase should be done quietly, its absolutely insulting!

  40. I knew something smelled fishy about the whole thing…now this explains it. Shame on Summit for not being more accommodating! That is ridiculous! How dare they treat not only us fans, but Rachelle that way.

  41. Wow, I think this is the first time that EVERYONE who commented on here has been in total agreement…
    The new actress seems fine but they never should have gotten rid of Rachelle. She was so dedicated and from the sounds of that comment, she isn’t too happy about what happened.
    10 days? Seriously?

  42. Whitney says:

    Here are the e-mail addresses of some of the heads at summit. Let them know how you feel!!

    Patrick Wachsberger, CEO

    Erik Feig, President, Production

    David Garrett

    Mimi Tseng

    Kaye Cooper-Mead

    Andrew Matosich

  43. Cecilia says:

    A HUGE BOOOO to summit! Do they think they’re big ballers now and change an actress after having dedicated herself and time to 2 movies! Twilight MADE Summit what it is today! Not Push or the Knowing, but Twilight!. You don’t see WB changing any Harry Potter cast and they have 7 movies! Big disappointment!

    • I completely agree! TWILIGHT & its fan made Summit, not the other way around!!! They think they’re big so they are getting sooo greedy. [Push & Knowing both received 2 stars on my Netflix rating. Both flix sucked. I’m glad I didn’t pay good money to see it in the theatres.] WB understood the power of the fans. I appreciate WB for NOT changing any Harry Potter cast and that’s how they got 7 movies! I’m definitely NOT going to see Eclipse in theatres. I’ll wait for DVD from Netflix. Even then, I’m NOT buying the DVD. They’ve completely lost me as a fan. I’m not supporting Summit so they can do this to another cast member. Who is next? Billy Burke in BD? They wait until the 3rd installment to do a casting change. Eclipse = Victoria = Rachelle!!!

    • Summit’s humble beginnings earned them a legion of loyal fans, myself included. We grew attached to the franchise, like we did Stephenie’s series. Sadly enough, Summit lost their vision, thus they’ll lose their fans. $$$ won’t buy your fans. Ecipse (the 3rd installment) is cursed!!! First, by the dum-nut director, David Slade who insulted the Twilight series. Second, this casting change which is an insult & betrayal. Eclipse = Victoria = Rachelle! You were supposed to be better than WB. If it doesn’t matter to you – it won’t matter to me. Summit SUCK! BOO!

  44. So, as much as I really do love BDH and don’t really care about recasting, I have to say, Summit Entertainment sounds like a bunch of a$%h@*#&. Seriously people, ten days?!

  45. Nialiah says:

    Excuses, excuses. Summit is a joke, period. I’m pretty sure that after the saga is finished I will never again watch a movie produced by Summit. And they’re lucky we love Twilight enough to even see the final three movies…

    Dear Summit,

    Is it fun to have thousands of people hate you because you’re all idiots? Word of advice…you all should work on finding new careers. Producing movies is apparently just too hard.

  46. Summit is so horribly cruel! Why are they doing this to Rachelle? Why are they doing this to US? I can’t believe this is happening. How can we bring her back? There has to be something we can do.

  47. CindyBlack says:

    so effing pissed. faak!

  48. Summit shot themselves in the foot and for what? There is something here that doesn’t ring true… not sure what, but it has to be more than a ’10-day scheduling conflict.’ Why would they rock the boat at this point?

  49. Bastards, I know I’m leaning towards NOT seeing Eclipse.

  50. Meniecia says:

    Summit is so shady it’s not even funny.
    Rachelle was one of the only people i thought they cast right, everyone else had to grow on me. So not seeing her complete my vision of victoria is really unfortunate. At the same time though I’m going to give nothing but my love and support to Bryce, she’s an amazing actress that has to step into a really bad situation that isn’t her fault. Even though i can’t fathum anyone else playing Victoria, if Rachelle “had” to be replaced i’m glad it was her.

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