Rachelle Lefevre Speaks

This just in from Access Hollywood who got an exclusive interview with Rachelle:

“I was fully committed to the ‘Twilight’ saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria,” Rachelle continued, explaining the turn of events that led to the casting change. “I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to ‘Barney’s Version’ is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for ‘Eclipse.’ Although the production schedule for ‘Eclipse’ is over three months long, Summit said they had a conflict during those ten days and would not accommodate me. Given the length of filming for ‘Eclipse,’ never did I fathom I would lose the role over a 10 day overlap. I was happy with my contract with Summit and was fully prepared to continue to honor it. Summit chose simply to recast the part.”

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  1. Thats upsetting. I really wish they could have been a little bit more flexible . I really hate casting changes in series like this one. Glad to hear her side.

  2. Shame on Summit. Rachelle would have rocked Eclipse!!

  3. stephanie says:

    that is truly a loss that Summit could not schedule around those ten days when the production is a 3 month process. I hate when they change actors, I think it ruins movies. Well, as long as they don’t replace Kristen and Rob, I will be happy.

    • agree with all!!!Ya know whats odd bout the whole thing is,is that summit is going to wait for robert to finish all the other movies that he is going to be working on(captives and bel ami).They are gonna wait for him to be finished and then start b.dawn but they could not wait 10 days for rachelle?

    • This is big! I wonder if Summit is gonna replace any of the other actors too? I doubt they will replace the leads. But the Rob and Kristen romance hype is far more interesting than Edward & Bella’s story. We know what happens to Edward & Bella in BD, but is Robsten also going to have a happy ending?

  4. 😮 I thought it was Rachelle that chose to leave.. so glad she got to tell her side

    That’s so awful 🙁 I can’t believe they recast her!!

  5. Let’s boycott Summit!!! Rachelle is a spectacular Victoria. Not having her in Eclipse is almost unfathomable. I would compare it to recasting Edward.

    I think Summit is making a huge mistake. They went from a small production studio to a big player in the entertainment industry thanks to Twilight fans. This is no way to repay our loyalty to the franchise by being disloyal to one of their actors.

    I think I speak for many when I say BOO SUMMIT!!!

    • (b)Ella says:

      exactly what i was thinking!!!

      they’ve got too big for their boots because of twilight and now think they can just get away with this kind of rubbish!

      very dissapointed.

    • I agree…who was the brilliant person who decided they couldn’t work around the 10 days? This person obviously has been oblivious to the way fans have acted in the past year.

      I guess when they have a strict schedule and deadline they don’t want to mess with it. But I think fans would rather have the release date a few days later than replace an actor.

    • BloodSuckingLeech says:

      I’m with you on this! Boycott Summit Films!

    • I totally agree! I’ve been waiting to see Rachelle rock this part for like 4ever!! I’m so glad that Rachelle cared enough to let her fans know the real story. Shame on Summit. Looks like they’d look for any reason to replace her; I wonder why? She was so dedicated to the part & IS Victoria. I’m torn about this. PLEASE SUMMIT, IT’S ONLY 10-DAYS DARN DAYS….BRING RACHELLE BACK FOR ECLIPSE!!!!!!! DON’T FORGET WHO MADE YOU!!!!!

      • This really sucks!!! The are already destroying my favorite book…..
        There is a petition if u want to sign:


        It probably won’t do much given that Summit does not care anymore about the fans. Annoying!!!!

      • Summit made one big Mistake. The only reason Twilight became so big was because of us! They wont be big anymore if they piss us off!!
        They even erased all Rachelle related Trend Topics on twitter!! They are not even letting us have a say!
        We are the ones who made them big, SO LISTEN TO US!

        Boycott SUMMIT BIG TIME!!

    • Yes, Yes! Boycott Summit and/or Eclipse.

      SUMMIT is showing their selfish, greedy “corporate” fangs. [They] want fame/fortune from Harry Potter, Lord of Rings franchises their greediness seeps through their pores, so obvious as they go after “big name” actors and replace, replace.

      As much as I love Twilight, I hope Summit falls on their flat on their a** and that their greediness for this “surprise blockbuster” for a multimillion deal is lost.
      Summit has not and seems unwillingly to realize that Twilight is great b/c of the fan base from the books, plots, characters.


    • @Sheena – I totally agree!! …”I think Summit is making a huge mistake. They went from a small production studio to a big player in the entertainment industry thanks to Twilight fans. This is no way to repay our loyalty to the franchise by being disloyal to one of their actors.I think I speak for many when I say BOO SUMMIT!!!”

      BOYCOTT SUMMIT — GREEDY selfish corporate-like business whom obvious concerns are to make it “big” like Harry Potter & LOTR instead of making this movie franchise for the fan base!!!


  6. This is such bs. She did a marvelous job as Victoria, and for a 10 day overlap, this decision is absolutely ludicrous! Summit, what in the heck are you thinking!?

  7. Rockin'It says:

    Ugh! Stupid Summit!!!!

  8. I really hope that Summit will change their mind last minute. I love Rachel to play as Victoria…She’s the only Victoria I can imagine when reading the book…Please Summit hear us out!

  9. Summit Stinks…

  10. Dlphnmolly says:

    I understand that the film industry is about business but seriously Summit??? Is it really worth the backlash of fans? It’s not too late to take it back! Bring back Rachelle. Poor Bryce Dallas Howard. No one is going to like her and it isn’t even her fault.

  11. This isn’t suprising, summit probably jumped at the chance to get a bigger name. I love Bryce, she is a wonderfull actress, and she could have been a great victoria (if she had started from Twilight, but Rachelle is Victoria, she has had the part, she brought it to life. So to put it nicely, this is Bullshit that Rachelle is kicked out like this. Yeah thats the nicest I could put it.

  12. What a stupid stupid move on Summits part. They are so rushed to get this franchise produced, that it seems they aren’t really thinking rationally or looking ahead. Everything is so now now now for them.

    Although the part of Victoria was relatively small, re-casting is a HUGE endeavor, and for a franchise this big, the fans will not take it lightly.

    Frankly, I think Summit just doesn’t care. If it was Kristen Stewart or Ashley Greene, they would have moved hell to accommodate them — but no, not Rachelle.

    • that is totally stupid. I agree with you though. hearing Rachelle’s statemtn, she’s deeply hurt! for a good reason! summit you need to rethink this!

    • (b)Ella says:

      mmm definitely, the thing is, is that because Rachelle is so low-key, and because her part is small yet crucial, she has a huge fan-base.

      this is going to cause a lot of controversy. and i can’t imagine that the twilight cast is going to be very happy about it either.

  13. I think it stinks that she was replaced .The Twilight saga won’t be the same without her.

  14. Dammit Summit! what are you thinking! I knew it – Rachelle – I’m so sorry!

  15. I’m sorry to see her leave, but I think BDH will be a fantastic replacement.

  16. Summit once again proves what jackasses they are.

  17. Patricia says:

    OK TWI Fans it is time to innudate Summit with disapproval!

    • How do we inundate Summit. I just don’t think they felt her part was important enough but she’s part of the Twilight family! I’m really pissed. I never say pissed so I’m really pissed.

    • Well, We can bombard them with mails, just like we do with Taylor…

      I don’t know, something to prove them our support to Rachelle.

      • sorry, I mean “did with Taylor”

        • Rachelle has nearly 60,000 twitter followers. To me, that’s 60,000 supporters of her staying in the role. That’s not small potatoes because if there are 60,000 twitter followers, how many non-twitter users can we add on top of that. Geez Summit, you can do it, we know you can!

  18. Stefanie says:

    Summit Fails.

  19. This totally sucks! Its all about money, who cares about anything else! Do they not remember where all the money came from in the first place? The fans! They have some serious sucking up to do if they want to continue to make money with this franchise. Poor Rachelle! Does anyone know where we can go to show her our support and sympathy?

  20. i think it sucks that she cant be on the cast for eclipse. but she should have checked for overlaps. they cant rearrange everyone elses schedules for her. its just not respectful of the other actors. i think this whole thing has been poorly thought out by both summit and rachelle.

    • Chela85 says:

      Just a quick note though….Cam and Elizabeth (James and Esme) had major scheduling conflicts with Twilight, and they managed to work around them. I know the movie is bigger now than it was then, but I feel like 10 days out of three months couldn’t be that horrible. I have NO IDEA about making movies so I’m not really one to talk but if they did it once surely they could do it again….especially because this would have been Rachelle’s moment and she’s worked so hard and been so kind and energetic and dedicated you know? Anyway just putting that out there

      • You have to remember Catherine was willing to accommodate Cam. She didn’t mind switching the scenes around so his stuff could be shot first. And to be honest, I don’t know how much “accommodating” the did for Elizabeth because she was basically non-existent in the movie.

    • I agree with you.

  21. mschicklet says:

    HA! I knew it. Summit = epic fail.

  22. This is what happens when greed gets in the way. If it had been ANY OTHER film company, this would had been handle with care, and accommodated them. But all Summit sees is dollar signs and I am afraid they are destroying the third movie by rushing it so much. I have had a bad feeling about Eclipse and the signs of it, isn’t getting better. I hope more then ever I am wrong, but With Rachael gone, it will not be the same.

    I am now greatly reconsidering seeing Eclipse and wait for the dvd.

    • mschicklet says:

      Ditto except the dvd part. I still want to see all the movies in theater to get that “experience” but I still maintain that Summit does not have Stephenie Meyer’s best interests at heart. Disappointing.

  23. hahaaaa Summit, for the love of life! What the hell is wrong with you? Was the Taylor fiasco not enough for you?

    • (b)Ella says:

      obviously not. they don’t seem to understand what the consequences will be. people are going to be very very angry.

      oh dear summit. nice one. really. well done.

  24. I think it is outrageous that Summit is not willing to accomodate Rachelle for the 10 day overlap. I understand that filming is on a tight schedule, but couldn’t they just have rearranged the order scenes were going to be shot? I was looking forward to seeing Rachelle in Eclipse and I’m extremely disappointed by Summit’s actions.

  25. Marcella says:

    And you hear how Summit respects the books, but what about the series? What about the fans? I love BDH’s work, she’s great but Rachelle’s portrayal was integral to the Twilight series and the fans. I am shocked. When I first read it last night I yelped in excitement to learn that BDH was coming on, but I got so upset when I read on, I thought someone was trying to pull the wool over my eyes… Summit??? I gotta say, shame, shame, shame, if it ain’t broke DON’T fix it…

  26. WTF??????????? I’m so sorry Rachel! This brought tears to my eyes how dare Summit think they can just replace a actress because of 10 days? They did not uphold their end of the contract and its gotta be some legal procedure to dispute this or something!

    Rachel was the best Victoria and I don’t care who you cast as the “new Victoria” she will always be sloppy seconds compared to Rachel. I’m so p*ssed!
    -stomps angrily to the Summit Site-



  28. How do we most effectively contact Summit?

  29. Luthien says:

    Once again Summit has let us fans down. Just goes to show that those in control have no respect or consideration for the very population that supports their films. What jerks! I wish another company were doing these films, one with more integrity and ethics. Rachelle, you have the Twilight fans supporting you.

  30. This is most disappointing. Rachelle should have been allowed to finish the role. When I read Summit’s press release it felt disingenuous, especially when Rachelle has been a very enthusiastic member of the cast and promoting the series all over the place. I also do not like that Stephenie Meyer’s initial desire to have the movies use lesser known although talented stars is being ignored. I only hope the newly hired “STARS” do not detract from the intent of the movie and if Summit continues to replace the original cast, they will lose at least one fan and not just with the Twilight Saga, but on other things they have their name on.

  31. I believe that there should have been some compromise along the way to accommodate her. The role of Victoria is a pivotal one throughout the first three series even if she isn’t there in person, it’s her presence throughout the series that is important. For Summit to not even consider this and to re-cast when Rachelle has done a great job in her acting and commitment to the Twilight series is just wrong.

    I am sure that during those 10 days when she is doing another movie that they could be filming other scenes for Eclipse. Have they even made a schedule of what days she needs to be there for filming!??! IMO, it’s disrespect for her and the fans who love her as Victoria. Summit was never ready to handle a franchise this big and these “decisions” they make definitely prove that they are still a smaller production company!

  32. This news was absolutely devastating. Rachelle brought Victoria to life and she was the first actress in the Twilight francise that i approved of for the role. Rachelle was born to play a badass vampire. I really don’t know what Summit is thinking. Yeah, Rachelle has a 10 day overlap, but come on, she’s not Rob or Kristen and is not in every single scene, plus they film out of sequence. What could it have hurt to change which scenes they are filming first? All Summit thinks about is money and that is why the franchise is moving along so fast. Have they heard of the saying ‘Absense makes the heart grow fonder’? These movies should be paced about a year apart. Since they so fondly like to recast major roles, then Summit better start sucking up. Eclipse better be wonderful, Breaking Dawn better be made into two films or at least through another hour in and Chris Weitz better direct it. Summit=Epic Fail!

  33. I think it is awful that Summit has done this. Rachelle IS Victoria. I doubt very highly that they would have been so inflexible if it had been Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart who had a schedule that needed to be worked around. And for 10 days???? Shame on them.
    I’d like to leave Summit a message or send them an email expressing my opinion. Does anyone know an email address or website? I went to their official site but couldn’t find anywhere to leave a message.

  34. Tweet David Slade!!! He’s our only powerful access!


    Summit has been wonderful so far…this is nonsense!

  35. SO what do you get for working hard to develope a Character from a book to the screen, go to all the events for the fans and work tirelessly to promote the franchise??? FIRED!!! Nice job summit! Don’t be suprized if Ron Howard is directing a new Movie for them. This is outragous and just plain evil! The schedulaling conflict was just the excuse they needed to replace her. I hope she sues the pants off them!!!

  36. someone over at newmoonmovie.org in the comments under the Rachelle Statement post has all the email addresses listed…

    its in the comments 🙂

  37. Danielle says:

    This is BS!!! 10 days?!?!?! they can schedule twilight’s production around cam because of his prior obligation and Summit couldn’t work with 10 DAYS??!?!

  38. She wanted 10 days! 10 freaking days thats all. If this was Rob or Kristen would summit do the same to them? Heck no I bet!
    It just a case of “OBEY OUR RULES OR YOUR OUT”

    • With the lack of integrity and obvious greed Summit has shown thus far, who knows whether the key players are safe, contract or not.

  39. summit info: (310) 828 4132. address: 1630 stewart st, santa monica, ca 90404…i believe this info is accurate

  40. She not even in that much of it!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Summit sucks ass how can we respond to some kind of crap like this. Did they not like her performance in what they saw in New Moon?


  41. uiI fully believe something else is up. Maybe Summit received a phone call from a “famous director” for his daughter to be in the movie…

    • Yup! The power of an Oscar winning director! Nobody would even know who she was if she wasn’t Ronnie’s darling daughter. Oh well, don’t expect to see her promoting the Twilight Sage much….she doesn’t need to.

  42. I honestly don’t really know Rachelle’s acting abilities based on her short time in Twilight. Hopefully this move will prove us wrong, but Rachelle was such a sweet and outgoing person. I consider the move rude, but will keep an open mind.

  43. I can’t believe this!!! I was soooooo pissed when I read what happened. You can’t re-cast Victoria. What the hell!!!! I think summit just sucks rocks for doing something as stupid as this. Didn’t they learn when all the fans were pissed with replacing Taylor? We need to boycott this idiotic decision. Twilight Lexicon please put information out there for us fans to contact Summit and let them know what we think. The fans are what makes these movies so successful. If it weren’t for us and our love of the series, and support of the actors Summit would still be nothing…piss us off and suffer the consequences.

  44. i can not believe this. especially since eclipse is the movie that showcases victoria at her best!! i would have loved to see rachelle get the chance to play in it! i am very dissapointed. summit. i have no words…

  45. Just saying because I agree with how sad this is and messed up..If you’d like I’d be more than happy to provide email addresses for most of the execs at Summit including Eric Feig. I’m sure most of you would like to give those jerks a piece of your mind! I know I would!

  46. I live in England and its 12.05 in the morning so its now thursday to me! But I have to say that I never have heard of BDH? I texted around a couple of friends and they have never heard of her either?
    Strange! 🙂

    • She was in Lady In The Water with Paul Giamatti, and she also was in Spiderman 3, She is the daughter of the director Ron Howard.
      It´s not her fault, she just got cought in the middle, the problem is summit! How dare they change Victoria like this? BIG DISAPOINTMENT!!!

  47. Bethany says:

    This is complete bullshit. At first I was glad that Summit picked up the Twilight Saga because I thought that as a smaller company, they would pay more attention to the wishes of the author and the fans. Clearly, the money has gone to their heads.

    What a shame. I hope Summit realizes the mistake that they have just made in recasting one of the biggest players in Eclipse.

  48. Eilidh C says:

    I am so mad at summit!! I can’t believe they have done this to Rachelle who was obviously very dedicated to the Role and portrayed an amazing Victoria.She brought that character to life!

    It is such ashame that the film adaptation of the saga we all adore is nothing more than a monney machine to SUMMIT.I hate it when things like this happen 🙁



  49. Robynnnnnn says:

    I’m outraged at Summit!
    Rachelle is PERFECT! They’re crazy to recast her over something so stupid!
    There were TONS of scenes in Twilight, (for example the hospital hallway scene), where Rob did a take alone while Kristen was off-set (because she was under 18 and had class)
    They simply shot Kristen’s parts seperately, when she was available, and then they edited all the takes together into what looked like both actors at the same place at the same time. Surely they could’ve easily done the same for Rachelle!!

  50. Let’s boycott everything Summit! Starting with that sucky movie “Slamband” or whatever the name of that new Vanessa H movie is !

    • Let’s boycott everything Summit except “Twilight”, of course! Lets not go overboard! Maybe someone has something more positive to get their attention!

      • What if we “sort of” boycotted Twilight by not seeing New Moon during the first weekend? These are the figures that they really care about anyway. They would still get their money, but not the opening weekend figures they are counting on.

      • If Rachelle is not reinstated as Victoria, I intend to boycott Summit productions.

        • Cyber Sarah says:

          Absolutely agree. I think we should hit Summit where it hurts – their wallet. I will not pay to go and see Eclipse unless Rachelle is re-cast. Their behavior is incredible, they must be idiots.

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