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We have been asked by people how to contact Summit Entertainment. Their address is a matter of public record:

Summit Entertainment
1630 Stewart Street, Suite 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

It’s our personal opinion that actual mail vs. email makes more of an impact. It’s easy to discard email with a simple click whereas it’s difficult to ignore the presence of  physical mail, especially in volumes.

Internet petitions, while well intentioned, don’t work because it’s too easy to fake signatures, and for that reason management teams tend to not take them seriously.

We are currently tracking down a contact address for Rachelle that is for fans. Until we get it, you can reach her at her Twitter.

Here is Rachelle’s fanmail address(via Twilight Series Theories). Again though Tweeting is nice, you are limited to 140 characters. An actual card or letter we believe would have more of an impact.

Rachelle Lefevre
Pearl Hanan Management
7775 Sunset Blvd.Suite 118
Los Angeles, CA 90046


  1. Thank you.

    • Here’s my letter. I tried to sound as professional as possible while still being courteous.

      Dear Summit Entertainment Executives:

      I am deeply concerned with the business tactics displayed by your company. In recent events, it seems that – in my personal opinion – executives have been more concerned with the almighty dollar rather than the happiness and quality of life for your staff, principle actors and the fans which fund the daily operation of your studios.

      Case in point: the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria. I think it is deplorable for a fledgling company, such as yourselves, to take on a major series and then recast major beloved character halfway through. In the interviews I have seen, Rachelle has embodied a true connection with her character, devotion to the project and a general likeability that I find refreshing in an actress.

      My plea is that you reconsider accommodating Rachelle’s scheduling issues and continue to employ this actress despite whatever meager funds you might save. As an adult fan of this series, I would advise that you heed the wishes of your audience. Once you loose the faith of the younger audiences, it is not often returned. I would hate for your company, which has produced the series I love, to no longer have the faith of the community which funds your paychecks.

  2. But whats the email?

  3. Thank you guys! Thanks for the tips and professional approach to this outrageous matter. <3

  4. Guys, is that a good idea posting the address for Summit? People are sending hate mail and it’s a bit extreme and tbh, whats done is done, a new contract for Bryce will have already been drawn up and signed and be legally binding.
    Shouldn’t we all just support Rachelle?

    • Well wasn’t Rachelle’s contract legally binding? They broke that so… and even if it doesn’t work in getting her back, at least they will think twice before doing something like this again. We don’t want them thinking that they can do stuff like this and that the fans wont care/notice. Whose to say they won’t replace Rob or Kristen or someone else by the time they get to Breaking Dawn just because they don’t want to shell out the money? We need to let them know that we are not ok with stunts like this simply because of money. Its not like Rachelle is pregnant or ill or whatever that would make it literally imposible for her to play the part. I think we should be heard!!!


        ESPECIALLY IF SUMMIT THINKS SHE’S UNABLE TO PERFORM, which qualifies for anticipatory repudiation.


      • By the looks of things, Rachelle herself broke the contract by a) signing on for another film when she KNEW she would be required for Eclipse and b) Not telling summit about this new commitment until last possible moment.
        TBH, Summit couldnt really be expected to work around someone who, while plays an important role, is not one of the main cast in the film. and it IS an ensemble cast and they had a lot of people to work around. Had Rachelle had spoken to summit sooner about this new role, maybe things could have worked out differently…

    • Twilight_News says

      If it wasn’t a matter of public record we wouldn’t have done it. It is a multi-million dollar business with no expectation of privacy. Like all modern businesses they have appropriate security. If we thought it would endanger anyone, we would not have posted it.

      • Thats fair enough. I just feel as though it may have been encouraging some of the more, er, ‘vocal’ fans to be hasty in attacking summit before hearing both sides to the story.

  5. Boo @ Summit! Expect some angry letters from me!

    I sent a fan letter to Rachelle today. Even if all the noise we’re making doesn’t get her role back, at least it shows Rachelle how much Twilighters adore her. <3

  6. EdwarLover says

    Send Summit hate E-Mails, here:

    Edited out for exactly the reason the poster says below. Honestly we don’t know which individual made the decision on this one, and as we said it’s way to easy to close and delete.

    • That’s absolutely stupid. You don’t even know who does people are, you don’t even know what department they work in. Why should some innocent employee get hate mail for something they had nothing to do with.

  7. Thanks for sharing this info with us. I think we can express our disappointment and outrage in a mature manner, but strong enough so they would understand the depth of the betrayal we feel.

    • It NEVER turns out is a mature way. When the WB pushed back Half-Blood Prince, people emailed death threats to WB employees. They probably know they’re going to get a lot of hate mail, so they might note even read them.

  8. i have written a letter to summit and its sitting on the counter waiting to go in the mail. the more i think about it the more the hate the idea of losing other members of the cast such as jackson and rob and kristen…well any of the rest of the cast. we need to speak up

    • I don’t know if we can get Rachelle back in as Victoria but we can make Summit think twice about doing this with anyone else in the cast

      – boycott the first day of New Moon.

      Now I want to see the movie as much as anyone, and I will, but I can wait one more day – and so can you.

      Summit will still get our money and we will still see the film and support the franchise and actors that we love – but one day to remind Summit that they don’t have a movie franchise without the fans and they will think twice before pulling this again.

  9. LOL I cant wait for Summit to get all these letters and emails. Twilight fans are awesome, love it!!

  10. thanks wate until they here from me Rachelle love you Summit hate you

  11. well as silly as Ted Casablanca is …he tweeted that Summit was meeting about this again…so lets only hope he speaks some truth now haha…we can hope 🙂

  12. mschicklet says

    Thank you 🙂 Just drafted a letter to Summit. I completely agree about online petitions. I never know where my personal info is going once I sign…

  13. I know you guys are upset, but did you all ever think about the consequences of pissing off Summit? Rachelle did not have to take the chance, and book another movie that was shooting at the same time as Eclipse. I feel bad for her, but I feel like Summit has been pretty cool to us for the most part. Imagine what they could do it they decide they are tired of dealing with Twilight fans…..BDH is most likely legally bound now. She could sue Summit if they fire her now. We don’t know the wording in Rachelle’s contract. It may say that they (the actors) HAVE to have a clear schedule for filming. We won’t know for sure. There are plenty of roles to fill for BD that they can get their fill of big name actors, if that is what they are after. I don’t think they would risk annoying fans with this switch for just that reason alone. They have the power to destroy this series if they want. I don’t want to rock the boat when it might very well be Rachelle’s own darn fault! I am not saying she is lying, but we are always SO ready to blame Summit, that any of these actors can say whatever they want, and we are ready to fight to the death for them. That is a very powerful weapon that they can use. I would take it all with a grain of salt. I know you guys are going to write anyway, LOL.(And I think it is great for standing up for what you believe in!!)

    • Hi Tracey. I think of myself as a Stephenie Meyer fan, not a Summit fan, so I think there is zero risk is pissing Summit off…for me. They risk losing an audience. This isn’t the first time they’ve made a sketchy move (I still can’t figure out how David Slade’s name even got in the running), and they should be called out on it. If the movie is bad enough, it should be boycotted, and if they decide not to make Eclipse and Breaking Dawn after all, it’s their loss. I’m more worried about bad movies being made than about no movies being made.

  14. Thank You. I’m writing my letter right now. Actually letters, Summit will get plenty from me. I will not rest until Rachelle is Vicotria again!!!

  15. have yall read the article on e! online? i think if you had you would be more upset with summit.

  16. While I do not personally care a who lot about who plays victoria, I don’t want summit to think they can just pull this kind of thing on us for the other films.
    Plus-I earnestly think she WANTED to be in the third one, and i feel bad for her.
    I just think it’s messed up if all this is for a buck (they are going to make plenty of money).

    I do feel like I should mention that this also doesn’t mean that twilight fans and the inevitable “team rachelle” will need to hate the victoria replacement-it’s not her fault summit is doing this.

    it’s just WEIRD.

    • I agree with you, but Rachelle was more of a team player than most of the cast. She stood up to the Canadian DJ who insulted her for participating in Twilight, and she headlined “Vampire Baseball.” She always said that she was proud to be part of this project…and I think she’s great as Victoria. So for Summit to treat her this way is bizarre. She deserves much better for both her skill and her loyalty to the series.

  17. I wrote and told them I will NOT buy the DVD for New Moon or Eclipse unless she is recast…We have to hit them where they live $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Join me in the battle!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Roseanne says

    oh my gash i want to visit the place instead and just talk to them i will plan that one day and blog about it later for my plans… follow it so you can know the information..

    i will plan my trip there

  19. First of all, even if we did piss off summit they have no reason to stop making the twilight movies – even if they did it would be insanity because it is the only set of films that they can rely on to make the big bucks. Although some people may not agree with sending letters, Summit made a stupid move and if they “care” so much about the fans, they should be more than willing to read the constructive criticism that the fans give. In all honesty, I think its tacky to replace a character in the middle of a series and you can bet your a** that I’m going to let them know what I think. I really hope that they break their contract with Bryce much like they broke their contract with Rachelle; not that Bryce isn’t a talented actress, it’s just that Rachelle has become a part of the series.

  20. Amy Darlene says

    sent an email and will send a physical copy tommorow.
    I closed my letter like this:
    It would be so easy to please the fans if you listened to them.

  21. I am not a Summit fan. I am not worried that they will not make the movies – more like worried that they will make Bella a cheerleader in BD, haha. I did not say that they “care” about the fans. I also hate when characters are changed in a in a series of movies. I was also very pissed at the David Slade choice. I am just annoyed that Rachelle booked another movie during the filming of Eclipse and put herself in a position to have this happen. I feel like Summit makes a lot of decisions because they are afraid of fan backlash. I think that is why we may be getting a better movie in NM. But, I think there is no getting out of this for Summit. If they can’t change it and now they feel they have lost the fans anyway….Well, why bother even trying to please them. Like I said more power to you guys! It is JMO. Also, you guys really seem to think that she is perfect for the part. If I thought that, I would probably be all over writing letters to save her as well. If they even THINK of trying to replace Charlie, the Cullens, Jake, Bella……I will be buying a roll of stamps.

  22. It’s all business.

    If a graphic artists began designing the covers for a comic book series, then between jobs, booked himself for another project, unfortunately realizing that it would impede on the deadline for the next installment of the comic book series. The owners would have no choice but to replace him, to meet the deadline.

    You have to understand, altering the shooting schedule and/or press junkets around her time frame could throw their budget off by hundreds of thousands of dollars. And would you want them to have to cut a scene that may have been very near and dear to your heart, just so Victoria would be played by the same person?

    It’s sad, but that’s Hollywood.

  23. Kat you are right “it’s all a business”! And we are actually part of that business. Considering Twilight the movie would not be where it is now if it werent for us. I mean seriously the dolls, shirts, bags, clothing line would not be successful if it wasnt for us!!!

  24. Thank you Lexicon.

  25. My letter-

    Dear sir/ madam,

    I had to write to express just how utterly appauled I was to hear of your treatment of one of your finest actors in the “Twilight” franchise. Rachelle Lefevre has brought so much to these films, and has been one of my personal favourite on screen presences. She is by far one of the most notably kind, sincere, and professional out of all the cast members, and she embodies a true connection to her character. Its a shock you would be heartless enough to do this to her- but it was just plain sneaky not to tell the public about it until it was done and signed, thinking we could not protest that way. Well, you were wrong weren’t you? I think you people should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. Rachelle’s portrayal of Victoria was the one thing I was waiting anxiously to see in Eclipse, the third installmet. Not any more however.

    I just wrote to remind you of one thing. You DO realise that once a film comes out in the cinemas- within a day its been leaked onto the many movie sharing websites on the internet. You can watch the entire thing for free. Well- that’s exactly what I think I am going to be doing this year, bad quality or not, because you, Summit Entertainment, are certainly not getting my hard earned money. I should have you know that here in Ireland, mny people are saying they will do the same as me. Also, once this franchise is over, I am going to make sure to boycott Summit Entertainment’s films. You have made some pretty sneaky recasting and made bad mistakes concerning this franchise, but this just tops it all.

    My plea is that you reconsider dismissing Rachelle, and find a way to accomodate her scheduling problems. Clearly, you angered many people with this move. As an adult fan of this series, I would advise that you heed the wishes of your audience.

    Yours sincerely,
    Shona Flaherty,

  26. charlotte says


  27. Fans should have the power to bring back Rachelle and I’m sure Summit Entertainment Executives are well aware of this. Fans mean money for Summit and it was underhanded to replace Rachelle without any warning. I’m quite certain, Rachelle would not have risked her job in New Moon to work on another movie unless there was initially no conflict. So why did the schedule change? To bring in the other actress with the famous dad? Sounds like Summit played dirty, without a care for Rachelle or her fans!! Rachelle is the perfect Victoria! She brought Victoria to life and understands her like nobody else could. It’s so unfair to the fans and quite frustrating to change a major character after such a successful first movie. I was looking forward to her upcoming roles as she is such a major character.

    Let’s find a way to bring Rachelle back!! Afterall, the fans fought for Taylor when there was talk of replacing him in New Moon, and it worked! Rachelle is a wonderful person and does not deserve this kind of treatment by Summit! Think about it, she would never risk losing her job on the most successful new movie series in a long while, unless she was allowed to work around her New Moon schedule. If she was given the opportunity to choose, she obviously would remain with the Twilight series.

    If anyone has a better way to convince Summit and fight for Rachelle, please leave a comment. Thanks!


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