Collider Interviews Chris Weitz at Comic Con


  1. twigalfan says:

    that was such a good interview! hats off to the guy. those are really good questions to ask the director!

  2. yorokobi says:

    I love that he wants to ask unique questions. You get such a better insight into the movie, the actor’s and director’s minds. Great interviews all of them!!!

  3. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    I agree with you! Great interview and he clearly tried to make interesting questions for new info (and possibly to not bore Chris) and it worked. Hats off, that’s the right expression. Loved the new info about what we can expect on DVD and I really hope they make an exdended version with longer dialogues and one for the making of it! Hope they don’t cut any more scenes than necessary (as Cathrine did, the “don’t walk in the woods alone” minus the hiddeous stupid bite-my-finger-edward-part). I really do beleive this film is going to be so much better. Not only ’cause of the better budget, but because of more understanding and respect for the book in how the script is written, Chris’ awesome directing and passion and also the great cast which look even more great with better, more vampyre-ish makeup! Can’t wait!! 😀

  4. I hope they have bloppers on the NM dvd extras! I really missed them on the Twilight dvd 🙂

  5. Hope he didn’t screw this up like he did Northern Lights/The Golden Compass. We’re still bitter that we didn’t get the movie we wanted. Apparently, so is he.

  6. Aww Chris, we wouldn’t mind a 3 1/2 hr epic. Just think about it….

  7. danielle says:

    I really like Chris Weitz he seems like a really good guy. Plus I really do think that New Moon is going to be so much better then Twilight because of him. Also he is pretty funny anyone else see him in the panel videos on youtube from comic con good stuff. Good questions for the director by the way.