IESB: Ashley Greene & Chris Weitz at Comic Con

IESB adds another great interview to their Comic Con collection. This time out they talked to Ashley Greene and Chris Weitz.

“Q: How is it for the cast?

Ashley: The funny thing about it is that we’re not filming, but we’re still traveling, doing press and doing Comic-Con, so we’re not really getting a break. At least we’re not working 12-hour days. We get a little bit of time to rest. But, it’s good that we’re getting them all done because we keep the memory fresh. We’re in these characters for the next two years, so I think that it helps to get them all done at once.

Q: Why do you think these books have succeeded so well as films?

Chris: I think it’s the feeling that, in some way, the vision presented on the screen was not so different from what they dreamed up in their head, when they were reading it, and that’s a very difficult thing to do because you’re presenting a contrary image to what any reader’s experience is. There’s something very sacred about the experience of reading a book. There’s something very extraordinary about a film, when you’re in a darkened room, seeing it. And, if those two things can blend, in some good way, then that’s great.”

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  1. I can’t wait to see how Chris brings New Moon to life. I think it’s going to me a much more polished movie. The actors have had nothing but fabulous things to say about him (while trying not to say bad things about their previous director). The makeup and hair improvements alone will make the movie 10 times better (at least in my opinion).

  2. I like the way Chris has been so cool with the cast. This book has so much emotion in it and it needed someone to help the cast employ the emotion to the fans and really break our hearts as the book did. Looking forward to the wolf pack and all the new faces. I really love these books and they have made my life so fun living vicariously through the characters. Can’t get enough.

  3. cheering4twi says:

    I find chris weitz highly impressive, and am so keen for new moon. He is so articulate. I would see any movie he made in the future (not to mention, most likely spend my life savings on tix to New moon!).

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