Happy Birthday Michael Welch

A very happy 22nd birthday to Mike Welch who just missed celebrating his birthday at Comic Con. A couple of years ago Mike celebrated his 17th birthday at the Shore Leave sci-fic convention. Hopefully he had some fun and down time this year since he just wrapped shooting on Unrequited.


  1. Honorable Gucci says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! =)

  2. Happy birthday to our favorite mike newton michael welch!!!!

  3. twilight + star trek fan says:

    OMG he likes star trek!!! hah i knew i wasn’t the only YA to like it! i wonder if he likes TOS or only TNG

  4. Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!

  5. *stands on soap box*

    Happy Birthday too you!
    Happy Birthday too you!
    Happy Birthday dear Mikey!
    Happy Birthday too you!!!

    *Trips and falls off soap box*

  6. MIKE!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Love! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Dear Mike!

  8. Hey! It’s my brithday too! XD

  9. Happy Birthday Mike and many more…you fans love to adore you.

  10. hey happy bday its my big day too. Have a great one

  11. Happy B’day Mike !!!!
    Wish U all the best..

  12. Happy Birthday too you

  13. saranicole says:

    He was in Insurrection???!!??!??? I KNEW I liked him! 🙂 I love Star Trek!

  14. i love you Michael

  15. I LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALLALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALOVE U SOSOSOSOSO MUCH srry if im beying annoying i just cant help ipicturing does pretty eyes wow i swere i was about to start crying i still have dat picture of me and you and im never washing my shirt ever

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL i love u so much omg ur so hot omg i hugged you omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY i hope ur reading dis omg I wish i could follow u all da way down to Texas for da NEW MOON premiere but yeah im not rich either but yeah if u ever come to San Diego again i swere i will be there even if u cant see me or if u dont remember me just knowing ur there will make my best day of the year HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🙁

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL ur so sweet and caring i love u so much i wached ur 4th grade talent show and wow i was cracking up even wen u were little u made everybody laugh how amazing u were born for a spotlight dont ever stop making people laugh HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL I LOVE YOU UR SO HOT AND KOOL AND I LOVE UR EYES AND DA SHY FACE U ALWAYS BE MAKING i think its very kute O and waching u eat was awesome too omg wow

  18. the shirt u signed is my favorite now and dat was dee first and last time ill ever wear it in my life if it gets lost ill be dee unhappiest grl n San Diego but no i love dat shirt like a brother im gonna hang it up n my wall and its gonna stay there and maybe ill wear it next year if u come to comic con im getting da 4 day pass but i think ur going to think im wierd i really hope u dont think dat but im just so MICHAEL WELCH CRAZZY im TEAM MICHAEL WELCH i love you so much pleaze dont think im wierd i hope u know how it feels like to hug a celebrity u really love and never thought ull ever have a chanse to even hug them n ur life

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL please dont think im wierd i only went to comic con because i wanted to see twilight not some freeky anime comics and stuff like dat just for twilight i waited in line for three hours and then i was gonna go try to get inside the twilight stuff but it was already full so we went to go get in line for the twilight theater thing and then wen the time came wen u walked out of dat theate i swear omg i was like already fainting and tears were coming out of my eyes and den when u walked into the same theater as mine and no more den 2 feet away from me wow i just couldn’t expect for more and den wen ur bus was leaving i started chasing it and den u said hi to me my heart was just dying i was like totally about to get a heart attack and den waiting for u to come out and hugging u for so many times wow i wish it didnt have to ever end and da saddest part was letting go just waching ur bus leave 4 ever but i hope it wasnt our last goodbye u might not remember me cause u have so many fans but i could promise u dat ill never forget u ur part of my forever history down and ur going n my everyday journal too and now ur famous n there too HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL

  20. okay im gonna stop writing now cause im very sleepy now HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL WELCH omg who ever ownz dis website can u please send my comments to MICHAEL please please please please o and ps forget TAYLOR and Edward I think ur way hotter im Team MICHAEL 4 ever and i cant wait to wach da movie my eyes r on u da whole time u come out bye

  21. cullenbound says:

    Happy Birthday

  22. twilight + star trek fan says:

    yay fellow trekkies!

  23. Hope it’s wonderful Mike!

  24. Danny Chipman says:

    Awesome shirt. Live long and prosper, Mike.

  25. twilight + star trek fan says:

    yes hehe live long and prosper

  26. YEAH!! Mike rocks! He’s the BEST! He’s my type of guy!!

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