Comic Con Twilight Picture Bonanza

Allison from Twifans has upload the jackpot of Comic Con images.

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  1. Erin S. says:

    Finally- Pics from Comic-Con!
    I soo didn’t save each and every pic of Taylor on my computer…

  2. heatherh says:

    *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*

    that’s what my heart does when Rob does that thing with his hair.

  3. What about Kristen? I barley see her in any!

    • true! the boys always get all the attention, she should be getting an equal amount of coverage. She is the star after all, the whole thing is from Bella’s perspective.

  4. Great pics!

  5. stephanie says:

    okay, kristen is totally weird.

  6. Great pics–just SWOON over Rob and his hair touch. I wish we could have gotten more Rob at Comic Con. If I had to hear Tay-Tay tell his story again about bulking up for the 852nd time, I was going to hurl.

    • ah well in fairness, i think poor Taylor is as sick of telling it as we are of hearing it. I wish the reporters would just stop asking him, we all know!!

    • pictures 42-48…. I swear Taylor’s smile just lights up a room! It’s Jacob personafied.

      Oh, i would so tap that…;-);-)

  7. whoops-sorry deb! that second comment wasnt meant to be in reply to yours, just a comment on the pic in general!

  8. Rob is so photogenic! When he looks back over his shoulder is to die for! WOW! I’m sorry but Taylor just cannot compete with him,no matter how much Suckmit wants him to!!

    • you are of course entitled to your opinion, but honestly why are you bashing taylor? This is what you think maybe, but many people, like myself, disagree. Rob IS gorgeous, SO is taylor. Taylor more-so, in my personal opinion. And summit doesnt want to encourage competition for edward, summit is letting taylor take the spotlight because this is Taylor and Kirsten’s film, aka jacob and bella’s. Even your beloved ROB himself says he is only a supporting role in this one! People- let it go! Seriously, for christ’s sake, some here need to mature and grow up a little…

    • @ GOROB: I couldn’t agree more! I understand they are trying to promote Taylor to bring him up in status but they seem to be forgetting where their bread is buttered and that IS ROB! Taylor just bugs me, his over pronouncing words and phony humility bug me (whole other topic, I guess). My point though is that Rob is the money maker in this and if they push him to the back too much, we GA-ZILLION Rob lovers are going to yawn over the New Moon promotional tour.

  9. What is up Kristen. It looks like Kristen just rolled out of bed and put on the first thing she could find laying on the floor. It looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in a week.

  10. Shirlee says:

    I totally agree with Deb – I feel the same way about Taylor, I think he is just self-serving, Rob has on several occasions given Taylor praise about his transformation, etc. and whenever Taylor is asked a question about Rob – it’s like, no, I didn’t know that – never a kind word for Rob because he is so jealous of him … and, it is not only Bella and Taylor’s story, all the stories are centered around Edward also. They better remember who the fans want to see on the New Moon tour

  11. switzgal says:

    I hope I’m just reading a poor representation of Edward/Rob fans. Sheesh, give Taylor a break. It’s not his fault that Stephenie Meyer wrote that Edward left Bella and Bella confides in Jacob in New Moon. Face it Rob/Edward fans THIS MOVIE (the majority even though they did show more Edward in it than the book does) centers around the growing friendship between Jacob and Bella, and the growing love Jacob has for Bella, thus this movie (if everybody wants to see them “STAY AS CLOSE TO THE BOOK” as possible) will have a lot of Jacob and Bella. Just a warning for the sooo ANTI-JACOB/TAYLOR fans.

    I think both Taylor and Rob are handsome in their own way. I think they’re both equally as humble too. Taylor is just better at interviews. AND as much of a Taylor fan as I am, I too am sick of hearing about the way he had to bulk up. I’m sure he’s sick of answering the same question being thrown at him too. Every interview he seems more and more uncomfortable about answering that same question. So don’t interpret that as Taylor “being self serving”. It’s not his fault, that they ask the same questions, and that SM wrote New Moon to be more about Jacob and Bella than Edward and Bella.

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