New Moon Press Conference Report

Pel attended the New Moon Press Conference with Kallie of Twilight Seires Theories and Kimmy of His Golden Eyes. We got to the designated spot (which was kept an uber secret) at about 8:00. Once our press credentials and names on the list were confirmed, we managed to get in and to get a seat in the second row. The first row was reserved from photographers only.  Everyone from fansites, to Rotten Tomatoes, to Boarders Media, you name it was there.

They established a few ground rules to start (which comes into play later) they were basically: front row photographers only, no flash during the discussion panel but photo op before and after, and limit questions to the movie New Moon itself not their personal lives or other projects.

So, as we were waiting, Pel saw Steve AKA “Capone” from Ain’t It Cool News. Pel had met Steve back in Chicago at the Flashback Weekend convention and they swapped this year vs. last year  Twilight Saga Comic Con stories.  One of the things Steve and Pel both agreed on is that Twilight is now a bigtime, mainstream studio franchise. The press set up was way different. Last year it was more like trying to get people to cover it, this year it’s who made the list. Pel said, “Well, it’s graduated from being ‘The Little Indie Movie That Could’.

Eventually Kristen, Tayor, and Rob came in about 20 seconds of space in between them. What was really funny is the cameras zoomed in on Tayor and Kristen right away. It took them a second to realize Rob was about 10 feet away and because of how Taylor and Kristen were initially standing there wasn’t room for Rob to stand next to them. Rob looked on amused that no one seemed to realize right away that he was there (don’t worry in about 10 seconds the media caught on) and then Taylor and Kristen looked like “Where’s Rob?” realized the problem and nudged over.

After that the panel discussion began. Rob seemed truly jet lagged but managed a couple of funny one liners like when asked by an LA TV Station “What question did he never want to be asked again?” He responded, “I don’t know, what is it like to kiss Taylor Lautner.”  The room cracked up but Taylor didn’t hear the answer at first because he was saying something to Kristen. He had this hillarious “hmm obviously I missed something” look on his face and then just went to the million dollar smile and everyone cracked up again.    The same question was then posed to Tayor and Kristen.

Taylor said that he really doesn’t ever want to be asked to growl again. A lot of fans ask him to growl when they meet him and he really doesn’t enjoy growling on command.

Kristen thought about it and said, ‘There nothing really, you could ask me anything.” (Mind you she clearly meant regarding the movie filming.)

So then they announce two more questions and the last question goes to a guy goes to every press conference dressed in a bad brown 1970’s suit, his tie pulled down,shirt untucked, avaitor sunglasses, and a retro-mustache that rivaled Billy Burke’s.  With all the media in the room they somehow gave a question to this guy and it was the last question. This is a guy whose website is focused on satire, edgy stuff that pokes fun at the entertainment business. Nothing wrong with that, not like it pretends to be anything other than that. We don’t really know what the team was thinking when they gave him a question, it’s kind of like assuming the rep from the Howard Stern show  would ask a legit question.

So what does he ask…words to the effect of “You guys have such great on screen chemistry. Anything going on off screen?  The reaction was predicable the entire rest of the press lets out groans, explicative, eye rollage. Taylor, Kristen, and Rob looked at him like he had lost his mind. Fortunately they let someone else ask a final question.

Pel is editing the footage and should have it up shortly as well as some behind the scenes items.


  1. Oy. Just leave them be!! Let US speculate and stop bugging them! Sheesh!!

  2. EdwardNJessi says:

    I <3 the Lex!! Thanks for all of this awesome coverage!

  3. Harriet says:

    There’s always one that has to ruin it! lol

  4. Not surprised about Taylor striving to keep Rob out of the spotlight. He’s trying to make himself just as big and knows he can never compete!

    • People like you need to stop with the whole Rob vs. Taylor BS. Taylor is his own person and he DOESN’T want to be like Rob.

  5. I’m with you Annie… let them have a life and not regret having gotten into this series.

  6. Stefanie says:

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

  7. you guys are so awesome for giving us as much info as fast as possible since we can’t be there! thank you thank you thank you! can’t wait for the footage!

  8. got2bkidding says:

    I love Rob’s sense of humor. He is just priceless!

  9. aww i feel bad for kristen cuz i bet sh’e stired of being asked that all the time 🙁
    but thanks a bunches to the lexcion for the coverage 🙂

    • HINA agree im sure they are all tired of that dumb dating question.I wish peeps would just let them be..Thanks lexicon for the update.

  10. I love the Lex!! u guys have the best coverage ever!!!

  11. Ahh, thank you for giving us the low down on what all we are missing out on! Just discovered this site and LOVE IT! You rock 😉 Can’t wait for more pictures and info from your awesome weekend!

  12. team_jacobrocks says:

    well thx guys 4 the coverage and oh how i love taylor and his smiling …….and i think thats weird people ask him to growl its like im not a werewolf 4 real people

  13. fanatic says:

    I just started looking at all the Comic Con coverage. I already feel like my head is going to explode. I want to see some NEW New Moon footage. Or anything on Robsten.

    • Oh my god, I’m so glad you used that term … because I just read their latest tweet about the New Moon clip they saw, and all I could think is that my head is literally going to explode

  14. cheering4twi says:

    Thank you so much, I enjoyed getting up this morning in australia to read all about it!

  15. Tatiana says:

    Thank you guys for the info!!!

  16. Oh…I’m from Bulgaria and now it is night..and i really need some rest but I’m waiting for the clips.I heard that one is already played at comic con so please someone help me with a link to a video..or somethin like that..Please… |-(

  17. I’m glad Kristen didn’t hold back and made it apparent, by the rolling of her eyes, how disgusted she was by the question.
    Would like to have seen Rob’s reactions.

  18. twilightroxz says:

    love the coverge but when do we get to c the comic con videos with the special new moon clips

  19. Thanks for the coverage!

  20. Twlight is a very good movie. It has action, drama and love story. I will watch any Twlight movie sequels.


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