Comic Con New Moon Panel Part One

YouTube took the video down as it was too long. Sorry….

We will split the video and post it here. Look for it late tomorrow as we are not near a computer to do it right now.

Give it a little bit to process and it will be visible shortly


  1. it says it is not available

    • guys some other twifriend posted the bike scene on lexicon under the recent n.moon story check it out it was posted by dotty..

  2. caitlyn says:

    WHAT THE WENNIE?! i need this to work. plzz.

  3. its not available?? we need a working clip!

  4. not working

  5. it will take a min to be finished is slow lol
    Candace Charee’
    new moon and twilight inspired music!!

  6. dam youtube!!!!! ugh!!

  7. Do you have the clip of the scenes they showed?

  8. :'( nothing is working
    i just want to see the clips

  9. the offical movie site says film clips are coming soon! I hope these are the same as shown today…totally sucks! I wanna see them:(

  10. 7:12pm still says ‘it is not available’

  11. people had the videos of last years im sure someoneeeee has to have the clips! dang it! lol how rude of them not to show all of us 🙁 lol

  12. when will be able to see the clips that were shown! its now fair that only the people that got to go get to see the clips!! is it gonna be on youtube? or or the new moon website?? are they gonna show as ANYTHING AHHH!!!

  13. its not working… im gunna cry!! =[

  14. Guys, I think E! News may show the clips any minute, it’s on now on the east coast. I searched twitter for new moon updates and apparently Ryan Seacrest tweeted this bit of info.

  15. it doesnt work…all i want is to c the freaking video…:( wat did i do to deserve this??? lol but seriously??? plz fix it u guys plz!! also do u hav clips of the exclusive scenes???

  16. paitencee. . .

    its processingg guyss it will work in like 10 min

  17. its says that it is too long for you tube, it says that it is 17 minutes and it needs to be no longer than 10 minutes maybe it needs to be broken down in two parts

  18. the clip’s too long

    can you maybe split it up into 2 parts? please keep us updated!

    thank you!!! and please post links if you find any videos of the footages!

  19. video was too long! fix it pleaseee!

  20. someone HAD to have gotten the clips. Also in the New Moon website they have a section that says film clips (coming soon)

  21. Its not working because youtube is saying the video is too long.

  22. its to long it can only be 10 minutes

  23. youtube has deleted the clip because it is longer than 10 minutes…

  24. its too long!!
    please fix it!

  25. Justine says:

    IF it’s going to work, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  26. kristen, rob and taylor talked about what they were looking forward to the most in any upcoming movies. does that mean that they are all going to be back to shoot for breaking dawn? i know that rob will….

    • yeah i’m pretty sure they will, given the success of twilight and the hype around new moon 4 months before its date of release LOL

      they’d be insane not to come back! 🙂

  27. danielle says:

    i cant see the video! its too long it has to be at least 10 minutes. please do something?

  28. it says too long

  29. The video was deleted because it’s too longer!! this is the msg that youtube put on!

  30. Megan D says:

    Someone please put the video into two separate parts. If that’s the first 17 minutes, we might get the first clip they show!



  32. Flávia says:

    ooh God!! I need to see this video :~


  34. Ah! Whyyyy?? Its not working!


  36. guys calm down they are trying cut them some slack

  37. JessicaLynn says:

    Jeez, people, calm down! We’ll all get to see the video soon. So, please, just take a few deep breaths and chill for a bit, all right? All right!

  38. i lost count of the many times if’ve visited the website to see the video. Grrrr not working

  39. Tatiana says:

    Shit!!! Ryan seacrest is really annoying, he said that he was gonna show the clips on E news, but he didn’t!! I’m loosing my head over here, seriously dude, don’t they realize that if they show it to everyone, people will get more excited, and they’ll get much more money?

  40. can you guys upload it on like google video or something…they let videos run for an hour i think.
    way longer then youtube though

  41. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! i cant find anything on youtube! i need to see this video!!!!!!!

  42. got2bkidding says:

    Could you guys put this deleted video back on Youtube when you get back, just in parts?

  43. Darn that 10-minute limit!

    Anyone know a (free) site to post longer videos?

  44. Panel is being shown on Youtube, by the Comic Con people:

  45. Oi! Let me clarify, just the panel interview. Not the movie scenes.

  46. the two clips are on youtube now

  47. they have it on youtube …its kinda blurd but they are the clips ….

    this is thye real thinggg…… its awesome

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