Rotten Tomatoes Set Visit Day 2

Jen Amato from Rotten Tomatoes field her second report from her day on the New Moon Set.  Jen is also going to be running a regular series on Rotten Tomatoes covering the Twilight Saga Filming. We are looking forward to her coverage.

“Stewart was mesmerizing in take after take. The repetition of it was fascinating to listen to; the 19-year-old actress seemed to open a vein with every take, then fall silent. Or she’d ask Weitz for direction, or cut herself short with an expletive or burst of laughter. The tension of the scene always brightened once Weitz called “Cut!” — a Volturi actor would give Pattinson a hand up, or Stewart might wander off, snapping out of the moment. (After one take, Pattinson turned to Greene and playfully asked, “Does it look like I’m in pain?”)

Watching the monitors revealed even deeper layers in Stewart’s performance. Stewart, who by now has nearly 20 film credits under her belt, is a uniquely emotional performer; anguish is practically written on her face. Maverick or no during rehearsals, Stewart packs an almost unrivaled intensity into her acting. Yet in interviews, she and her Twilight cast mates are hounded by gossipy questions; why not ask her about her actual craft? We would have, given the chance.”

See the full report on Rotten Tomatoes. And in case you missed part one, you can find it here.


  1. Cathryn says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds Kristen’s acting quite good. I think they call it underacting or something and I find it so Bella 🙂

  2. Julie M. says:

    Kristen is awesome! I also think she’s a great actress.

  3. thehtic says:

    i am so ready for this movie!

  4. I like Kristen’s acting aswell.VERY talented. It’s nice to know other people think so too. The negativity drives me mad.

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