Peter Facinelli In The UK and Ireland

Peter Facinelli was  in the  UK and Ireland this weekend after first attending the Twi-Tour Minneapolis Event. Peter had a bit of a goof when he realized that he wasn’t traveling with his passport so he ended up in the UK a day late. Fortunately the event honored the tickets of those that were supposed to see Peter on the following day.

Here’s the account of one lucky fan Saoirse (pronounced sur – sha and means freedom in Irish) “We arrived at the forbidden planet store at 3:50pm. The sign said Peter would start at 4:45pm. When we got there the queue was relatively short but by the time we entered the stop it was all around the shop, out the door and around the corner. Peter was 35 minutes late but nobody really minded. He showed up and there were many screams. We finally got into the shop and up to where he was signing. He was very friendly and nice and kindly signed books, photos and whatever else, as well as getting a picture with each person. We got our Twilight books signed and he had difficulty with my name, it being Irish, but we got there in the and I also got a photo. It was very cool ;)”

Peter’s own YouTube Channel posted video from the event.


  1. xXxTwihardxXx says:

    do u knw whereabouts he is going in the UK???
    i thought he woz just in ireland!!!!!
    oh, and can u email me the dates aswell plz???

  2. BeccaM92 says:

    Why did I have to be stuck at home yesterday?! I always miss these things 🙁

  3. *Squeeeeeeeeee* I was in Forbidden Planet yesterday! I got to meet him! He was really nice and funny (not to mention gorgeous but everyone already knows that XD )

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