Chris Weitz: Zen Master At Work

Chris Weitz has been described by the New Moon actors as “the Zen Master” who is the epitome of calm, focus, and organization while shooting.  You can see the master at work in this scene that appeared in this Sunday’s LA Times print edition.

TY to Summit for the hi-res version.


  1. In the pictures that have come out recently everyone does look calm. I’m glad that things weren’t stressful for them, that way we get hopefully an amazing movie to make up for the first. I mean I did love Twilight but it could have been a little better. So good for Chris on keeping things calm on set.

  2. Hey there…I’ve heard that David Slade joined Twitter…is that true?

    • Twilight_News says:

      David had one, but it has since been deleted. If he has reestablished one, it’s news to us.

  3. wonder what the words on the floor mean? it looks like it says pictures, passion, and i can’t make out the third one.
    this must be the scene where Alice comes back thinking Bella is dead.
    ah, i’m so excited to see New Moon. November cannot come fast enough!!
    and Chris Weitz is doing an awesome job at keeping things calm and i think this will be one amazing movie with him directing. :]

    • it says “GRIP DEPT” on the left and “PASSION PICTURES” on the right. i’m just curious as to why they are visible in the shot. they were probably removed after that.

      • they probably WEREN’T visible in the shot. this picture was obviously not taken from the same distance/angle as the camera used to shoot the scene, since you can see other people as well as those words in it.

  4. WHY NOV. ? I thought it was too fast before but now I’M JUST DYING FOR THIS MOVIE haha …

  5. Tatiana says:

    It seems like New Moon will be an awesome movie!! you’re really lucky people for just having to wait till november, i need to wait til january!!! :'(
    But there’s something wrong. That must be Bella’s house obviously,but it’s nothing similar to Bella’s house in twilight! The walls were all white, and now they are green!!! I understand it’s a new director,a new film location and a new set, but they should had made more effort on trying to make things look similar.

  6. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    Is it just me or is the link gone? Do I have to google it to find it or what?! It’s gone…. :s

  7. looks like the scene where alice comes back to find a not so dead cliff diving bella lol.

  8. Hope he’s considered if they do Breaking Dawn… will need all the calm and ‘zen’ to bring justice to all the action, passion and detail of the book to the big screen.

  9. FreakinLoon says:

    Is it just me but I sense a Summers living room vibe with this pic?

  10. i totally get and understand why they have to film eclipse and breaking dawn back to back thats fine,thats all good. But what i dont get is why the rush to rlease eclipse so fast after nm? I mean seriously? Really? I think it should be in nov of 2010 not in june. If both movies will have already been filmed and done then there is no problem with worrying that the cast “looks old” know what i mean? Oh well anyway its a franchise that they feel that they have to churn out fast before the teenies lose interest with their add and here today gone tommorrow mentality. So sad. Lol

    • Shannon says:

      Wow you are the only person I have ever come across that doesn’t want the movies out ASAP. Not sure why, but ok, to each their own.

      I personally can’t wait for them to come out. I see it this way, the faster they get into theater, the faster we get the DVDs and can watch it over and over and over and over and over lol Also I have this feeling and I’m probably soo wrong about it but who knows, but I’m thinking that once all the movies are out and the movies are done, maybe JUST maybe SM will finish up MS and we can finally get the rest of our drug from her lol and who knows maybe she’ll write more Twilight related stuff. So maybe if it all gets out we can get more after. IDK just a thought.


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