Take A Bite Out Of New Moon Chocolate

Twilightgirl77 was out at her local Blockbuster and she stumbled on a brand new New Moon product.

The milk chocolate is a heart with the word “Bella” stamped in it on top of the Cullen Crest.


  1. OMC!

    Are they coming out in Ireland? Say yes :3 totally awesome xD

  2. and first btw xD omg i sound so… n00bish xD

  3. Wow I mean I lovectwilight but is there anything they won’t do for twilight fan money????

    • Scary Twilight Fan says:

      No obviously there is nothing that they wouldn’t do sadly coz i think there going a bit overboard

  4. Kathleen loves vamps says:


  5. and are they in mexico too?

  6. that is so unnecessary

  7. I Love chocolate! and with New Moon stamped on it, I’ll rather waste money on the title alone rather than settling on Hersey’s (which I can buy ’till the end of time, unlike this chocolate which will only last until the movie is out).

  8. OMG what next? I can see toilet paper being made with the Cullen crest on it!.LOL.

    • Maybe, but I think the chocolates cute, cause its all about the chocolate, right girls? But it kinda goes with movies, popcorn and chocolate so it really is a cute idea. Same if they did it with Harry P., or Ice Age or any movie. Fun.

      • Scary Twilight Fan says:

        wats to say that there aint boys on this website too ya know coz boys like chocolate too ya know

  9. Man! none of the blockbusters in my area have them…yet…boo!! i want them!!!

  10. does anyone know if they are at any other movie stores like hollywood video or something? cuz i havent been to blockbuster in like 10 years when they charged us a fee on a movie we never rented.. i dont want to break my streak now but of course, if its the only place i can get it, i’d do it for twilight ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. this is just my opinion…but i think they are taking it to far,you can color the stars online,there are jewlery boxes,dolls,and now chocolate whats next coloring books..whats wrong with a Hershey bar????

    what happend to the book that everyone fell in love with????..with the movies comming out the book got lost somewhere…but thats just me:]

  12. im totally getting this and taking it to Knoxville with me.. so i can eat it when i get hungry. haha =D

  13. Shannon says:

    Sheesh people candy for a movie is nothing new. It’s been done for years and years. Do you not see Disney Princess candy and cakes and cookies and cereal and God knows what else is out there for it, and hmm it all started out as movies not just characters.

    Harry Potter had those nasty Jelly Beans and chocolate and I can’t even remember what all I’ve seen in the past.

    Spongebob has tons of stuff.

    It’s not soo far fetched to have a chocolate bar with Twilight, not to mention does everyone forget that it was Twilight last year on Godiva bars? So this is not such a new thing and of course they’re going to market it as much as possible. They’re not stupid, they know that if you put something Twilight on something out there then people will buy it. They have to make money too. So can’t blame them. If you don’t like it and think it’s over the top then don’t buy it, that’s all there is too it. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything so no use in doing it, and no I’m not saying you can’t complain before someone jumps down my throat saying but I have a right to complain if I want to. You do, but why waste the time doing it when it does no good, I’m sure you have much better things you could use your time for than moaning about Twilight being so marketable and whatnot.

    • Amen! Chocolate is not a waste of money! If anything, I’d rather buy this chocolate than Hershey’s. It borderlines obsessive, yes, but it it’s chocolate. You never say no to a chocolate bar haha. & besides, think of it as an economic stimulus every time you buy a chocolate bar. If New Moon & other hit films boost the economy, I won’t say no! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I picked a bad time to go vegan ๐Ÿ™

    • Scary Twilight Fan says:

      o poor u y not just go on a veganic if thats even a word holiday then u can eat all the chocolate and icecream u want

  15. That’s great because I love chocolate!

  16. this is great!!! i love twilight very much!

  17. Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?,`-

  18. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.~;”

  19. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.-*,

  20. spongebob is really funny but she sort of overacts sometimes.,~`

  21. what i like about spongebob is that he is sarcastic and funny.;.

    • Scary Twilight Fan says:

      wat is it with u ppl and spongebob he is radical obviously but this is a twilight website heesh

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