Eclipse Casting Rumor

Hard to say where this started first. The posting looks almost simultaneous.

The Hollywood Reporter

The West Australia News

Long and short of it: too early for official comment on the studio or actor’s part. This kind of thing genreally not confirmed until ink is way dry on contract. If you’re a huge name like a Brad Pitt you might comment early, but not a relative unknown. Our gut instinct leans yes because THR tends to get it right moreso than they get it wrong.  Bottom line remains to be seen.


  1. I posted about it too:

    I know Xavier personally. Of course, I understand if you need some sort of confirmation from Summit.

  2. 🙁 I wanted Craig.

  3. He’s not bad looking could work. Was kinda hoping for Channing but i figured he wouldnt

  4. A few months back there was a rumor that Tom Felton (Draco in HP) was a possibility. I thought he’d do a great job!

  5. Tiffany says:

    I wish it was Tom Felton or Channing playing the part but oh well he’s hot too!! <3

  6. Lissete says:

    i think that IF he is Riley, based on looks…he seems to fit very nicely IMO.

  7. If it’s true, right on! 🙂 Looks like a Riley to me.

  8. Crystal says:

    Congrats to him!! Im crossing my fingers for Nieko Hayer for Seth!! He is hot and awesome!! For those who dont know him!!!! So Exciting!!!

  9. Aayushi says:

    heyy!!even i heard that even oliver james is one of the wolves!!i then saw the original cast..and wasn’t happy to see that he wasn’t there!!!he would have looked really cute!!!!

  10. Ok i will not go down without a fight!!! Craig craig craig craig craig craig vraig craig craig!!!!!!!!! Im going to write a letter haha. To me craig deering of evil iguana productions fit reilly soooo well!!!!

  11. teressa says:
    you can watch it on youtube above

  12. akanksha says:

    oh my god craig for riley is a bad choice … really ….

  13. thehtic says:

    if this rumor is correct i am happy. looks more like a riley to me compared to tom felton.


  15. WV_Twilight says:
  16. Rockin'It says:

    Aw, he’s so cute! I can totally see him playing Riley!

    I was so worried that this would be about Leah or Seth. I’m so nervous about that. I hope they choose well!

  17. who the hell is riley? wtf is this about?

    • Shannon says:

      Are you serious? You don’t know who Riley is? Have you read Eclipse? Riley is the Newborn that Victoria uses to get the stuff from Bella’s house and to help recruit other Newborns for the Newborn/Vamp/Wolf fight to protect Bella from Victoria. He and Victoria fight Seth and Edward up where Edward and Bella are? Ring a bell?

  18. Melanie says:

    RachelleLefevre So unbelievable happy about Xavier cast as Riley!!! He is so lovely & talented & perfect for the role. Ladies, hold on to your hearts…

    –from Twitter

  19. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear about Leah… Any word on if Nicole Lee Smith was cast? I really really hope so!

  20. topanga says:

    i still think craig should be riley

  21. Shannon says:

    Craig Fit The Part Well.
    But good luck to the new guy (:

  22. Based on looks,he might be good.

  23. I wanted craig to be riley. Craig deserves it.

  24. Craig Deering to be exact.

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