Ashley Greene Pitches on Alexa Chung

It seems like at every fan convention someone asks Ashley Greene if she can demonstrate the Twilight movie pitch. In the past Ashley has turned down the request because she’s either been in a dress or really tight pants that she was afraid of splitting. Well, finally on Alexa Chung, Ashley was in a pair of shorts, and she demonstrated using what we think are Nerf balls. She wasn’t bad considering the shorts were leather and she was wearing at least three-inch heels.
Not sure why embed code from MTV not working. The video is clearly there on the site and have tried twice(grrrr!). Direct link


  1. I tried playing the video and it said it was no longer available.

  2. As usual can not be viewed outside of US I’m in UK >.< really begining to hate MTV lol

  3. it can be viewed on youtube, i typed in ashley greene its on with alexa chung and it came up! so glad alexa is a twilight fan i truley love her

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ashley is so cute & funny! They could not have picked a better Alice.

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