Taylor Lautner in Interview Magazine

Boy did Taylor Lautner fans hit the jackpot today! Not only did Taylor Lautner give a three-page interview to Interview magazine with an amazing photo spread, but they also shot a superb video overview.

“MARTIN: What does it mean to turn into a werewolf?

LAUTNER: I think the most important thing with Jacob is that pre-transformation, he’s clumsy. He trips over his own feet. As soon as he transforms, he’s very agile. At one point, he flings himself through Bella’s window and lands at her feet, and that’s the first time Bella realizes this is a new Jacob: He never used to be this agile. I loved bringing out that side of him. The bummer is, when he becomes a wolf, that’s not actually me. When he does the cool fight scenes, he’s transformed into CGI.”

Don’t forget to read the rest of the Taylor interview here! TY to Kmcha08 for the heads up!


  1. it says BELLA SNOW on the interview… lol

  2. I can definately see him as “Jason Bourne’s” son!
    That would be awesome.

  3. its like 12:30 nitetime and im tired like u have no idea but now i know i wont get to sleep dam u taylor! dam u! lol but if i was more awake rite now i proli would have fell of the chair rite now. taylor picks amazing love it =Dso amazingingly hot=D

  4. Taylor is such a sweet heart…love to hear anything he has to say to his fans.

  5. i love taylorr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y does he have 2 be so hot??arhh!!!!anywayz, cant waiiit to c him in new moon and the new buffed up jacob.it is going to be awesome.jake is so cute!

  6. BlueStarlight says:

    Wow, he looks so much older now than he did for Twilight…he doesn’t look 17 at all. I hope he continues his training for Eclipse and gets a little bit bigger. There’s the one scene when he comes to Bella’s school on his motorcycle. All the kids look at him like he’s some kind of “bad guy.” I believe Bella says that he looked very aware that his muscles were bulging out of his shirt. I can visualize that in my head. 🙂

  7. my goodness……… what can I say!
    He is simply adorable! I love him and can’t
    wait to see him in New Moon. You can tell he’s
    been working out. What a great invterview and
    wonderful video coverage!
    xoxoxoxo to Taylor

  8. This is called dedication.
    He has changed himself completely.And he looks so good.
    He resembles Steven Strait pretty much,which is a good thing because he looks much older.

  9. Kristen says:

    Did they really think twilight fans weren’t going to catch ‘BELLA SNOW’? Good interview though.

  10. wow – the photos are hot hot HOT! I love how they show clips from the photo shoot in the vid too 🙂

  11. That Bella Snow thing is pretty funny. Back on topic…he is TOO adorable for his own good. Too cute. Such a sweetheart. Can’t wait to see him in New Moon!

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