Edward Was Once A Hufflepuff: AKA Why Choose

We are sure that the Harry Potter fansites are just about as sick of the Twilight vs. Harry Potter comparisons as we are. They are two great books series, and near as we can figure the only comparisons are this:

  1. *Debut novels by previously unpublished women authors become wild, runaway, sales hits
  2. *People of all generations read the books, not just teens and tweens
  3. *Both allow people to lose themselves in the adventure
  4. *Remus Lupin and Jacob Black are two of the sexiest werewolves ever ( Have we mentioned that Alphie and Pel first met over Remus Lupin obsession?)

So let’s hear it for two great books that have great movie series.  We’ll be seeing Potter this week. Novel Novice even has created some wallpapers and whatnot to celebrate. Check them out.