Edward Was Once A Hufflepuff: AKA Why Choose

We are sure that the Harry Potter fansites are just about as sick of the Twilight vs. Harry Potter comparisons as we are. They are two great books series, and near as we can figure the only comparisons are this:

  1. *Debut novels by previously unpublished women authors become wild, runaway, sales hits
  2. *People of all generations read the books, not just teens and tweens
  3. *Both allow people to lose themselves in the adventure
  4. *Remus Lupin and Jacob Black are two of the sexiest werewolves ever ( Have we mentioned that Alphie and Pel first met over Remus Lupin obsession?)

So let’s hear it for two great books that have great movie series.  We’ll be seeing Potter this week. Novel Novice even has created some wallpapers and whatnot to celebrate. Check them out.


  1. isabelle says:

    I AGREE! I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AGREE! They are both great series and I cannot pick… Love them both! I can’t wait to watch HP6!

  2. definitely agree… i love them both… twilight & harry potter are the best…

  3. I could not agree more! Well put Lexicon.
    P.S. I saw HBP today….and it was fantastic!!

    • twihard 4eva says:

      hale’s yea (lol, jasper humor) it sucks that people cant get along. in sacramento, the theaters are sold out until monday!!!! i am not kidding, i went to go get my ticket and fandango said that every theater in the area was sold out!!!

  4. Amen! Goodness why fight it? Two different movies in I think two different genres. Twice the fun. 🙂

  5. Alphie and Pel…shut up! I love Pro. Lupin too! They are both fabulous series, I think out of everyone on this earth, I would love to sit at a table with J.K. and Steph and have tea. (picking their brains would be the alterior motive but could you imagine the conversation?) I could die happy!

    • twihard 4eva says:

      aww, thats sad. u should die happy anyways just from the knowledge that there are two awesome series out there and that you (hopefully) have contributed to both of them.

  6. Jacob isn’t a WEREwolf. He’s a shapeshifter. Remus and Jacob are two different breeds. Remus is affected by all the usual werewolfy stuff, but Jacob phases into a wolf. He can phase when he wants wheras Remus can’t control it. Whe Jacob is a wolf he is still Jacob but when Remus is a werewolf he isn’t himself anymore.

  7. beccaaaa says:

    damnnnn, couldn’t have said it better myself,

    and WOO going to see harry potter today!! oh yess..

  8. Couldn’t agree more, I don’t fall for this war the media has tried to conjure up. Both series kick butt, they have gotten kids to love reading. Kudos to JK and Stephenie.

  9. apparently a lot of people think it’s a war. and it almost was one last night at hp6. when the new moon teaser trailer was shown on the previews, about a third of the packed movie theater started booing! then some twilight fans started cussing and telling them to stfu. i called them all haters and my friend yelled jealous! it was pretty tense. lol.

  10. Going to see HP tonight! Can’t wait!

  11. Seeing HBP today! So, so excited! But honestly, I hate how there has to be a ‘war’ between the series.

  12. Adrielle says:

    Why is there a “war”, I’ve no idea. ‘Peace’ as Aro would put it.

    They are both beloved book series around the world.

    So, be more open-minded and enjoy the fiction world. If such trivial things will result in a “war”, I can’t imagine what more serious stuff will lead to…

  13. yea i hate it when people try to compare them, or say that harry potter is better than twilight. i like them both, and i’ll be going to go see harry potter this weekend while hoping they’ll show the new moon trailer 😀

  14. Loveatfirstbite29 says:

    I agree as well- two COMPLETELY different kinds of stories. I just wanted to add, though, that I saw HP&HBP last night and it is AWESOME!!!! Best of the series so far, in my humble opinion. Seriously, RUN to the theater and buy your tickets!

  15. Two great books and great movies HP6 was GREAT!!!! Now I just need to see New Moon and the year will be complete 🙂

  16. AMENNN

  17. Said it 100 times, comparing apples to pumpkin juice.

    That said, seeing HP tonight after work w/my kids! Can’t wait!

  18. I agree too! Yea for Harry Potter! Yea for Twilight! And YEA for sexy werewolves!

  19. sarah.n says:

    theres nothing to compare they are both equally good series with different subject matter.i enjoy both although twilight does have a tiny bit bigger place in my heart than hp just because it reminds me of first love etc.but hp has been fun to read with my kids (i have 3 boys) they dont do twilight so hp is something i can enjoy with them

  20. Why does there have to be a war? Love both! Well said Lexicon! They are not even similar stories!! I probably won’t see HP6 til it comes on DVD, but rest assured I will own it!

  21. Twilight Nymph says:

    I agree couldn’t have said it better. They’re both wonderful series. I can’t say I felt so hot for the movie. I went to see it today in the morning and well it had a very good sense of humor for the most part, I mean I love having a few good laughs, but yeah something always manages to bug me when I go see a movie based on a book. Oh, well, but yeah why make it a war over both series, can’t we enjoy both in peace. I mean come on we have actors in the movies that have experienced both series (Rob and Jamie) so why can’t we just enjoy these both wonderful series both written by two incredible women. I could never choose because I will love both forever and as long as I can see and read, I will continue to enjoy both.

  22. Twilight Nymph says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention yay for the werewolves, Lupin is one of my favorite characters in the HP series so yeah, and well even though Jacob is not my favorite one can’t help liking him.

  23. Melissa says:

    This is great… I am soooo incredibly sick to death of Twilight vs HP. Why do we have to choose one over the other? I adore both series and will see both movies!

  24. They are completely different and I love them both for completely different reasons (even though I like the Twilight Saga a lot more!).

  25. Wraithe says:

    I went and saw HP yesterday (15th) and the only difference I can find for “war” between the series is that I like the HP movies better. And the Twilight books better. They are both awesome though! I’m glad there are people out there who appreciate both! Now if only we can share the love for Tamora Pierce too! (A smaller scale war…*sigh*)

  26. Totally agree.

    The so-called war does not make sense. Why won’t people shut up already?

  27. Saw the HP movie last night and when the NM trailer came on, everyone was actually squeeing. It was great. Sorry for those who heard booing. How very rude!

  28. I also saw HP at the midnight showing and my theater errupted in cheers when the New Moon trailer came on. I was, of course, cheering louder than most!! I am totally in love with both book series’ and I don’t really understand why some people insist on making in a competition??
    Go Edward…..Go Harry!!

  29. Totally agree! I love both Twilight and Harry Potter! They are only alike int hat you can lose yourself in the stories. I read something posted somewhere that said “In my world there is room for both vampires and wizards!” My feelings exactly!

  30. I love them both, and I’m sick of everyone comparing them. HBP was amazing, and I bet New Moon will be 2!!!

  31. Nymphadora_Cullen says:

    So true!!!!

    Why do you think my name is “Nymphadora_Cullen?”

    I honestly have no idea why people thing one series is better than the other!!!! I just saw Harry Pottr & the Half-Blood Prince for a second time, and to be perfectly honest, when compared to Twilight…. There is no comparison!!!! Both are really good stories. Plus there are lots more comparisons than the authors and the werewolves (Sexy Remus and Jake):

    Before they go to Hogwarts/Forks, Harry and Bella are both outcasts.

    Both become instant celebs upon their arrival at Hogwarts/Forks High School.

    Harry/Edward play a sport (Vampire baseball and Quidditch)

    Harry and Bella have to fight bad guys (James, Victoria, Laurent and the Volturi, and Voldemort and the Death Eaters)

    Bella and Harry have enemies at school (Malfoy and Lauren)

    Both have loyal friends (Ron and Hermione, and Mike, Angela, Jessica (for a bit), Eric, ALice, Emmett….)

    Both start dating their future husband/wife at Hogwarts/Forks High School (Edward Cullen, and Ginny Weasley)

    So, you can tell that both series are very similar to each other, and to say that one is better than the other would be like saying that “rain is better than water” when it’s ovious that they’re both the same!!!

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