Rachelle Lefevre In London Free Press

Rachelle Lefevre talked to the London Free Press about the transition in Victoria’s character from Twilight to New Moon and finally to Eclipse.

“”In the first movie, because I didn’t have as much screen time, I wanted to be very clear. I wanted to convey energy and be very present, but also very playful. And that’s because (Victoria) enjoyed stalking Bella with James.

“But when James is killed, it becomes about exacting revenge, which comes from a totally different place. It’s not just a game any more.”

Get all the details in the London Free Press.


  1. KARENE911 says:

    Boy she has beautiful blue eyes, I wonder if its contacts? I’m glad she will have more acting time in eclipse.

  2. I don’t think so, they seem pretty natural. I love her hair 🙂

  3. she has beautiful eyes i agree and i hope that she has fun filming new moon and eclispe. hey does anyone know if they are going to make breaking dawn?

  4. I love Rachelle.She’s perfect for Victoria.

  5. Not really :S I hope they do it!


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