Christopher Heyerdahl in Sci-Fi Wire

Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus in New Moon, talked to Sci-Fi wire about the very silent Marcus and upcoming projects.

Well, it’s a little independent film I’m helping out with,” the good-natured Heyerdahl said with a chuckle and tongue firmly in cheek. “This guy, poor old Marcus, is a 3,000-odd-years-old vampire who has spent at least the last 2,000 of it with a broken heart. Really, one of the main reasons to play that character and have anything to do with that series is my niece, who is absolutely obsessed with this series of books. To see how it has had such an effect on the teenage female community throughout the world is amazing.”

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  1. I am so happy that he got the role of Marcus! He is an amazing actor! He knows how to pull of Spooky!
    I have only seen him in “Supernatural”.I know he has quite an resume. But on Supernatural he was very creepy and I don’t know if his voice is as creepy as it was on there but if so,then people are in for a treat!
    Catch the reruns of Supernatural on thursdays to see what I mean!

  2. He’s gonna be my fav, he should know this know, because Marcus is the only one with a freaking mind in BD.

  3. Juliana says:

    Yes, I’ve seen him in “Supernatural” too. He’s a great actor, I think he’s gonna be excellent as Marcus in New Moon 😀

  4. tiffany hartsoe says:

    I hope this doesn’t bug anyone but I am begging you Stephanie please finish Midnight sun it is awesome. It makes me mad because I guess if someone would not have told. I be reading the whole thing write know not only half on your website so please so I don’t go crazy finish the book. Anyone who read this that knows her please tell her that I really wish she finish it that it very good and by stop production stop her true fans the pleasure of reading it. I think it more intrusting from Edward’s view. So please Stephanie please just finish it. I understand that it’s your baby and it hurts when someone takes a swipe at it but I am just asking so I have to try. Even if you don’t want to release it send it to me please LOL any way have a nice day.

    • dopeydm says:

      I agree with you and haven’t said anything since SM has asked for Midnight Sun to disappear for a while so that maybe she can finish it. I think Edward’s perspective gives us a lot of insight into the other characters by being able to see them through Edward (and his mind reading skills).

  5. He’s a great actor indeed 🙂 Can’t wait for New Moon! @ Tiffany: I agree with you, I also wish Stephenie would finish it, because Edward’s POV is fascinating!

  6. Eclisse says:

    Um, Tiffany…you’re being a little counter productive. So am I by even answering you. She has said that she is NOT going to finish it as long as people TALK about it. So SHUSH UP!

  7. Hmmmm, I wonder if they’ll do a “flashback” scene explaining the Volturi……then we can see the exact cause of Marcus’ pain and why he is so interested in the connection between Edward and Bella. Something like the flashback scenes in Twilight when Jacob and Bella are walking on the beach. That would be very cool.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing him in New Moon.

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