Twilight Meets LOL Speak

Lexiconers Hailish and ForJazz began a website called, which combines the idea behind the ever-popular and the Twilight Saga.

In short, they translated the entire saga (the important scenes, at least) into lolspeak, and made little banners for each scene.  They post a new LOL every day – and are almost halfway through Twilight currently.  It’s all in good fun – they are both avid Twilight fans and love everything having to do with it.  They have all the books, the movie and other random items. Check it out for a good laugh.


  1. Kirsten says:

    lolz is all I have to say 😛

  2. thparkle says:

    HAha bouffant! “O U iz so ded.”—the best! LOL!

  3. Heh.. awesome!

  4. LOL! That is SO funny! I love it.

  5. love it! yaaay forjazz & hailish!

  6. ForJazz says:

    What a great morning! Thanks Pel and thanks akire for telling me to PM Pel about it.

    Don’t forget to follow TwiLOL on twitter!

  7. Julie M. says:

    Congrats on the site ForJazz and Hailish! So fun to see your name on the news blog!

  8. GREAT SOOO FUNNY!!!! cant wait for the new ones!!!!Loved the fan made ones “NOT the hair never touch the hair”…LOL!!

  9. Shawn-Joy says:

    Too funny! I love it.

  10. LMAO! Love this.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Was really funny! 🙂

  12. That is so hilarious!

  13. THANKS everybody! We are stoked that we got posted on the Lex and that you’re all liking our site! Please visit often and send us your own LOLZ!

  14. rebecca says:

    bouffant lmao!!

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