Peter Facinelli: Add Carpenter to His Talents

According to Wenn, Peter Facinelli told People Magazine:

“I made my wife a big, beautiful birdcage, and I made a huge swing set in our house with a trap door and a sandbox.”

Is there anything that Peter doesn’t do? Never mind Edward Cullen, husbands and boyfriends are going to have trouble living up to Peter Facinelli!


  1. SavageO says:

    I Hope Peter didn’t make the birdcage out of wood unless they are small small birds. My bird would eat his way out and than go for the furniture too. The swing set sounds like fun.

  2. pami11195 says:

    I LOVE PETER FACINELLI!!!! but he just cant top Edward Cullen(Edward not Robert)srry <3TEAM EDWARD<3

  3. Wow, when does he find the time! It must have been decorative. Thats a sweet gift, the ones you put your time and thought into. Someone built me a fish pond, it took 2 weeks and was one of (and still is) my favorite gifts! Go Peter!

  4. He is awesome. He is soo much better than Edward and Robert.

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