Exclusive New Moon Peak

OK, we have to hand it to the marketing guys on this one because there has been no promise of this also being available online. Summit is going to give a sneak to New Moon (not just the previously seen New Moon trailer) in front of Bandslam.

From what we can tell based on contact with the Spanish language site Crepusculo Meyer, the same seems true in various Spanish speaking venues.

According to Summit: “Mark your calendars for August 14 for an exclusive trailer of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, which can only be viewed in theatres in front of BANDSLAM!

The exclusive trailer will run in front of all showings of BANDSLAM during its opening weekend.

BANDSLAM, a music-driven comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka and Gaelen Connell, opens nationwide on August 14.”


  1. Is anyone going to see it..just for that??

  2. i bet a LOT people will..just for the sneak peak…..

  3. Don’t bother. I’m sure it will show up on the internet soon after.

  4. No Way! I will not waste 7 dollars for BandSlam to see a sneek peak of something that will be on the internet for free.

  5. cant wait…wont go see the movie i’ll just wait

  6. the ppl that DO go see it will prob put it on the internet. lol dont give summit wut it wants and go see that bullshit movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. um, that’s my birthday, so no. not going to go see a teeny bopper movie just for the new moon trailer.

    • CaliMum says:

      That’s my birthday, too! But no, I’m not going to that movie either. Like ScarletRubie I’m going to The Time Traveler’s Wife. I loved the book and have been waiting for the movie, so it will be a nice birthday treat.

  8. it’s not worth wasting my money on Bandslam just to see a preview. I can see New Moon when it comes out.

  9. I’ll have to go see it with my daughter (7) so it’ll be a win/win.

    New Moon trailer for me… 2 hours of vanessa hudgens and aly mi(whatever) for her.

  10. soozabooza54 says:

    what i will not do – see that movie
    what i might do – go see another movie that starts 15 minutes after that movie starts and leave after the new moon trailer is done to see my movie
    what i will do – watch whatever this sneak peak is whenever it inevitably shows up on the internet.

    thanks summit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Personally, I dont want anymore spoilers. I will wait till Nov. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. papermoon says:

    yeah, i don’t see me wasting $10 just to see NM footage. it would be a waste of money seeing as i would only end up walking out before the movie started anyway.

    why not put it infront of HP6? then everyone could see it!

    • simple HP6 isnt a summit movie its warner bros i think, they are riding bandslam off the coat tales of new moon to try and force viewings …as they know its pants .. i think they consider us brain dead, oh they will pay the thick end of $10/ยฃ10 to see the trailer the fact the movie sucks doesnt matter they are twitarded …. we might be twi hards but we arnt retards.. pay me summit to see your sucky film mowhahaha .. i wait the pirated version of the trailer online …. opps did i say that *wistles*

  13. switzgal says:

    I still hope they show the preview we all saw on ET before the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince movie. I’m going to see that at the midnight show.

  14. LOL!! Promoters of Bandslam must have finally figured out how dumb that movie looks and realized it wasn’t going to do very well without some sort of gimick! Wonder how many will fall for it…

  15. Yeah, you couldn’t pay me to see that movie. Ack. I will wait to see if the sneak peek comes out on the internet.

  16. FreakinLoon says:

    Gonna have to say pass. Wait for whenever it gets released onto the internet. Hopefully not too long of a wait.

    What are the chances that it might get shown in San Diego at Comic Con?

  17. catrina says:

    ok so I just might have to take my lil sis to see that so I can get my Twi fix!!!!

  18. Edwardbitespillow says:

    hello….thats what youtube is for!!!

  19. ScarletRubie says:

    I’m going to see the time traveler’s wife but i’ll sneak in for the previews of Bandslam and then catch the time traveler’s wife after that. There’s nothing wrong with that, i can;t get in trouble for sneaking in for a preview, LOL.

  20. michelle says:

    im not gonna go see bandslam in theatres but it does look cute. ill def rent it when its on dvd. but yeah, ill see the sneak peak on the internet same day! sorry summit!

  21. nooo!! if it was any movie but bandslam I would have gone T_T

  22. ScarletRubie says:

    You know if it was a GOOD movie i would go, i would buy into their plan but it’s not. Now that i think about it I wish they would’ve put it before The Hurt Locker, that one looks god, i would pay to see that one. i wonder why summit isn’t releasing it in more theaters. It’s gotten amazing reviews.

  23. duh sneak in for the previews and then go watch a different movie. ๐Ÿ™‚ either that or i’ll just wait for it to come online. someone is bound to post it.

  24. I’m with Ally on that one it’s my birthday too and I don’t think so… but cool that a new sneak peek is coming out.

  25. jessica says:

    Having to sit through a movie with Vanessa Hudgens in it is NOT worth that sneak peek. Sorry :/

  26. i’ll probably be forced to take my little sister to see it anyway, and the new moon sneak peek would be a good reason to actually take her.. but i’d rather wait for the sneak peek to be on youtube.

  27. Katherine says:

    psh im gonna go see that movie just for the new moon sneek peek! i absolutely adore Twilight, how much i wish i could meet Taylor T.T

  28. Lol, I’m not wasting 8 bucks for a sneak peek that will eventually show up on the internet.

  29. Vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    Aww man! I dont wanna see that movie though. lol. I really wanna see the part of New Moon though. ๐Ÿ™

  30. blue_angel says:

    hey u guys what the hell is youtube for????!!! i hate vanessa hudgens and as much i love twilight i don’t think i could endure a movie she is in. bleah!!! so bless the guy who invented youtube!!!! =))

  31. SUCK I don’t want to watch that movie but I’ll pay for it watch the preview and then go see Travelers Wife.

  32. I think when the movie comes out we’re going to see alot of people buy a ticket… go in and watch the trialer and go to another movie..! I might do that because i realllllly dont want to watch that movie.

  33. there is no way i’m wasting my money to look at disney channel people just to see NM sneak peak. of all the movies in the world, why bandslam?

    i think i’ll just wait for sneak peak online…

  34. keersooo says:

    damn! I hate Vanessa Hudgens so no way am I going to watch that film so please please someone put it on the internet! I love NM with a passion so y’know, i MIGHT endure Bandslam…oh it’s a tough call “/

  35. That’s is sooooo cool! My LC results are out the day it comes out here in Ireland as well so it can be either my mourning or celebrating treat (depends on my results XD )

    Anyone know if we’ll get the exclusive trailer here in Ireland as well????

  36. I won’t watch that movie even though I’m dying to see the new moon trailer.

  37. Sterling Snow says:

    My Plan: go see HP 6, make sure to buy ticket to a show about 15 minutes after Bandslam starts, watch NM sneak peek, then go watch HP. Done ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. pami11195 says:

    My Plan: Buy Bandslam ticket, get sum junior mints(yum), go in watch the trailer, give it a standing ovation once its over, yell out “Ok, Im done here” or sumthin like dat, RUN out the theater(yuck vanessa), n watch sumthin else YAY!!! then go home n watch it over n over on Youtube n analyze every second of it until i have it memorized =]

  39. I’m definatly waiting for it to come out online. I’vebeen a twilight fan forever but I’m not that obseesed where I’ll pay 7.50 to go see a 30 second (or something like that) preview. It’s not worth it at all for me.

  40. I was able to score advance screening tickets to see this movie for free on Saturday. Do you think they’ll play the trailer beforehand? That’s the only reason I’d go (nope, not even a pair of FREE tickets could get me to sit down to watch a Vanessa Hudgens movie).

    • They won’t show the trailer at the screening. It’s being cut from all the reels so it can’t be distributed.

  41. Big twilightsaga fan says:

    I cant waittt for for newmoon to comeee out its gonna be awesome i read all the twilight books and they were great!!! I want to know much info about new moon as much as possible so of corse i went to that band slam movie but after the preview of new moon i left and snuck into another movie!!!!

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