Eclipse To Start Filming In August

Coming Soon is stating that Eclipse will begin filming August 17th in Vancouver and wrap on October 30th. Keep in mind that New Moon started ahead of its predicated dates and wrapped on time, so take the info as a loose guideline because these things change.

We would anticipate that the “tight wrap” kept on New Moon filming will continue with Eclipse. Like New Moon, a majority of the scenes (assuming they stick closely to the book) would be interiors or locations that are easily blocked from public view such as the much visited Bella’s and Jacob’s house locations.


  1. While I’m glad that we won’t have to wait as long after new moon to see eclipse, I wish that filming wouldn’t start until after new moon comes out. That way the two movies will hopefully be more alike, and not as though they are two independant movies.

  2. SO Dose this mean that the release date might be different 😀

    • Daniela says:

      Yeah, i think the release date for Ecplise will be in June/ July of 2010 so about a year from now we’ll see eclipse!!! yay!

  3. start in august finish in october? 3 months only? seriously?!! can they make a good movie in short time? wow.. im hesitate a bit.. i just hope david slade dont mess it up.. he better not!! eclipse is awesome continue after new moon.. just hope its not mess up.. cant wait for ecplise poster!!

  4. They have to shoot it so close, as the books are set over 18 months, and unlike vampires actors age and any way the real magic of the movies take place in post production and they have about 6 months of that .

  5. i wanna try out for breaking dawn does anyone knw where that takes place

  6. CIETY!! IM sure that they will make a great film..Summit knows how much we love the books and our beloved characters. Im glad i hope they keep a tight close set,I live outside of new york city and peeps are going crazy trying to get a glimpse of rob.They line up hours before the shoot, im sure rob is looking to go back to canada so he can work in some moon all the way twifriends!!!

    • well.. summit i dont really care.. but i want that director.. david slade to do great job direct eclipse.. yeah i know bout the obsessive-disorder those fan have.. thank god they shooting in canada.. peace for all the actor! love u all twifriend..!! and hoping november come faster!!

  7. I am having such a hard time getting excited about these next movies because Summit hasn’t announced Breaking Dawn yet and I can’t imagine wanting to see Eclipse and be left hanging off the cliff without the BD closure. Sure, I can read the book but I would feel sooooo cheated by Summit if they didn’t complete the series. Hey Summit…make me happy, announce already!!! I’ll buy 10 tickets in advance!

    Frustrated in Seattle

  8. Enews said that “eclipse will start filming next month(July)”

  9. cant wait for the team to start working on Eclipse.. cant wait for bella and edward to come into picture again.. arrrghh.. the torture… what with the torture of waiting for new moon… wheres my painkiller…?

  10. The last I heard was that Eclipse would be released on June 30,2010. So I guess that’s why they’re going into principle photography in mid August. I’m really looking forward to seeing New Moon and Eclipse come to life. Since Summit has already secured the rights to all four books,I’m pretty sure we’ll see the finale Breaking Dawn. BD is without question the most controversial of the four novels and it will be interesting to see how they adapt it into a film,based on what the subject matter was.

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