Bikini Dance Wrap Up

MTV was on hand to cover the Peter Facinelli bikini dance bet featuring Rob DeFranco. Peter remarked to MTV:

“Rob obviously lost the bet, and so here we are today,” grinned Facinelli, looking around at the good-sized crowd gathered on the street corner. “We tried to take this bet and make something positive out of it, so Affliction, the clothing store, got involved and sponsored the event, and they donated $10,000 to the Christopher Reeve Foundation in honor of my Twitter followers. I wanted to show that the power of unity, even for something this silly, can actually achieve something good … [Rob is doing] a bikini dance for everybody. I just hope we don’t scar anyone’s children.”

If you would like to donate to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, the information can be found here.

Get the full MTV write up here.


  1. OMG Rob’s dance was THE funniest thing i’ve ever seen!peter facinelli is a legend.thanx soo much!!!

  2. yess!!1st comment!! lol.

  3. OMG!! That was so funny!! Peter you are a god! Thanks peter!! hehe!!

  4. I am liking Peter more and more….really nice to see there some normal people in Hollywood…

    RPatz still my favourite though (he is single after all…)

  5. ROFL that was was hilarious! Way cool to follow through with the bet and end up having it be for such a good cause! I have the Christopher Reeve Foundation key rings and necklaces they are so cool! What a great cause!

  6. Sabrina P says:

    He look too comfortable in that bikini. Great dance and such a great cause. I think peter could wear one of Jenny’s bathing suits. I would pay to see that.

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