Interview With A Leah Hopeful & Contest

This just in from Twilight Fantrips, the group running the Vampire Baseball event that supports the Make A Wish Foundation:

“Lauren (Twilight Facebook) and Andrew (Twilight Source) just finished recording an awesome podcast. The public download link is :

The podcast focused on two elements :

1/Exclusive interview with Q’Orianka Kilcher who is auditioning for the role of Leah in Eclipse. Q’Orianka rose to fame at 15 years old when she starred in the role of Pocahontas in The New World, released in 2005. A huge fan of the Twilight Saga, Q’Orianka is very passionate about the role of Leah. In the interview she gives a very personal perspective on the inside process of auditioning for a role in the wildly popular series.

2/Vampire Baseball 24-hour contest with prizes – as we head into the last week before the Vampire Baseball event with Twilight and New Moon stars on July 4th, a contest has been created to encourage fans to join in the fun and raise more donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon.

The contest begins as soon as the podcast is posted and ends at 8:00pm EST on Sunday, June 28.

Andrew and Lauren describe the great prizes which are available, how to enter the contest and more exciting news about the event. They also announce for the first time the opportunity for fans to have a private coffee with one of their favorite stars the morning of the July 4th event. Only 6 “coffees” are available with a maximum of 15 fans per meeting. Fans will want to jump on these tickets as they won’t last long!


  1. OMG!!! I really hope they give the part to Q’Orianka! My friend suggested her from the beginning and she is more than perfect for the role!

    • La tua Cantante says:

      YES!!! That was ME who mentioned Q’Orianka and i remember we even put Q’Orianka’s Imdb AND Pictures of her on the lex comment page and we were asking the people involved to find Q’Orianka for the roles of Emily OR even Leah! Hahaha. SO cool you rememberd! I HOPE she gets the role cause like i said I thought she would be PERFECT and of the right age now for the role of Leah!

  2. I agree TOTALLY with Mia! Q’Orianka would be sooo perfect! I loved her in the New World, and I’m hoping she will get the role of Leah!

  3. new world and new moon are so different… and i haven’t seen her in anything else, i hope she pulls it off and gets the part.

  4. eclipse fan! says:

    I think she is a great girl, but I hope that a new Native American actress gets the role. As a young Native American, I think it would be best to have more than just ONE young Native American actress representing us in Hollywood.
    My vote is still for the mostly unknown actress Nicole Lee Smith! I really really hope she gets it!

    • I agree. She looks more like what I pictured Leah. The other girl is too girly. This girl is pretty but also looks tough. But, looks aren’t everything. Acting is more important.

  5. OMG!!! I totally had Q’Orianka in mind for leah!!!! I hope she gets it!!

  6. Wow! She’d be Perfect for Leah! 🙂 I really like her 🙂

  7. Sorry, but she is not my first choice at all. I too am really hoping that whoever is Leah is a fresh face to Hollywood!

    Here is a link to “eclipse fan!’s” suggestion, her site says she auditioned for Leah:

  8. Once i tought (too late, when we knew leah wouldn’t appear in new moon) that Q’orianka would be PERFECT for the role.. then i found her in this polls asking for a Leah of our choice.. and i totally freaked out in excitment! I tought she’d be good in it! what’s more, i’m peruvian and she’s got german-peruvian blood in her veins! so i TOTALLY SUPPORT HER!

    for the ones saying it better be a “fresh face”, i think it better suits a girl who’s read the books, is a passionate fan and understands the character.. and that girl is Q’orianka! I really hope she gets it! 🙂

  9. I was hoping for someone unknown. I don’t like her very much..I don’t know why.
    I wonder if she would cut her hair for the role…her hair is one of her greatest assets, it would be tough

  10. Camille says:

    Gahhh! she’s perfect!

    they should of asked if her brother would play seth!
    he would be perfect as well

  11. courtneycullen says:

    I really hope that Q’Orianka Kilcher does not get the part. She is a terrible actress and she is not even Native American. She is from New Zealand and has connections because her cousin is Jewel. I do not like the way she got her part in The New World.

    • I’m with you 100 percent. I think she’s very pretty. And that’s about it. I’ve seen her in her in two films and she really is not a good actress, certainly not for a part as strong a character as Leah is. Looks aren’t everything you know. Well, maybe they are in Hollywood. sigh.

  12. OMG!!! She is perfect!! I really hope she gets the part 🙂

  13. Ok, after reading these comments I had to do some research on whether or not Q’Orianka is in fact Native American. She is Indigenous Quechua and Swiss heritage, and does not come from New Zealand. I’ve never seen her act, but she certainly is beautiful and could fit the part of Leah. (in my mind)

  14. La tua Cantante says:

    FROM THE VERY BEGININ….whe they were looking for th roles for even Emiliy i left about 30 comments on the lex comments page begging the people who would be involved in the future making of the movies to PLEASE hunt down Q’Orianka and ask her to try out for the part of Emily OR Leah!!!!!!!
    I’m SOOOO happy she is hopefully now getting involved!

  15. wolfgirl says:

    inspired casting! inspired!

  16. Berry Malone says:

    Qorianka is not from new zeland, and she did not get her role in the new world because her cousin jewel.
    I read in an interview that she did not even have any contact with her, and Terance Malick would anyway never hire anyone who he thought would not be the best actress ever!
    Qorianka Kilcher has to be Leah Clearwater… that is , if Summit has any sense at all!
    Qorianka is a huge rolemodel to all of us here on the Rez and she always looks out for indigenous rights issues and takes her time to come and talk to kids here on the rez.
    Kilcher is my Leah!

  17. YES!! I’m so glad she’s auditioning! She’s who I’ve wanted to play Leah. I’ve never seen anything she’s been in so I just hope she’s a good actress, but as far as looks go she’d be PERFECT!

  18. Gaby morey says:

    Q’orianka deserves this opportunity!
    She always helps everyone and every cause with her activism, we should really support her!
    Qorianka for leah clearwater.
    I am posting blogs everywhere!
    Twilight Source, etc.!!!
    please do the same !~!!!

  19. Gaby morey says:

    Q’orianka deserves this opportunity!
    She always helps everyone with her activism, we should really support her!
    Qorianka for leah clearwater.
    I am posting blogs everywhere!
    Twilight Source, etc.!!!
    please do the same !~!!!

  20. team jacob says:

    i know it might sound silly, but i was hoping at least ONE member of the wolf pack would be an actual NW native american. there are so many tribes from across the US and Canada and it’s silly to me that there is only ONE semi-recognizable native american actress in people’s minds…q’orianka. i was also hoping for someone unknown, like nicole lee smith mentioned above, who is from washington state.

  21. Q’orianka is NOT Native American. Her father is Peruvian Quechua, which is indigenous to South America. Native Americans in the United States are the indigenous peoples from the regions of North America now encompassed by the continental United States, including parts of Alaska and the island state of Hawaii. The role of Leah is supposed to be played by a North American Indian, completely different than Quechua which is from South America. A North America Native American should be cast as Leah. There are plenty of excellent Native American Actors that could fit the role of Leah. Sorry but Q’orianka is of Peruvian decent, which means she is not Native American.

  22. After looking at a ton of websites and all of the actors up for the role of Leah I like Nicole Lee Smith best. She encompasses all of the qualities of Leah, fierce, exotic, strong, her face to me is Leah. Has anyone heard if they have made a decision yet?

  23. team jacob says:

    …also wanted to add that in my research, it looks like q’orianka is of peruvian (quechua) descent…so she is native SOUTH american, not native NORTH american. the character should clearly be a north american native…again i vote for nicole lee smith!!

  24. bethany stewart says:

    Who put up the borders?
    The milage from florida to Alaska is greater than to Peru
    Why does the smithsonian museum of NATIVE AMERICANS in DC has a huge Quechua exebition?
    And Why do you say that Qorianka is NOT native american when Native americans consider their indigenous brothers in peru as just that, Brothers !

    Qorianka is also inducted into the native american hall of fame and works tiredlessly with many native american tribes and organizations.

    Qorianka is native american and is a great candidate for Leah !

  25. I think Q’orianka should play Leah. Period… She has the talent and looks.

  26. Melissa Miller says:

    I totally think that Q’orianka is the perfect person for the role! I watched the New World like a hundred times!! and she is my favorite actress!

  27. Alan J. says:

    I’ve never seen her act. I’ve never even heard of her, But I looked her up online and she definitely has the look. She is beautiful!!!!!!! I think they should pick her.. It would be the best choice in my opinion..

  28. Q’orianka is the perfect person.. she needs to be Leah! I will refuse to watch this movie otherwise..

  29. Um… Have you ever seen the girl act? I’m guessing if you want her for Leah you haven’t. Looks are definitely not everything. I really really hope Summit chooses a new Native American actress, more fierce and talented!
    And, simmer down “Bethany Stewart,” Peruvian is not even close to being NW Native, as a NW Native I look nothing like a Peruvian. I do however look very similar to indigenous people of SE Alaska and Canada. So, your “mileage” comment is ridiculous! Being NW Native as the character of Leah is supposed to be and being South American are infact entirely different things. Smithsonian or not, deal with it.

  30. And, the word “brother” doesn’t mean literal blood brother. That is about as crazy as saying a blonde Russian person is the same as blonde Swedish person. I think you are walking a fine line of viewing Native Americans as the “pan-indian” all the same. Tribes may have similarities, especially if they are close geographically, but more importantly each tribe is uniquely different and those differences should be respected. The fact that the Smithsonian groups all indigenous American people in one exhibit means nothing in regards to the casting of Leah. The character of Leah is a NW Native, period.
    Italian and Greek art may both be found in a European/Mediterranean exhibit, BUT are they the “same?”

  31. Stephanie says:

    So being a NW native.. does Taylor Lautner look like one? does any of the wolves??? no.. not really.. i don’t think it matters if she is south american.. she can act. and she is Native…

  32. Petra Menzer says:

    Check out this link a friend sent me
    Its her fighting
    apparently she is 2.nd degree Kung Fu blackbelt and does stunts

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