New Moon Is A Piece of Cake

Kim at the Twilight Parents Examiner intervied the cake designer who made the cake seen in the New Moon trailer footage.

“In Style Magazine asked Lisa for step by step instructions on recreating the cake:
1. Cover each cake tier with a “mask” of white fondant [a thick, malleable icing]. Stack tiers from largest to smallest.
2. Separate one package of fondant into 5 batches. Use food coloring to tint each batch a different shade of green.
3. Roll each batch of fondant into a thin sheet and cut into strips of varying width.
4. Attach the strips around each tier using stiff royal icing as glue.
5. Place red, yellow and green Gerbera daisies around the bottom of each tier.”

See it all on Parents Examiner.


  1. It’s absolutely beautiful. I still don’t think mine would turn out as nice, even with the instructions! LOL.

  2. Megan Hale says:

    beautiful! but i thought the cake was supposed to be PINK!? but its gorgeous anyways!

  3. I got kind of mad when I saw this cake in the trailer because my mom has a Yankee candle in the living room that looks exactly like one of the tiers. It’s pretty, but *too* fancy, to the point where it doesn’t even look like cake anymore.

  4. Awesome cake but fondant taste nasty.

    • Yeah, not crazy about the way fondant tastes but it makes for a pretty cake, and they take the time to paint the rims or tires of the yellow porsch (a guy
      notices those things) but not the pink cake. I know its a movie but its still kinda funny which
      details they stuck to. lol guys are a different breed, I never would have noticed anything but the color of that car(they probably coulda used a different make car and I wouldn’t have known the difference as long as it was yellow and looked sporty! lol

  5. Come on! What did you expect? It’s Alice!!

  6. The cake is beautiful,but it should’ve been pink.It’s still really fancy and completely Alice-y so it still works.

  7. i like that its not pink. I think that it gives it more of a sophistication for the movie. Pink is to me way too “kid like”. Im glad the bday scene appears to not have any cheesy pink princess decorations lol

  8. Mrs.Black says:

    I think that it is perfect in every way!! 🙂

  9. Mrs.Black says:


  10. I want a piece. It looks delish

  11. that cake look soo awesome!! I think for my next b-day I am gunna get that lol, I will tell them to make it look exactly like that, hopefully my parents won’t mind, hahaha

  12. Despina says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t look edible… I swear I thought it was made of cardboard!

  13. pami11195 says:

    what i think they shud hav done is go to CAKE BOSS and hav him make a PINK cake like in da book .n da presents were supposed to be silver =[ but o well it looks fine i guess

  14. Emmanuel says:

    totally going to replicate this for my sister’s bithday this year.

  15. Step 6. Take a photo of cake to a bakery and ask, “Can you make this for me? Thanks!”

  16. Yeah I actually got really excited when I saw the cake. 🙂

  17. totally awesome cake

  18. Laura :D says:

    lol i will probably end up trying to make this but it will turn up horribly wrong and i will spend my birthday moping around because my twilight cake doesnt look EXACTLY like in the movie! i’m kinda a perfectionist…

  19. Vivyanne says:

    I was Wondering, why is it green? i thought in the book it was suppose to be pink. please answer thank you

    • the cake is green because they take lots of liberties when bringing a book to the “big screen.” there will be lots of differences from the book, big and small.

  20. well, my birthday coming up and i think i just found my bday cake. 🙂

  21. From a cake designers point of view, it sucks.
    Anyone agree?

    • kehacakes says:

      I am a cake designer and I think the cake is really pretty, what I don’t like are the flowers that are crowding around the cake in the little vases (can’t blame the cake designer for that..) Those really take away from it, but also, this design is not really a rare one, it’s been done to death. I would have loved to see something a little different for Bella… Now, for Alice it is perfect and I think that is the point they are trying to get across, that ALICE chose the cake. so for the scene and what it represents it’s good. The decorator did a great job. I am wondering how many people are going to want this design now that it will be seen in the movie. lol

  22. Jeez…some people need to LET GO of the teeny book details that get changed for the films. It’s okay guys, the fact that the cake isn’t pink will not destroy the film. You’ve seen the trailer, the entire scene is colored with rich earthy tones. A pink cake would have looked completely out of place. Don’t worry, the porsche is still yellow;)

  23. tanisha says:

    ONCE AGAIN: not everything in a book-based movie will be exactly like the book. chill out, guys.

    the cake is beautiful, even though it looks a bit fake.

  24. CullenChik says:

    I am definitely going to attempt to replicate this cake for our midnight-New Moon party! I work with a great group of fellow elementary school teachers and we have literally been planning our NM get-together since we found out the opening theatre date. I just hope our 3rd graders don’t notice how tired we’re going to be the next day!

  25. Hey!
    I’m the one who wrote the article and interviewed the creator:

    The set designer is the one who decided on the green color scheme and wasn’t able to recreate the desired look- the cake creator simply replicated what the set designer wanted (read my whole article for the deets).

    So I don’t know why they decided green- probably fit better with the overall color palate and earthy tones (as mentioned above) than did pink. Really, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things- they do at least acknowledge the cake in the scene.

    I for one, think it’s stunning- they did use real fondant, so it’s a pure sugar creation!

    • The cake is gorgeous no doubt! You know how protective we fans can get of our favorite books…
      we look to the details, but yes, in the grand scheme of things its unimportant–but in the land
      of Stephenie we do notice the little things. lol

  26. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    That cake looks gorgeous! I wish I could have gotten a cake like that for my b-day. I want a twilight cake from Carm City Cakes for my 16th b-day but thats like 2 years away. I’ll just have to wait.

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  28. Detail, details…Wow, Twilight fans are as bad a Star Trek fans when it comes to details that are have been changed. Yes, the pink cake, with shiny little presents, shining crystal vases, and pink candles are not replicated in the scene. The movie screenplay abviously didn’t like that decription and changed it. It was represented and frankly looks better than a pink, girly party, which we know Bella is not a girlie, girl.

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