Sue Bird of the WNBA Seattle Storm Twilight Fan

According to a recent ESPN interview, Sue Bird of the WNBA Seattle Storm is a fan of the Twilight books. The movies haven’t exactly won her over, but she is definitely a die-hard book fan.

So what have you read recently?

I read “Twilight” when I was overseas. I actually liked it. I didn’t expect to, because I generally don’t like fantasy like that because it’s far-fetched but I liked it. It’s pretty good.

My niece loves it. And there is a whole group of women aged 30-50 called Twi-Moms. A friend of ours saw it seven times in the theater. She couldn’t get enough of it.

I read the book and I thought it was amazing. So you read a book and you have this whole mental image of what people look like and the place they are and then I watched the movie, and I know women go gaga over Edward but I could have picked 10 better Edwards.”

Get the whole interview on ESPN.


  1. Rosmelie says:

    Fantab! Seriously I’ve been watching Sue Bird since she was in college so hearing this made me smile.

  2. I disagree, I don’t think anybody could have played Edward like Rob.. But hey atleast she’s honest about her opinion! And it’s cool she likes the books.

  3. …yeah…
    Kudos for liking the books I suppose but a better Edward? Hell no.
    I’ve been a fan of Rob for quite a while so perhaps I’m biased but I’m glad Edward didn’t end up being some “run of the mill” underwear model. I like people who are deep and artistic. Rob’s one in a million so I couldn’t be happier.

  4. True! the only reason i get to read twilight was when i saw the movie where Rob plays Edward and to be honest? that made me read the 4 fantastic book and fell inlove all the way.. i couldnt imagine twilight w/o Rob. Rob is Edward so as Edward will be forever Rob..

  5. Well, I agree that Rob was not who I had in my head either as I was reading the books, but the tall english dude won my heart- he pulled it off and now
    i can’t imagine anyone else as Edward. There are so
    many beautiful men, but he has that scary edge also,
    he made me believe,,,,,but how could she not love the books, really? lol

  6. Savannah says:

    …10 better Edwards?
    umm NO.

  7. alexandraaa says:

    no wayyyy…..Rob is THE BEST CHOICE for edward…………………………………….

  8. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says:

    UH… I totally agree with her. Rob Pattinson is a horrible actor and ruined Edward for me… Team Jacob all the way dude….

  9. Glad she is a Twilight fan too! However, I am disappointed that she thinks she could name 10 better Edward’s… a Twilight Mom – I think Rob Pattinson is a PERFECT Edward and I really hate when people pick on him. He seems like such a nice, sincere guy! No one could be Edward like Rob in my opinion!

  10. the only other edward would be chace crawford, for the tortured unsure self! who are the 10 others she would have selected?

  11. Martina says:

    Oh bless her heart. I agree on all parts. Rob does a banging job but there’s always someone better. No offense team rob just my opinion.

  12. I completely agree with “Martina”.

  13. kellan fan says:

    I agree I had a bunch of diff Edwards in mind… not Rob

  14. Rob had me at first smirk but, of course, she’s entitled to her own opinion. We all have one.

  15. Ooh, she shouldn’t have made that comment about Rob as Edward. I thought Rob was perfect when I saw the first promo pics and then that half smile he did in the teaser trailer. I can’t read the books now w/o picturing him as Edward. I think he does a really good job of portraying the tortured part of the character as well as his sense of humor. He’s fabulous.

  16. P.S. He also has terrific chemistry w/ Kristen Stewart. Not every actor could have that same connection w/ her.

  17. I appreciate the fact that she is a fan of the series, but seriously..10 better Edwards???? What is wrong ?? Rob Pattinson Nailed this character in a way that could not be duplicated by anyone ( in my opinion)
    If she wants to be petty I suppose that we could easily find ten better basketball players too.

    • Symantha says:

      Whoa, slow your roll. No need to break out the insults just because you don’t share her opinion. We’re all friends here amidst the Twilight phenomenon. (Although there could be people that are better bball players, you never know…)

  18. I keep hearing a lot of guy fans leaning more toward Team Jacob. I finally figured out why. They know they can never come close to being even somewhat “Edwardish” so they choose the easier option. Just my opinion.

  19. Agree with Teri. Is She insane, no one could play that part like Rob did. He’s a great actor!!!!

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