Happy Birthday Alphie

Even though Alphie made me a birthday video, sadly I had no time to return the favor. Suffice it to say if Alphie hadn’t read Twilight in January 2006 there would not be a Twilight Lexicon.  Hands down she knows details on the books better than anyone I know. You’d have to work really hard to stump her.  She’s stuck with the website with ups and downs personally and professionally.

So today we say



  1. Happy Birthday Alphie! Thanx for everything u do!

  2. Happy birthday, Alphie! Thanks for being a hard-core, amozing Twilighter, and making this one of the best Twilight sites around! You rock! XD


  3. Vampiregirlsince1918 says

    Happy Birthday Alphie!!! Hope you have a great one! And ya definatly happy your are a Twilighter so we got this awesome site!

  4. Happy Birthday ALPHIE! =D

  5. Happy Birthday Alphie! I would be lost if I didn’t have the Lex to come to everyday. Thank You greatly from this dedicated Twihard junkie!!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Alphie, I hope it’s the best birthday yet! You do so much for this site and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you. Happy Birthday to one of the first, and most dedicated twilighters around!

  7. Happy birthday, thanks for all you do!

  8. Have a wonderful birthday Alphie! Thank you for this great twilight Site!

  9. The Bella Cullen Project says

    Alphie, you are awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Alphie (:
    Thanks for the best twilight
    website in the hole world!

  11. Happy Birthday Alphie! Thank you for everything you do! It is absolutely appreciated!

  12. OHHHH ALPHIE!!! Have a wonderful birthday and i hope you are enjoying your special day.Thank you so much for creating this website.Its a wonderful place for us TWIFRIENDS to gather and talk about all things twilight!!A big THANK YOU and birthday hugs are sent to you…ahhh if only it were from one of the cullen boys haha…..

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALPHIE! Have a great day, and i thank you sooooo much for best twilight website EVER! Thank you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

    Best wishes, and hope you have a great one! And thanks for everything you do! =]

  15. Happy Birthday Alphie, I am so glad that you started this place and wanted you to know how much I appreciate this website! I hope you have a great day!!

  16. Happy Birthday Alphie! May you have a joyous and blessed year. Thanks for all you do! It’s appreciated more than you know.

  17. Happy Birthday Alphie!!!! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us over the years.

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We Love You!

  19. Happy Birthday Alphie, hope your day is a wonderful one today…

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAy ALPHIE!!=D This is the best site ever!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. A very happy birthday Alphie!

  23. happy birthday!!! thx for all the things you’ve done

  24. Wishing you a very happy birthday Alphie! Thank you for all you do!

  25. Stacey C. says

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you can enjoy the day!!!!!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work on The Lex!

  27. Hope you have an AMAZING birthday Alphie!!!!

  28. Grateful says

    Thank you so much, Alphie, for all you’ve done to make the Lexicon what it is. A fan like me is totally indebted to you that I have a place to escape to online for all things Twilight. No other site comes even close to what you guys have done here… thanks for everything, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  29. Switzerland says

    you’re amazing 🙂
    keep up the great work (L)

  30. schmudiii says

    happy birthday to you!!!
    thank you *_*

  31. Happy Birthday, Alphie! Thank you for your continued efforts to keep my everyday routine running and updated! You’re much appreciated! Here’s to a GREAT year! Cheers!!

  32. Charlene says

    Happy Birthday Alphie!
    Thanks for everything TWILIGHT!

  33. Happy Birthday Alphie!
    Thank you for everything you do and for loving Twilight so much!

  34. Happy Birthday! I’m sure the rest of the twilight fans like me are glad you were born today!

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALPHIE!!!! Thank you for bringing the best twilight news to us everyday!

  36. Carmen C says

    Happy Birthday Alphie! Hope it’s a great one! Thanks for an awesome Twilight site!

  37. Bella Swan says

    Happy Birthday, Alphie! I love you so much! Thanks for making such an amazing website! Without Twilight Lexicon I don’t know how I’d live! You rock! I’m so glad you’re a fellow twilighter! I would love to try and stump you on Twilight trivia! Hope this B-day rocks and to have many more!

  38. Happy Birthday! Thanks for everything! *hugs ~!

  39. Stitch-n-Snitch says

    Happy, happy birthday, Alphie!

  40. This month is such a special month it’s birthday time for you. We’d really like to celebrate this happy day with you!
    Zippideay and Hideho there’s something we can do. We’ll sing a song that we all love….
    Happy Birthday To you!


  42. 😀
    A mazing
    L eadership
    P ersistantly
    H elpful
    I ncredibly
    E ntertaining

  43. Shelley C says

    Happy Birthday Alphie – we love you and all you do.
    Hope you get everything you wish for.

  44. love2dream says

    Happy birthday Wonder Woman! Hope you have a great one. See you this fall for the movie release. Can’t wait!

  45. Aunt Judy says

    Happy Birthday Niece “Alphie” (better known to me as Lori).

    Your card (along with a belated one to your mom) is in the mail.

    Hope to see you in August!!
    Aunt Judy and Uncle Darrel

  46. Twilight Nymph says

    Happy Birthday Alphie. Without you there wouldn’t be a Twilight Lexicon. Hope you have a great one.

  47. Happy Birthday ALPHIE and Thanks for all you do to make the Lexicon the GREAT and AWESOME site it is, Much Love

  48. Ashley K. says

    Happy Belated Birthday Alphie!!!!!!!!

    hope you had a great day and i really appreciate what you do for all of us twilighters that come to the Lexicon, we would be lost without it.

  49. Happy Birthday Alphie! Sorry for being so late and thanks for everything you do!

  50. Happy belated bday Alphie! I hope you had a wonderful day and thanks for all you do!

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