Happy Birthday Edward!

edward B-day banner As many of you have pointed out to us, today is Edward’s birthday!! Edward-Cullen.Net sent us this banner in honor of our most beloved vampire’s celebration.  To help us celebrate, leave us a post about your single most favorite thing regarding Edward, be it a quote, something he did, or any general trait.  Just let us know what you love about him and why!  My personal favorite moment, which kind of sealed the deal for me, was when he said, “I may not be human, but I am a man.”  Gotta love that!


  1. polite, chivalrous, talented….

  2. I love when Edward writes Bella the note “Look after my heart, I’ve left it with you”. So sweet!!!

  3. I love EVERYTHING about Edward…

  4. Where Bella told Edward that she;s not scared of him and he say’s “well you shouldn’t have said that”. I love the way he’s got that grin on his face when he said it.

  5. Hey today is my b-day too! I just turned 13!! I’m soo lucky

    • A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Twifriend and hope you have many more to come.Sorry its not from edward or any of the other cullen boys!!!

  6. kaitlin Evans says

    The last page of breaking dawn (:

  7. meljurgens says

    “Do I dazzle you?” Hellz yeah!

  8. Airajuliafor says

    I love the qoute from Twilight in the note that he gave Bella: “Look after my heart-I’ve left it with you.”

    But I have to agree with ILoveEC.

    Happy Birthday, Edward! (And many more birthdays to come! xD)

    • The note that he leaves Bella saying, “I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart – I’ve left it with you.” is from Eclipse-page 95…LOVE that quote! 😉

      • TwilightRulez14 says

        omg i luvs that so much i make wallpapers alot and i use that quote in abunch of them its so beautiful!

  9. Edward Cullen is super, super, super, great! There are many quotes I love from all three books but, I also love the one when Edward says “I prefer brunettes”

  10. I just love the way he cares about Bella! He´s so gentil! Who doesn´t want that? 😉

  11. When Edward said “the lion fell in love with the lamb.

  12. When he tells Bella that he feels very protective of her. A
    And when he says “debussy” – I just LOVE the sound of him saying it – and the way his mouth looks like when he says it. 😀 😀

  13. Mmm, Edward (Not Robert- EDWARD) You may be fictional, and have inadvertently spawned a cult of teenage noobs, but you’re still a gentleman. Happy 108th birthday.
    Favorite moment? In the cut scenes of Twilight, when he’s making fun of Emmett.
    I’m surprized there’s not a birthday thread on the forums…

    • Which cut scene is it?

      • Twi~dancer72 says

        OME Where do i begin……. Lets see….. i love how he is a gentleman, chivalrous, kind and polite. He is so protective of his love and i love the fact that he would bite the head off of anyone who touches his love. He is just gorgeous and selfless and i am in love with every personalty trait that he has, even if it’s not perfect, and ladies lets be honest, we all want to kill Bella Swan and take her place in the middle of the night:) i know i do! lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

        • *Twilight Fanpire* says

          I couldnt have said it better myself. I love Edward so much. I would rather live in a fictional world with a person like him, than anywhere else in the world! I *swoon* at the thought of Edward’s commitment to Bella and their love. At first I thought that it was just and awesome love story, but it is much more than that, the twilight is love in it’s most truest and rarest forms! Also Midnight Sun was genius!I read Twilight and Midnight Sun simultaneously, and it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had reading. U really get to experience and understand both of their feelings more personally. I was estatic that I got to know how Edward feels about Bella from his mind, without Midnight Sun, Edward’s feelings being “left up to the imagination” would have been DEATH!!!(LOL!)I love EVERY quality about Edward. I have developed feelings for Edward. I love him for his qualities, and they way he loves Bella. How could anyone not love a man like that?!

          I would DIE to be atleast an extra in the rest of the movies Eclipse and/or Breaking Dawn. I just wanna be around the atmosphere!!!

      • Yes, what scene is that, exactly?

  14. There are many many quotes by Edward that I love and adore, but one of my favorites, is in braking dawn, where bella goes out to get the id papers and passports from this guy lawyer and just as Bellas about to leave he says, “Hurry back to me.” I don’t know, it’s like Edward hates being away from her, and that line just made my heart skip.

  15. dtbvampire says

    Everything mentioned above 😉


    He’s so selfless, he’d do anything for Bella. He’s able to put aside what he wants, needs and even what drives him to unimaginable pain to ensure a little peice of Bella’s happiness.

    I love midnight sun hearing everything that he’s thinking. It just solidifies all the good stuff we see in his actions from the rest of the books in Bella’s POV.

    • Nicely said! 🙂 I luv Edward for so many reasons-I can’t even count them all-he’s perfect, bottom line, lol…I luv almost everything that Edward says! Breaking Dawn is my favorite-though out of just the first 3 books-I luv Eclipse! Favorite chapter being Fire and Ice-the way Edward is with Jacob Makes you be a ‘Team Edward’ fan, even if you weren’t in the first place! haha! I LOVE you Edward! lol! haha…

      • Also, Midnight Sun is AMAZINGLY beyond words! I get Edward so much better now! And I know lots of other people feel the same-Stephanie MUST finish it! LIKE SOON! PLEASE!! For the fans! *crys* lol..seriously though-it’s genius! Go Edward-And all that you do for Bella! 🙂

    • Yeah, I love Midnight Sun too! Before reading it I thought that I couldn’t like Edward more, but entering in his head is so dawn good, and now I really like him more.

      • I know, right? Plus, I feel I didn’t get Edward entirely until I read Midnight Sun-it amazed me to see how soon and how Deep Edward falls in love with Bella! eep! lol;) LOVE it! Must..read..more..lol

    • I didn’t think Stephenie finished Midnight Sun. If she did please let me know so I can go buy it. I read What little bit they put on the website and I just love reading it from Edwards’ perspective, it leaves me craving for more.
      Happy Birthday Edward-My favorite Vampire


  16. I don’t have one thing, I love everything about him, everything, he is the perfect gentleman. Steph created the perfect character. Happy Birthday to our Edward, you are perfect….

  17. I can go on forever on this topic…but i am currently rereading new moon so, him, at the end of new moon, is so touching. When he was saying to Bella that he lied to her, that he has always loved her, I was crying.

    • Isabella Cullen says

      Me too! Oh God..I cried so bad that my book got all soggy, and im NOT exaggerating!!!
      I feel that Edward embodied everything that I EVER wanted from a guy. He loves Bella like no one can ever, and that is what makes him most special. If you noticed, he himself admits to the fact in Midnight Sun, that he had become like a grumpy old man who wanted nothing from his life. But from the very instant that he sets eyes on Bella, there’s this magical connection between them (like the elctricity between them in the dark).

      I wish you the best birthday ever Edward!!! I LOVE YOU ALSO (maybe not as much as Bella..but still)!!!

  18. I love his gentle and caring personality.

  19. Victoria says

    Yea!! Happy Birthday Edward! <3 LOL
    I love how well mannered he is! I love how he has morals, not like many men today…He is amazingly gorgeous. I love how he listens and cares for what Bella has to say. I love everything about him! =D

  20. Mrs Cullen says

    I love the

  21. Happy Birthday Edward!

    I can’t chose something favourite about him. That’s really hard! I just hope that Midnight Sun will be published and he will have his say in the story!

  22. Emilypruitt says

    I think the human side of Edward makes him, somehow, more amazingly super-human. True, his protective nature is one that every woman wishes her partner had. & I believe there is inherent sexiness in his articulate vocabulary that he has had 100+ years to perfect. But these are super-human expectations & examples. I love him most when he is stripped of pretense & purpose and let’s us all the way inside. The vampire is surely great, but the man is greater somehow.

    . “But you see Bella, I was THAT boy who would have, as soon as I realized you were what I was looking for, gotten down on one knee and endeavored to secure your hand. I would’ve wanted you for eternity, even when it didn’t have quite the same connotations”.

    ~that’s the Edward Anthony Masen I love.

    • Well said! I agree.

    • Laura G. says

      I love that quote…

    • Nicely said!

    • Well said and LOVE that quote! 🙂

    • I won’t ever forget Edward’s b-day, cuz it’s my bro’s b-day today also! lol haha… 🙂

    • omg i love edward so much,,,, there are not enough words in the world or in any other language to describe the love that i have developed for a fictional character. He is the ideal guy every girl wants, he’s so sensitive, he’s kind and gentle, he is protective, he’s good looking, smart no intelligent, and he can play the piano. Now i mean what female wouldnt want a guy like that # swoon#, i get butterflies every time i read the twilight saga, my favorite part in the twilight saga is in the chapter of fire and ice when jacob and edward are talking to one another and edward says you are trying to take away the reason for my exisytence, omg i get chills reading that part, or in breaking dawn when he could not teach bella how to fight because he didnt want to think of her as a target, he could not bear it,OR when he is simply around bella and looks at her as if she is the rarest jewel in the world, or when he kisses her,good god i barely pay attention to the real world cause i am so stuck in the twilight saga omg i can go on and on and on, i love edward cullen “THE VAMPIRE” but i adore edward anthony mason ” THE MAN”,

      Happy 108th birthday Edward!!!!

      From your Bella in the real world

      Whitney Cullen

    • I totally agree with that!! Well said!! 🙂

  23. Daniella says

    happy 108 birthday Edward!

    the trsit i love most about him is the fact hat he would do anything and everything for Bella. He cares so much for he rand i love that

  24. I love everything about him!!! Everything that was said above definately… but one of my favs was him on Isle Esme… out in the water before “it” all went down… he was soo scared/vulnerable… adorable and then of course the headboards and pillows bruises…etc I just love everything about Edward.. what I wouldnt give for a real life edward…. 🙁

  25. Page 362 and 363 in Twilight. I don’t know why, but I love that little moment=)

    • And 364, where she falls off, and he laughs. Even though Bella didn’t find it particularly funny, knowing how little Edward had been happy in his existence, I couldn’t hold it against him.

      Happy Birthday, Edward!

      • And right after that, when Edward tells her ‘I love you’-in so many words-for the first time! That’s amazing also:) lol!

  26. My absolute favorite is the dialogue in Eclipse about Edward’s new bed. 😉 But there is too much to love about Edward to narrow it down to just a couple of things.

    Happy Birthday Edward!

  27. Our whole family really likes “You can Google it.” We use it all the time and smile!

  28. Happy Birthday Dearest Edward!
    There isn’t one thing that I don’t love about Edward.He is so wonderfully decent,so adorable,so perfect…. I love him because he is Edward.The one and only unique Edward Cullen.I will love him forever and ever and ever……
    And of course his crooked smile is the best!

  29. page 460 of eclipse<33333333333333333333333333333333

  30. The thing I like most about Edward is what he does for Bella. Not many of today’s males would learn to cook and prepare a gourmet meal (from SM’s website-Twilight-outtakes-extended Prom remix-cut from book)for someone when they cannot eat it or enjoy it themselves. He does it for love and because he knows Bella does not like fancy restaurants. Very sexy.

  31. Oooof… “So the lion fell in love with the lamb.” I love that part of Twilight!! Just love it!!
    And when he proposes to Bella… “Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me?”

    Awww… He is such a gentleman, i wish he was real, then i could go find MY Edward! 😉

  32. Marilou Abruscato says

    My favorite Edward quote (Twilight Book) is “What am I going to do with you. Yesterday I kiss you and you attack me! Today you pass out on me!”

    He is the epitome of the word gentleman and even if he was not played by someone as adorable as RPATTZ on the big screen I think we would all still love him. Happy Birthday Edward!

  33. Lily Cullen says

    Besides the things already mentioned, in Eclipse, when he says this to Jacob:

    “I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella.

    But if you ever bring her back damaged again — and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head — if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?”

  34. :o)
    when he proposed to bella in eclipse

    “I promise to love you forever–every single day of forever.”

    LOVE IT!!

  35. the way he kisses bella. swooooooon!

  36. Amanda Marie says

    My FAVORITE Edward quote is When Jacob says “Let the best MAN win” And Edward replies “That sounds about right pup.” I laugh my but off every time I read it!

    • Oh my gosh, you are so right. That is the best Edward moment! I’m laughing right now just thinking about it! 🙂

  37. Hmm.. Edward.. Happy Birthday! My faveorite quote is: “When i told you that i didn’t want you, it was the blackest kind of blasphemy.” and of course “And so the lion fell inlove with the lamb.” “What a stupid lamb.” “What a sick masochistic lion.”oh! Edward!!!

  38. Who dosent want an EDWARD in her life!!! Really they should make every guy read it as soon as they turn 13!! LOL.Im simple i love it when he just touches her face i think it says so much more than a sloppy kiss.I also love when he plays bellas theme.I love that he plays it every time she returns home especially in b.dawn.

  39. Whoop Whoop!! Happy Birthday Edward!!
    Favorite moment is..*Thinking*..Theres too many!! Arhhh.
    Ok it has to be the note he left for Bella “Look after my heart,Ive left it with you” *Swoon*
    Favorite movie moment is when him and Bella are dancing in his room and when he spins her he says “What” and makes a cute face, Awww, Edward you are a true gentleman and we all love you here on the Lexicon!!
    🙂 .x.x.x.

  40. What a great question! There are so things that Edward says that I just love:
    -“Take care of my heart, I left it with you.
    -I may not be human, but I am man!
    -Well now..you realy shouldn’t have said that.
    -How he loves Bella so much;
    -Everyting he does for Bella;
    -How protective, loving, caring, how important Bella and Renessmee are to him, how he protects them especially during BD;
    -In Bellas room when they return from Italy, when he proclaims his love fore her;
    -When Edward proposes to Bella;
    -When Edward saves Bellas life!
    -..and, when Edward comes to rescue Bella in Port Angeles! There are just SO many! These are just a few! Happy Birthday Edward!

  41. Their are lot of things that Edward Cullen did that I liked. One of which was during the Resturant scene in the movie:
    “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

  42. One of my favorite quote: When Bella said, I Love You, and Edward said, That’s why we are here!

  43. jennifer says

    when they are passing notes in class in book 3 “we would jump out when we were close enough to ground then run back to the plane stumble around and look like the luckiest survivers ever” and then when the teacher came around after watching bella and edward not paying attention at all he came by and edward handed him a paper written perfectly about his lecture haha it was so funny and smooth

  44. Happy Birthday Edward! The kids say hi! lol, just kidding.

  45. oh gosh, what i love the most about edward and i guess stephenie is that shes brought out the romantic in teenage girls. edward teaches us that its not okay to settle for the guy who just wants to have sex with you, that you should look for more in someone… well thats what ive learnt from the series really :]
    so favourite edward moment eh ? lets just go with, every single word he ever said. ok ;]

    • Thats soo true.. friends have mine have broken up with bf’s because they feel like they are settling… and the truth is.. they were!! We should demand that men be more like Edward… and not take anything less

      • dtbvampire says

        Haha! Edward Cullen is the leading cause of break ups and divorce. I LOVE it!

        Im glad to see he’s being an example and setting a standard to not allow girls to be settling, but I wonder if its going to go too far and maybe girls will be setting themselves out for disappointment when they cant find anyone in real life that compares to Edward. If I thought a man like Edward existed in real life, I would get a divorce today (not that I dont love my hubby, but he’s NO Edward!). I just dont think he’s out there.

  46. Lizzey Jane says

    I love the way he treats Bella he is so nice to her and would do whatever when ever for her thats just so sweet like him.
    I love the way he takes the blame for everthing when he did nothing, but he thinks he did. Also the way he sufferd to do the right thing for Bella. And thinks that he is not good for her and sees her all ready with a family walking down the ail with s man in twilight when it comes to be him

  47. Ah, man. My favorite thing about Edward? Man. That’s a hard thing to think up!

    But, if I had to make a decision, it probably had to be when Edward was hunting in BD. I just got this perfect image in my head of a graceful Edward, his teeth bared, blood on the side of his mouth, looking totally at ease. And, of course, SHIRTLESS. XD Yup, that has to be one of my favorite Edward moments. 🙂

    Happy 108th, Edward! I love you!

    that has a special place in my heart which had been shattered at the start of the book. hahah

    • Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. very dark, but there were stars- points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddently everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. when you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everythign went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.’

      has gotta be the favourite quote ;D

    • JGroIsMyEdward says

      OMG. I totally agree!

    • JGroIsMyEdward says

      Ditto what everyone said. I love the “look after my heart” note, too, but the quote that really sticks out for me at the moment is when he gave Bella the heart-shaped crystal for her bracelet and said “‘My heart is just as silent,’ he mused. ‘And it, too, is yours.'” (Eclipse pg. 439)…tugs at my heart every time and just about everything Edward does…Happy Birthday! (probably enjoying it with Bella…)

  49. happy belate birthday amazing edward…
    it will be so common to say that i love everything about edward(although it is true)…but the thing i love best is the way he loves bella…will any of his morals be revieled if he wouldn’t love her that way?
    the quote i adore is “I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn’t want you anymore.
    The most absurd, ridiculous concept—as if there were any way that I could exist without
    needing you!”
    and of course ALL you said before…i think my heart is just going to melt….

  50. It’s my Bday too! Happy bday to us!

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