Win a day with the New Moon Cast!

Win a day with the New Moon cast!

Hello again, people.  My extended visit to the Arkham Asylum has come to an end!  Special thanks to whoever sent me the cake with the file inside.  Why do people always send me metal objects in my food?  Anyways…

The Vampire Baseball Charity Event (July 4’th, Portland, Oregon) is giving away a colossally awesome prize–actually, a lot of prizes, but one REALLY BIG ONE.  A chance to meet and greet Peter Facinelli, Christian Serratos, Rachelle Lefevre and even Frat Boy #3!  Plus we’ll be giving away a T shirt signed by Taylor Lautner, gigantic wall posters, autographed baseballs and TONS MORE.  But Jaden! you cry How do we achieve such nirvana? Click below!

Win a day with the New Moon cast!


  1. Jessica L. says:

    OMG! First comment, I think.

  2. Awh I luv Jaden! Been reading about this on twitter and finally a video, Yay.! Haha but can’t watch as i’m like looking at this on my phone.. So um yeah.! Computer tomorrow.! Haha

  3. pami11195 says:

    want 2 watch!! but cant cuz speakers will be 2 loud n parents will get annoyed

  4. What a hot guy!

  5. bridgette says:

    Im not trying to be rude, but why does everything twilight related involve Peter Facinelli? It seems his face is everywhere, its only him we hear about everyday. Just wondering if anyone knew why that is?

    • AlbertaJenn says:

      I can think of a couple/few reasons for this:
      a) he’s on twitter, and in a big way, so we hear every time he posts there.
      b) he’s not filming a movie right now, so he has a little more freedom to do this sort of thing (when not playing daddy)
      c)he’s going to a number of the Twi-events this summer, so the prep for those has him in the Twi-media.

  6. does anyone know its edward’s birthday?

  7. autumn_polly says:


  8. I watched it on my iPhone & the link didn’t show up on the video but is listed in the info section about it on youtube when the video is over.

  9. OOPS! Sorry.
    I knew I forgot something! Lol

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