Fan Makes Twilight Video Game for College Project

We’ve been chatting with Brandon Gardner in e-mails about a noncommercial Twilight video game he’s been working on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in video game programming.  Being noncommercial means that everyone involved in the project does so on a volunteer basis in the hopes that they can turn it over to Summit who may use their work on a final game design.  (Please note that this does not mean a real Twilight video game is being marketed for sale, just that some fans are working on one as a project.)

We asked Brandon some initial questions about his work and his design for the game.  As a fan, Brandon is very interested in making sure the book translates into a game as smoothly as possible.  He is interested in feedback from other fans to learn what they would most like to see in a game.  Since video games are so popular… and really, who wouldn’t want to play as Edward or Jasper and take down James or Victoria… we thought we would bring you some updates as the game progresses so you could give feedback along the way.  For now, you can leave your initial impressions in the comments below or you can send Brandon a message via his MySpace page. (insert link)

1.      When did you first get into Twilight? If you have read all the books which is your favorite?

I first got into Twilight back when Twilight first came out on DVD in March. One of my best friends had purchased the movie. I was eager to see what Twilight was about, so I borrowed the DVD from my best friend. I instantly fell in love with Twilight while watching the movie, and knew that I had to read the books. I read all four books over the course of a week, and I was so deeply immersed in the characters and story. I would have to say that Breaking Dawn is my favorite book in the entire saga.

2.      What made you want to get into video game design?

I have always been great with computers even from a really young age. I even learned how to read on a computer. Also I love playing video games, and spend a large portion of my time playing games. It’s only natural that I wanted to do something that I’m interested in and also manages to challenge me mentally. My current major for my Bachelors degree is Game Software Development.

3.      What kind of skills do you need to be a successful game designer?

Experience, flexibility, attention to detail, being innovative, and learning from the mistakes that the game industry has experienced are some of the skills that I think a successful game designed should have. Like in all industries experience is the number one skill that I think is especially important.

4.      What are a few of your favorite games and why?

I would have to say my number one favorite series of games are the Myst series games. Exploration and discovery are elements that really appeal to me. I am deeply interested in Uru: Myst Online, and I can’t wait to play that game online again. Another game that made my favorites is Fallout 3. Fallout 3 has elements that deeply appeal to me on several different levels. Also I might add that I personally have spent so much time in Fallout 3 now that every building and street has been cleaned up of all the litter. A few other games that are my favorites include; Guild Wars, Bioshock, 3Kingdoms, and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

5.      What type of things do you look for in a game?

High quality, engaging storytelling, immersion, and innovation are the types of things that I look for in a game.

6.      Can you tell us how you came to decide to do a Twilight game?

One thing that has almost come to be accepted within the game industry is the fact that games based on movies typically turn out to having disastrous results. Games like Jumper Griffin’s story, Iron Man, Terminator Salvation are a few examples of games like this. I knew that I didn’t want to see this happen to Twilight, and I knew instantly that it would be a project that I would greatly love to work on. I remember watching Twilight, and thinking of how awesome it would be to play as a vampire within the Twilight universe. Also I would like to be able to play vampire baseball with other people within the game. Also I wanted to see more back story about everyone in the movie and book. One question that I want to explore in the game is what do the Cullens do in their free time such as hobbies, collections, and other things that they do? When you don’t have to sleep at night, and you are immortal what kind of things would you do with your free time?

7.      What are you hoping to accomplish with the game?

I m hoping to provide a place where fans can live out their dreams about Twilight, and being able to learn more about the Twilight universe. There are so many things that are not explored in the movie or book that I think the game should be able to provide. My number one goal though is exceeding the expectations of fans everyone, and to add more depth to the great universe that Stephenie Meyer has provided for all of us.

8.      How long do you estimate that it will take to create the game?

All I’m going to say is that I won’t release the game to Summit Entertainment until I knew that it’s of extremely high quality, and exceeds the expectations of everyone involved in the project. Blizzard Entertainment is known for releasing polished high quality games. That is a standard that I apply to my games and onto myself. The number one people that I am accountable to are the fans of Twilight, and I will not let any of them down.

9.      Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well my Myspace provides information about myself. I can add that I am a huge Twilight fan, and I watch the movie every single night before I go to sleep. When you’re developing a game you’re pretty much married to the project for at least a good year or two. I hold Twilight very close to my heart.

10.     Any messages to Twilight fans?

Don’t ever sacrifice who you are for the happiness of others. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your dreams, and never ever back down. Lastly it is my promise that this game will exceed your expectations, and will challenge you on many levels. Lastly thank you to Twilight Lexicon for this awesome interview, and I look forward to hearing all of your feedback on what you would like to see in the game.


  1. At first I was like video game? But after reading the interview I’m actually really interested! 😀

  2. Okay if they do get this game out on the market I won’t ever leave my computer, I just hope they make it for PS2

  3. ShannyKay says:

    A video game would be pretty sweet, but what would you do in the game? I mean there’s vampire baseball and destroying James, but what else? If you weren’t necessarily making an action game I guess it would work… Oh! You could try to target Edward’s face exactly with the Wii Remote for the perfect kiss to win the game! Haha Nah, I’m totally kidding!

    I think it would be really cool to be able to see the Cullen hobbies in even more depth. Shopping for the ultimate, cutest outfit with Alice anyone? haha

    Anyway, I’m down for a Twilight video game – it just has to be done RIGHT.

  4. This sounds really interesting! I would definitely check it out. And great interview … I love that he watches the movie every night before bed!

  5. Hmm – a video game? As much as I completely understand the devotion to the project and that what will be produced will be exceptional quality… I greatly think a video game is definitely not hitting a female teenage market – the video game medium itself is really cutting out a very big portion of the fan base, and this project very much comes off as CAPTIALISING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S FAME/STATUS/IDEAS like a huge effort to make lots of money for yourself. Twilight is not a ‘gamey’ thing – its a book and movie. They both make people want to read more books and see more movies. A video game is lame in itself that i think people will think the Twilight saga has gone too far, and the game will not make video games ‘cool’ again because of Twilight. Sorry, just an opinion.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Under fair use laws that protect educational projects he is protected. As long as he is not going to try to sell this item and is handing over the completed it(since it is movie based) to Summit he is within the confines of the law.

      It’s the same theory where a 5th grade teacher can ask his/her class to come dressed as their favorite character from literature and give an oral book report as that character. It’s for a non-commercial educational purpose that furthers the learning of the individual.

    • higgin704 says:

      I disagree. I am a 36 year old working mother, and I love playing video games. My 7th and 5th grade daughters also love to play video games. So much so that I have to put time limits on it in the summer. Both girls love racing and game board kind of games (I don’t know gaming lingo, but an example is Mario Party 7) as well as age appropriate adventure games like Paper Mario (sense a trend here). The older daughter also liked the Harry Potter video games, but felt they were too difficult for her and gave up on them.

      I think if done well, video games would very much appeal to teen and pre-teen girls.

  6. I am eager to see your work Brandon and thanks for being such a huge fan. I think you will do a wonderful job since you have been putting alot of research already into your project. Its nice to know that there will still be “life” after all is said and done with the Twilight saga movies and books. This video game will just keep the fans “energized” if they want to be. Good luck to you.

  7. I’m a girl who’s a fan of The Sims 2&3, as well as GTA games and Fable and the like, so I don’t think this is a ploy to make money or whatever. I’m a girl and I’d totally buy an Xbox just to play this game! I love that boys are so devoted to it as well, makes me feel like Twilight isn’t just some huge girly thing.

    • I agree. Im a girl who grew up on Mario Brothers and love video games. But I also think guys would like this game. Who wouldnt want to role play as a kick ass vampire! I would especially love it if the game were to expand to more than just the Twilight movie and also include New Moon and Eclipse. Werewolves,motorcycles,vampire wars and the Volturi…AWESOME!!! I honestly cant wait to see what he makes! 🙂

  8. A Twilight video game sounds interesting and I would definitely play it. I’m glad Brandon is a big fan of the series and he loves Breaking Dawn too. It’s my favorite book behind the first one and I’m glad more guys are opening their minds to give the series a chance and read it.

  9. SweetImpakt says:

    I’m a girl, and I love playing games. I have a PS3 and a lot of games + an Xbox. And I don’t only play games such as the sims. I also play shooters, rpg’s and racing games.And still, I’m a very girly girl. I like pink,make up and clothes. A lot.
    I would give the game a try.

  10. love2dream says:

    As a big fan of Myst (we would sit around the computer as a family and play together) I think Twilight would lead itself wonderfully to a similar game. We aren’t talking Resident Evil or Mario Cart here. I’m so excited to see this!
    My advice. Read Midnight Sun (especially for what vampire hobbies are and what they do at night). And please, make your bible the books not the movies. I have a million more ideas, but they won’t fit here.

  11. TwilightRulez14 says:

    that sounds pretty awesome! omg!!! they should make it for wii with the baseball and fighting and stuff! thatd be awesome!!

  12. that is so cool that he is making a video game! thanks brandon.

  13. Alice Kiki Cullen says:

    Sweet this could be cool. MAKE IT FOR PLAYSTATION 2 OR NINETNDO DS!!! I HATE XBOX AND I WILL NOT BUY ONE! I didnt do for Naruto sure as heck not doing it even for Twilight. That is the only request I have. Lol. Oh and can you do it so I can be Alice and Rip James’ head off? Please? Lol.

  14. wow! ive always wondered if someone was going to make a twilight video game, and finally someone is! I can’t wait to see what the game is going to be like, it sounds like its going to be really neat! CAN’T WAIT!! <3

  15. iam a guy who likes the books but a video game would be so cool i hope they make them for playstation3 (ps3)

  16. This really got me interested.I can’t wait to see how it will turn out.

  17. I can see it like the game Indigo Prophecy…Interesting.

  18. Team Jasper says:

    A twilight game would be so awesome! It would make a good Wii game. I would especially like it if you could play as all the Cullens and Bella. I would love to be able to use Jasper, Alice and Edwards special powers! I can’t wait!

  19. You know at first I was terrified of a Twilight video game. I’m a big fan of games like Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series. So, I was not sure how it would work out, what you would do. I have to say now I’m interested though. LOL. I think Stephenie should be brought into this too. That would be cool, especially to know what the vamps do in their spare time. I also think maybe the game should take place after Breaking Dawn with a new story. That way Bella’s a vampire and has her power. And also that way, there are the vampires, shape shifters, real werewolves, (though they are almost extinct, I really want to see them)and the hybrids. I’d really also love to play as the Denali Coven some. Anyway, I think it should totally include a vampire football game like the one Edward missed in Midnight Sun. I think if all of the books were included, and maybe some of the extras and outtakes from Stephenie’s site this could be amazing. And you know some Forever Dawn could be good to include too. Who wouldn’t want to play Bella when she’s acting like Superman trying to help J. Jenk’s assistant, Max? I wish this game the best of luck.

  20. BellaNicole says:

    I’m a big time Sims player. I just recently purchased The Sims 3 and I play it as soon as I get any free time. I’d be willing to at least try out a Twilight video game.

  21. i love the part of the interview were he says
    “Don’t ever sacrifice who you are for the happiness of others. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your dreams, and never ever back down.”
    lol thats going on my myspace.
    i just hope the game isent over priced
    but ill still probibly get it

  22. Prince2wolves says:

    I wonder if you get to play as Jacob, a Quileute werewolf, or a child of the moon, a true werewolf? That would be so amazing if you can.

  23. coool i cant wait till they make a real vdeogame of twilight so i can play it.yours seems cool too

  24. I can’t wait for the game to come out!!!!It sounds awesome!!!!Brandon Gardner, if you read this, I think the game with be a hit! maybe you can also let the players be Bella too. She’s my favorite character and would love to experience her life in a game.:-)

  25. I’m also writing a book. Email me if you would like to read about it!!
    Ask me anything about the book or comment on it!!

  26. plz make it for gamecube!.. i would also like to be able to play all of the characters like esme, carlisle, edward, bella, jacob, jasper, alice, emmet, rosalie, an renesme and put the volturi in their and dont forget the cars, and i want to be able to go in the houses,, make it very realistic and detailed if you can.. and you should do all the books.. in game and make it a long game and put all the details that r in the books into..

  27. I only recently completed my secondary studies and it has suddenly set in that I have absolutely no idea of the career route i’m going to choose. I have always been a “straight A” student, but now that i’ve experienced almost a year in the real world, I feel that I have been focusing too much on unattainable goals. I feel it’s come to a point where i’m goint to have to seek out some kind of career help or something of that nature to guide me in the right direction. Has anyone here gone through an ordeal like this?


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