Three Cheers For Lauren’s Bite

The Lauren’s Bite Blog, home of Pocket Edward, is celebrating it’s 100th post. Lauren is celebrating with bunches of giveaways, so go over and check her out!

She just posted a new Lost meets Twilight (and about 10 other fandoms thrown in) parody using action figures. Of course Pocket Edward features in several places.


  1. That’s funny. Kinda weird, but I couldn’t keep from laughing.

  2. That was so funny, I actually cried with laughter…
    Edward eating Harry..Classic…

  3. Twilighter14 says:

    umm the whole edward thing was kind of dumb

  4. Weird but funny…. Oh yeah! I got a pocket Edward for my birthday! Hahahaha! Friend gave him to me since we’re always fighting as to who gets him (though now I’ve kind of moved on to Jasper) LOL

  5. Twilight Nymph says:

    HA HA HA, that was funny. I mean yeah Edward was weird but still funny, specially the whole “Cedric, Cedric, I can’t believe you survived the graveyard!” LMAO

  6. HAHA!!
    And the whole time travel and gun thing is so true. But that didn’t look like Saiid to me.

    • I know it was the guy from heroes mohinder!
      I dont think they made a saiyd doll.
      It was still really

  7. Wooo Cedric is back and alive lol. Poor Harry was mistaken and got eaten by Edward.

  8. Rachel A. says:

    One word: Hilarious!!! I am a huge fan of Lost and this was so funny!!!

  9. hehehe go Edward! I haven’t taken him form his box yet I’m going good.. i just can’t imagine breaking the packaging! I really wanted to open it while watching that!!

  10. mananda says:

    That was funny. I’ve never even watched Lost and I liked it. 🙂

  11. Magiclily says:

    Haha, exactly my feelings, i watched nearly every lost episode, and still i don’t get the story. after the second season everything got weird…..

    oh edward, how could you flirt with that hero’s bitch?
    shame on you!

  12. Switzerland says:

    when harry potter came up, i peed my pants !!
    that was SO funny!!!

  13. good lord that was funny.

    Especially the ohmygodmybeard! thing from Jack. haha

    and when they made edward sparkle. It looked better than the actually movie sparkle (which..just looked like sweat.)

    And Locke was the best looking actionfigure thingie person.

  14. Jack was spot-on…the frenzied panic in his voice and his bushy beard…hilarious!!!

  15. Rachel M&M /RachelStar13 says:

    Parodies got 2 love em they get things right sometimes- The sparkle of a vamp, The Harry Wizard, The Cheerleaders real TV attitude, the fuzzy to big for face Beard, the crazy clown, the arm stretch room in the coffin, all the things that add to our weird since of entertainment

  16. flippin hilarious lol

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