New Moon Behind the Scenes

The Kyle and Jackie O Show had New Moon outtakes. TY to multiple people.


  1. Kathleen says:

    weeee! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Taylor is how old? heh heh…..

    • He’s only 17..I feel too old

      • Luthien says:

        Geez, I’m old enough to be his grandmother! Yeah, but I still remember being 17! And I’m never going to be too old to appreciate how amazing he looks! Love the long hair look too…I’m a sucker for guys with long hair. And talk about athletic! Very nice!

      • It feels so wrong and dirty crushing over him! Oh when he comes of age though FAIR GAME! Haha, JK.

  3. Taylor, Rob, and Kristen all look AMAZING! I’m so exited for this movie! Taylor’s arms are HUGE! They’re like my step-dads, who’s muscles are as big as my friends leg, and he’s a firefighter!

  4. Rob has the cutest smile I have ever seen… it is so sweet and innocent looking…

  5. I love how Rob is the “preview picture” for the video yet he’s only seen for like 5 seconds… ;D

  6. taylor looks soooo hawt in this oommggg i cant waaiittt…

  7. That showed me everything but nothing at all, does anyone understand what I’m saying? I’m unfulfilled but content at the same time after watching that. Jacob’s wig is so much better.

  8. Rachel M&M /RachelStar13 says:

    Kristen, Rob & Taylor, Look at them they love what there doing and there passion just bursts on the screen, New Moon can only be perfect with this much commitment! Why must we wait till Nov. 20th, (161 days 2hrs and 4mins) thank heavens for all the cheat clips

  9. Love it. …Is it just me or does Taylor look like Fabio?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha

  10. shinyredvolvo says:

    its looking sooo good! just like what I thought it would be but better.

  11. awww everyone looks amazing!
    rob is gorgeousss
    taylor is too
    aww i cant freaking wait

  12. ily taylor!! hes so cute <3
    can’t wait till new moon!!

  13. Wow, if they roll out one of these every week, until November…I just might be okay.

  14. cristina says:

    ok! lol even though it shows Rob for like 5 seconds, he looks sooo beautiful. That smile is so Edward! He is so georgeous!

  15. switzgal says:

    So cool. Love that they are even Taylor how to fix a bike… LOL!! They are all taking this more seriously than Twilight (at least it seems like it) Maybe it’s the director. Chris Weitz obviously has read reviews by fans and knew a lot were disappointed in the first flim and is sticking to the book more closely. I hope David Slade take note of this too.

    Taylor is soo cute!!!!

  16. woohooo… look at those arms! Way to go taylor!!

  17. They have Jacob’s garage in the movie?!

  18. lindarenee says:

    oh that balcony jumping scene gets me every time.
    damn taylor is hot.

  19. what’s up with jake’s tatoo???

  20. Natasha says:

    They all look COLD!!!!! The things actors do for a paycheck!! (Will have to remember, if tempted to criticise acting after I see the film, that it’s hard to speak clearly, move fluidly and appear naturally warm if you are in reality turning blue, your teeth are chattering and your joints have seized!!) Despite the weather, it looks like a relaxed and fun set to be on. Can’t wait for the film. Roll on November. Hope there is reason to see Rob’s gorgeous smile on screen too. Can’t think of too many happy Edward moments in NM but they could squeeze one in couldn’t they???? Here’s hoping.

  21. WOW!! 20th Nov cant come soon enough!!
    My favorite part..the last 6 seconds ๐Ÿ™‚ Edward/Rob was looking fine, What a smile!! *swoon*

  22. thehtic says:

    can someone explain what video shows? video wont play on my phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. ScarletRubie says:

    I love the girl who says, like right when Rob comes out, “Gonna get ya!” LOL, i have no idea why the girl says it but it makes me ROFL.

  24. NGroves says:

    Aww..TL is so cute. That long wig doesn’t look natural but hey…love the, what’s with that tribal tattoo? I guess it’s the same thing with The Cullens’s family symbol that they all wear. Not original from the book.
    Me too, like the the last 5 seconds. I’m still smiling from ear to ear now..Oh, Edward..Bring more like that and I’ll be happy all the way to Nov..

  25. thparkle says:

    ScarletRubie, I know I laugh my arse off when I hear that girl say I’m gonna get ya! LOL! And Rob looks pretty smitt’n with Kristen there…awww so cute! That smile was so Edward BTW (jeez, w/o even trying!)

  26. Savannah says:

    Oh my God…Taylor’s muscles are HUGE. Hallelujah.
    is it november yet?!

  27. NM in brief:
    Birthday party disaster.
    Breakup from hell.
    Lost in woods.
    Wakes up; goes to movies with Jessica.
    Hangs at Jacob’s.
    Encounters Laurent.
    Wolves protect Bella from Victoria.
    Alice takes her to Italy and steal Porsche.
    Finds Edward in Volterra.

    OK, so far, there are clips and/or stills of EVERY main plot scene already out there. The only thing that hasn’t been leaked is the Volturi session and the final bit w/Edward and Bella!

    (Of course, I’ve watched it all anyway.)

    • switzgal says:

      You forgot movie with Mike and Jacob. They filmed that scene for sure.

      • Yeah, but at least we haven’t SEEN it yet!
        My point was that every major scene has already been leaked, if not in a clip then in stills.

        You could string together the clips/stills of the list above that are already out there, and you pretty much have the movie…

    • You forgot the cliff scene! I’, looking forward to that one!

  28. Wow!!! love to see these kind of behind the scene clips because it makes me feel part of it and they look amazing!!! They must have LOTS of fun making movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I NEED some MTV weekly intervention. What happend to the hope of New Moon Mondays? are we going to get a weekly fix? or what?

  30. Michelle says:

    what an amazing smile…hmm i
    cant believe i didnt really notice it in harry potter. maybe its the whole edward character but even still thats his smile and it is O-SO breathtaking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Love the out takes, but I am curious about one thing. Hopefully someone will have the answer. Why does Jacob have a massive tattoo on his right arm? Is it a “werewolf” thing?

  32. exciteddd ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Nice outtakes.

  34. how fun! I wish I could work on a movie set…very interesting!!!

  35. Dang, Taylor looks to be in insane shape and he does look older like he should. Great job getting him to stay with Jacobs looks.


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