Taylor Lautner: Metro Canada Interview

MetroCanada is continuing their five-part series with an interview with Taylor Lautner.  They are proming that tomorrow’s interview will be with director Chris Weitz.

Q. What’s your most exciting scene in “New Moon”?

A. It’s so hard to choose. Like I said, I really enjoy the stunts so I had a lot of fun doing the dirt bike sequences. I got to hop on the bike and go really fast and come to a skidding stop. It’s really cool. And I also like a lot of the more serious scenes, the pivotal scenes in the movie, like Jacob and Bella’s breakup scene, which is the first time Bella sees Jacob after he has transformed into a wolf. And it’s really emotional. I felt bad for Jacob just reading the books, but now that I’m actually living this character, I feel so bad for the guy! It’s really sad.

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