Twilight Cast Signed Ottoman Up For Bid

Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, and Robert Pattinson signed an ottoman that was used as a celebrity seat at Vancouver’s Fashion Week. Their signatures joined those of other celebrities.

The Ottoman is now being auctioned off to raise money for the David Suzuki Foundation. The foundation is concerned with various environmental issues like global warming.

You can place your bid on Ebay. Currently the going price is $500 (Canadian Dollars)…and you have to be a Canadian to bid on it! So Canadians, you don’t have to worry about outside bidders!


  1. hrf

  2. I wonder who made the hand print turkey? I can’t enlarge the pic enough to see. I remember doing that in elementary school. funny!

    • It looks like the first letters of the name are K and S….so maybe it was Kristen!

      • You’re right! It could be Kristen! …if the turkey was wearing chucks, we’d know for sure. (looks like there could be a KS in the next square over, though.) I was looking at it on my cell phone earlier, so now that I see it bigger, it’s not really a hand print turkey after all. I guess I was just projecting! so I’m just going to pretend it is a hand-print turkey and that Kristen did do it, because I think she’s that kind of awesome

  3. I’m not that rich.

  4. kristen is to the right of the hand…. where’s rob? third square?

  5. It's a lifestyle not an obsesstion says:

    Looks like scibble bed I can’t realy ralead cursive buy rob and kristen touched it so I’ll buy it

  6. It's a lifestyle not an obsesstion says:


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