Plan Out Your Twilight Birthday

The folks over at Celebrations who recently came up with a Twilight themed Valentine’s Day celebration have now come up with birthday ideas.

Just for starters they have various drink ideas for both the over and under 21 crowd:

Must Have Twilight Party Drinks:

  • Apple Beer: This nonalcoholic beer comes in a bottle adorned with black label and red apple front and center – just like the first book in the Twilight series.
  • Red Apple Martinis: Create a red apple martini to honor Twilight (recipe in the drinks section of this article). To create a bloody great drink, dip the top of the martini glass in a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring, allowing the excess to slightly drip down the sides of the glass like blood.
  • Red non-alcoholic punch: Simply pour Hawaiian red soda into a large punch bowl and float ice and apples in the bowl – it’s perfect for the underage or designated drivers who still want to partake in the Twilight birthday revelry.


  1. Shayla! says:

    I actually already had my birthday and it was twilight themed! It was my 18th! Unfortunately it was like 3 weeks before the movie came out on DVD so we watched Interview with a Vampire!! We decorated our own cupcakes with red, black, and White frosting instead of a cake! For decorations, I got spray glitter, draped the walls with black crepe paper and sprayed it so it gave the sparkley vamp effect! Them I put ip posters of the characters everywhere! I also had plastic martini glasses with sparkling cider dyed red on a table covered in apples. Then I put bottled sodas chilled with ice in one of those plastic Halloween cauldrons! (that was my friend matts idea!) oh and I also found these really cool twilight themed Sweet Hearts at blockbuster!! Don’t know if they still sell them but u could try and find them! For games I had pin the tail on the Jacob! I also had bobbing for apples in ice cold water! Its a little more challenging with freezing water and it symbolizes Edwards skin! We also had rock band just cuz its a fun party game in general!! And, finally, I asked guests to come dressed as either their favorite twilight character, other vampires from other stories they like, or create their own! I, ofcourse, was Bella! So, there is some ideas! Hope this helps!!

  2. Rachel M&M /RachelStar13 says:

    I had a wonderful Twilight themed Birthday party @ the movies when it was still n theatres. We had the theater rented, Red Drinks, movie meals, Twilight Vampire scanned Birthday Cake, twilight pins, keychains, and Tees. Recently Chips Dialysis nurse did the same with her home theatre and renting a batting cage, Even my Niece who is getting married this Saturday Incorporated the Twilight theme N2 her wedding with songs, special Twilight inspired centerpieces, ambiance lighting, Color pallet, Specialty drinks, Twilight inspired Cake, & a bit of a prom theme!

  3. Alu Rathbone says:

    I’m planning a Twilight Ball/Edward and Bella’s wedding (reception) to hopefully take place next June… The ideas I got from this have given me inspiration and have dropped the current cost of this shindig!

  4. Good to know I finally got my theme for my birthday next month. I was thinking of having a cake with the Cullen Crest on it but I’m glad I could serve those martini’s I’ll be 23 next month. My friends and I are having a Twilight night after a day getting pedicures.

  5. hahaha.. ironically this article comes out the day of my b-day.. :p
    i had a twilight dvd release party at my house.. and would have loved to have arranged a twilight themed party (ala new moon teaser trailer bday scene..) one word…gorgeous!! but instead spent watching mtv movie awards with my friends for like the hundredth time.. along with the teaser itself the thousandth time.. and twilight movie for like the millionth time.. lol..oh well.. maybe next time?.. or halloween anyone?!
    p.s- these are good ideas.. but i should probably still wait 2 more years for me to legally drink alcohol.. lol..

  6. Hey!

    Thanks so much for the link! We hope you all enjoy the party =D.

    Yay for Twilight!

  7. Alice Cullen says:

    the best thing that happened to fiction was someone like stephenie meyer. rocking site here guys but a few more things can be added to make it much cooler. please get some ideas for my sweet 16th. i kinda want it themed on twilight. weird but i like it that much…so help! 🙂

  8. pinkprincess says:

    hey i am trying to find a website to bye Twilight party decoration i have no luck if anyone can tell me where they find lots of decoration or there decoration for there party i would be so happy plz…. the party is next month thanks…..

  9. hey these are ok suggestions. but then kinda are boring. considering that alot of people cant drink and then also its not a lot of decoration ideas but whatevz.

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  11. Sometimes it is hard to think of a Birthday Idea, most of the time i want something which is both funny and sentimental.*’:

  12. Sometimes it is hard to think of a Birthday Idea, most of the time i want something which is both funny and sentimental..*’

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  17. my mom never comes short of a great birthday idea on my birthday. .


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