Taylor Lautner’s Early Dance Moves

Taylor, more so than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seems to have grown up under candid video spotlight. EXTRA has unearthed some classic Taylor footage, and shots from an upcoming photoshoot. After seeing it we only had one thought, “When is Dancing With the Stars going to come calling?” If Shawn Johnson can win it, why not a guy with similar acrobatic talents?


  1. haha! hes so cuuute! ;))
    look at him.. he has no idea that hes goona ba THE taylor some day.. haha! xD

  2. _obsessed_ says

    haha woooh hes pretty good but its just so adorable. lil taylor is sooo cutiie pie 😀 pfthaha

  3. i gotta say that was the cutest little thing ever.=)

  4. That was absolutely adorable! I wonder if he can still dance like that. 🙂

  5. aw i love him! he’s so effin cute!
    question for the ladies at the lex:

    1. do you guys know when you’ll be able to share with us the footage from when ya’ll were on set? (patiently waiting lol)

    2.just in case you missed it, in the above comments there is someone linking to a book they’re attempting to sell, based on jacob and nessie..im sure this is illegal.

  6. OME !!! Hes way cute I just want to take him home and hide him under my bed ! He was so small and smiley its cute !!

  7. What a great video. He is such a talented guy. I think he is going to be so great in “New Moon”. I’m sure all of the teenage girls are swooning but I think he’s going to be a great actor someday. I agree with Ashley Renee; I’m a bigger fan of movie Jacob than book Jacob. We love you Taylor.

  8. Sweetdevil says

    He is soooooo cute 😀 omg :D:D

  9. He is such a cute little person then! AWW! lol

    I knew he had talent, but i didnt’t realise how varied it was… It’s freaky watching such a little Taylor dancing so perfectly like that :O:O

  10. hahahaha awwww thats sooo cutee!!!:)

  11. CullenChik says

    I seriously loved this video. It made me smile. I love TL as our Jacob.

  12. He looks so cute there! And wow,he’s so good!

  13. Little Tay Tay! I love you so! God, he was so presh when he was tiny…now he’s quite hot, haha.

  14. Anonymous says

    I like this boy more and more every day.

  15. cutie..awwww….<3

  16. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO FREAKING FUNNY!!!! I laughed my ass off! The best thing is just the look on his face through the whole thing. He’s soo into it!!! I love how much passion he puts into everything he does! He is not self conscious, he goes all the way. It’s great!!!! I love it!!!

  17. misslelie says

    !!!!! I adore him!!!<3 hes so young ther eh?? Hes really good too!!! That was probably a little b4 or after sharkboy&lavagurl. Hes totally confident…love it.<3

  18. gosh i think rob is a cool guy but i have been updated and he relly needs to make up his mind and chose the right path to take!!!

  19. Your post Twilight Lexicon » Taylor Lautner’s Early Dance Moves was very interesting when I found it over google on Thursday by my search for sharkboy. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  20. He can still flip. I saw that in a photos shoot video online. He is so adorable isn’t he. What a ham…did you see him cheesin’ into that camera. LOL!!!

  21. I think that Taylor Lautner did fabulous when he does those flips,and back flips (i wish i could do that someday).you are so awesome Taylor keep up the great work!!!!! you rock man!!!! I wish Bella would pick team Jacob instead of team edward.you are the Bom!!!did you practice when you did those backflips? we love you so much on what you do on your newest movie TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!see ya later I already saw the twilight saga new moon twice(2)on the same weekend!!! Taylor have you had an chance to go see twilight already I love you


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