Taylor Lautner’s Early Dance Moves

Taylor, more so than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seems to have grown up under candid video spotlight. EXTRA has unearthed some classic Taylor footage, and shots from an upcoming photoshoot. After seeing it we only had one thought, “When is Dancing With the Stars going to come calling?” If Shawn Johnson can win it, why not a guy with similar acrobatic talents?


  1. Melissa says:

    I thought the video was going to be of Taylor dancing? Sad banana.

    • Melissa says:

      Nvm, looks like the got the first video replaced with the correct one. Hooray!

  2. Team Twilight says:

    He’s AMAZING!!! I dance too. We’re made for each other xD

  3. Jessica says:

    He’s to tiny!!!!! This must have been taken a long time ago!

  4. I don’t know whether to be impressed or to say awwwh! he’s completely adorable XD

  5. Martina says:

    I think he just had a major growth sprt. I mean that song was out like 3 or 2 years ago.

  6. Christine says:

    Nah, the song was out at least 5 years ago (2004-ish), so he was, what, 12 or 13? He’s a cutie pie.

    • twihard 4eva says:

      what song is it and who is it by? i kno the song…crud. i cant think of it… someone help me out?

  7. thpakle says:

    Haha he had a major growth spurt…that’s so very Jacob of him. LOL!
    He’s so cute here awwwe!

  8. twilight4evr says:

    <3 taylorr

  9. Twilighter14 says:

    i never liked him when he was little but i do now lol and it may or may not….ok it has to do with his jacob transformation! lol but i liked him a little wen twilight came out

  10. Taylor your soooooo cute….(-;

  11. OMG if he was to be on DWTS I would die! Thats my favorite show… and to have my Jacob on there would be beyond phenomenal!!!

    *Note to self* Send mass amount of letters to DWTS to cast Taylor!

  12. this was cute :]

  13. LOL. Wow! He’s good!

  14. mrsmkeyman says:

    woww! hes good(: i wonder if he still is?

  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *kidnaps Taylor Lautner* You are sooooooo adorable!!! Damn that boy can dance!

  16. He looks like he’s having so much fun haha. I’m envious of how naturally all the flips and stuff seems to come to him. Wish my mom had forced me to stick with gymnastics sometimes, I tell ya.

  17. he is so cute! little taylor haha

  18. Speaking of Taylor, Twilight fans should by J&N (Jacob and Nessie) A Love Story.

    It’s the fifth book written by ME 🙂

    • little_one says:

      Isn’t this kinda illegal — publishing what is, essentially, fanfiction for monetary gain?

    • A083083 says:

      This is illegal!

      • uh hello? are you retarded? i hope the lex sees this, so they can take that link off!

      • aw i love him! he’s so effin cute! 🙂
        question for the ladies at the lex:

        1. do you guys know when you’ll be able to share with us the footage from when ya’ll were on set? (patiently waiting lol)

        2.just in case you missed it, in the above comments there is someone linking to a book they’re attempting to sell, based on jacob and nessie..im sure this is illegal.

    • Yeah, totally illegal.

      And it’s been reported to Amazon, Little Brown, and Meyers’s pit bull brother, Seth.

      It’s one thing to post a fic story on your website, it’s quite another to try making money off another writer’s work on Amazon. Look up Lori Jareo sometime.

      Try reading the CreateSpace rules next time. They have some interesting things to say about copyright infringement that apply YOU.

  19. bahahahha that’s so presh! I bet Dancing with the Stars would ask him to do it if it doesn’t conflict with filming… it would definitely get their ratings up!!!

  20. Chela85 says:

    Gah, why is he so amazing hahahahahaha!!!!! Tiny Taylor is super cute =)

  21. hahaha I love taylor..thatd just made my day

  22. TwilightFan9 says:

    This is another reason I feel so uck after seeing the picture of Taylors, *ahem* that is floating around online. He’s still a kid! Atleast compared to me haha.

  23. aww! What a cutie! My boyfriends baby sister apparently has a big crush on Shark Boy. I think current Taylor is a little too grown up for her, but I think in a few years she’ll be all over Jacob.

  24. AWWWWW!! He is so cute!! Dang, He can dance I wish I could do that!!! Dang!!

  25. AWW! He so adorable. I so love when he was a little kid and even more now.

  26. switzgal says:

    What a cutie pie!! He’s so good and he had that smile on his face the whole time!!

  27. Switzerland says:


  28. what a little cutie!

  29. ham up that camera Taylor. lol… he’s just all bubble gum and awesome flips in that vid.

  30. Ashley Renee says:

    Ha, I am so Team Edward…

    But damn Taylor, he’s such a cutie! lol. I’m definitely a bigger fan of movie-Jacob then book-Jacob. 🙂

  31. Melissa says:

    Adorable. XD

    When are we going to be able to see the footage from when you guys went on the set?
    It’s been WEEKS.

  32. Sterling Snow says:

    That’s so cuuute!!! He’s so good, and you could see he was just having a blast the whole time. Gotta love Mini Tay 🙂

  33. Carmelli says:

    TWILIGHTLEXICON! new italy set pictures!


    check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Shelley says:

    He looks so young and adorable :] awww

  35. Aww OMG that’s sooooo cute! 😀

  36. Melanie says:

    Ugh Makes me wan to throw up. I never really like Taylor as Jacob and this just makes it worse.

  37. aww he’s adorable! but this vid is definately not helping me feel any better about liking him lol i was finally getting over the whole “he’s only 17” thing, then you post this vid??? now i feel gross again hahaha oh well, i guess i’ll just fixate on rob =P

  38. <3. This just brightened my day.

  39. la la land says:

    heheeeee..thats nice.
    ..i never even knew HE was shark boy, wow it makes the movie seems old

  40. Lissete says:

    He seems much more modest and humble now! Haha. He wont even show us his abs nowadays. XD

  41. kellan fan says:

    is this around the time of cheaper by the dozen 2?

  42. OH MY GOD! he’s so good! is it just me or does that look like the rehearsal studio for so you Think You Can Dance? i hope he gets on Dancing with the Stars-that would be so cool! that just made me happy 🙂

  43. Aww he’s so cute. I just want to fold him up and put him in my pocket and feed him M&Ms all day.

  44. Suzanne says:

    Who sings this song?

  45. tinabina says:

    soo cute!! got some great dance moves and he’s incorporated some of his martial arts as well….awesome!

  46. Ashleigh says:

    Oh my he’s such a cutie in that!


    Man he can dance, wonder if his skills have improved since then?

  47. lindarenee says:

    he just got hotter with age.
    im quite envious of those dance skills.


  49. Catherine says:

    aww baby taylor! wow and he’s so confident, he’s got like the whole persona thing going on lol


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