Michael Sheen In Empire

Michael Sheen gave a brief interview to Great Britian’s Empire magazine,

“I had a great time. It was nice to go in and not be playing the main part, just go in for a few days and play this really really extraordinary character. I remember I was thinking, ‘Oh, there’s a bit of a Child Catcher here [from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]; bit of the Blue Meanie from The Yellow Submarine; bit of Olivier from Richard III. There was a bit of all kinds of stuff.”

Additionally, Michael had nothing but good things to say about his American co-stars.

Just yesterday Michael (who is posing with daughter Lily, who is proudly holding her dad’s OBE medal)received his OBE from Queen Elizabeth II. The BBC has a great video of Michael receiving the honor where he has a grin that makes him look like an incredibly please 12-year-old…meeting the queen does that to you.


  1. Danislytherin says:

    Beautiful picture, She looks so proud and she so cute, and I really like him, he is Awesome( share everything in Twitter, with his fans), extremely talented Actor! He deserve this!

  2. BCullen24 says:

    Awww! That is such a cute picture :)It’s awesome that he liked his role as Aro. He is a great actor!

  3. Jane R. says:

    Aww that’s so sweet, she looks so much like Michael. Congrats on receiving such a prestigious award!

  4. i heart micheal sheen

  5. mschicklet says:

    OMG his daughter looks EXACTLY like Kate Beckinsale (Lily’s mom, Michael Sheen’s ex wife).

    • When I see Lily and Kate in a picture together, they look a lot a like but when I see Lily with Michael I see all Michael in her… She’s absolutely adorable either way!

  6. Meeting the Queen? What a great honor. He seems very happy. Congrats Michael Sheen!

  7. That is so great for him! Congratulations Michael!

  8. shareen says:

    She’s so adorable!! Congrats to Michael.

  9. What a great picture. Congratulations on your award. I am so excited that he is playing the part of Aro. This just makes me more excited to see New Moon.

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