Behind the Scenes: Seeing Double

The German Twilight site Forks Bloodbank had the opportunity to interview the body doubles of both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. They have even been kind enough to translate their interview into English for us. You just have to scroll all teh way down to see it.

“Sundown over Montepulciano and Piazza San Francesca. It’s getting colder, darker and a stormy breeze is blowing over the city. Red flags for the St. Marcus Day celebration are fluttering in the storm. What an environment to end our trip to Montepulciano with an unexpected highlight: Azzurra Russo and Alan Cappelli, body doubles of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for the “New Moon”-Shoot in Italy, have agreed to do an interview with us. A little later than expected they’re arriving at our Montepulciano headquarter, Bistro E Lucevan e Stelle. We’re immediately forgiving their delay as we’re hearing of shooting schedules starting around 5am with make-up and dressing, just as the stars’ working days. It’s already around 9pm now and we’re not their last appointment. The production company, temporarily based in Montepulciano’s Fortezza is hosting a party.

It’s “Twilight-Mania” here in the city and it has suddenly approached the actors’ doubles, too. They’re not even seated yet when fans start arriving out of nowhere asking them for autographs and pictures. It seems like they would never be able to join our table and order a Caffe Latte but they finally did. “