Trailer Reaction Deadline Extended

Since YouTube has decided to do major site maintenance and it’s stopping people from uploading and sending their trailer reaction videos, we are extending the deadline by 24 hours.


  1. I seriously love you guys so much right now…

    I uploaded my video like a few minutes ago…I have no idea if it took because it won’t let me in my account…

    I will send it to you guys as soon as I can!!

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Kate :] says:


  3. ZOMG!!!! Thanks you sooooo much!!!!!

  4. YES! Holy moley thankyou so much!!

    Im australian and i dont get home from school untill 4:30.. giving me only about an hour to re film my reaction.. so thankyou so much for extending the dead line!!!

  5. Thank you! It is taking me forever to get this video done.. I finished right when YouTube decided to go down lol

  6. Jazz Fan says:

    Thank you so much! (Not that I was about to freak out about youtube maintenance instead of study for finals or anything…)

  7. The trailer looks awesome! I can not wait for the movie. Has anyone noticed that Edward is wearing the same pants, shirt and shoes in Italy (see shirtless photos) as when he attended Bella’s birthday party? Italy takes place months after Bella’s birthday.

    • WOW amazing observation Steph
      seriously i would have never made that connection
      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Excellent! And in the birthday kiss by Bella’s truck, Edward is wearing a blue shirt under his jacket – so unless he changed which I don’t think he did – that scene does not come at the end of the “Party”. We’re like trailer detectives. LOL

  8. I wonder if it still counts if its my 11th time watching the trailer? Or will it be my 12th? Anyway I react the same way all the time. Trying to contain my screeching, gazing at Rob and Taylor, hyperventilating the whole trailer, sighing deeply, and clicking the replay button once its over.

  9. jackiee says:

    re: steph
    i think edwards wearing the same clothes beacuse hes supposed to be all depressed after he leaves bella etc.
    so i guess yea thats why hes still wearing the same outfit

    • Thats exactly right. He’s so depressed that he doesnt change clothes and stuff because really, its not like he sweats or anything. And ya he is wearing the same clothes at the beginning with her truck, so it does happen after the party like in the book. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Didn’t know where I was supposed to leave this…I will leave it here and the original message I guess..


    20 something/ teen in the 90’s

  11. I am very excited for the movie. Love the birthday kiss scene and the Jasper attack scene. But I have to say, it looks like the werewolf (Jacob) is kind of small. Like the size of a regular wolf or a dog. The werewolves are supposed to be HUGE! That would be a massive disappointment and a big miss if the werewolves are just the size of a big regular dog.

  12. Twilightastical says:

    I’m confused, do we post a video of us watching the video for the first time, or us commenting on the video?

  13. Too bad my webcab doesn’t work and my friend that I watched it with lives across the state ๐Ÿ™ Ha, but if it gives me any credit, I was so excited that I jumped down from the couch and landed on my wrist wrong. And in my typical Bella-like style, I now have a huge fluid knot on my wrist.

  14. I’m gonna have to admit that I was actually crying when it was finished. and i cant wait roe the movie to come out.

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