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In celebration of Stephenie Meyer’s novel The Host’s one year anniversary, various blogs are joining in the celebration for a blog tour. We are the kick-off site.

If you haven’t read The Host check it out. Very much the way that Twilight is a vampire book that non-vampire people like, The Host is a sci-fi book that non-sci-fi people like.

In order to celebrate we have four love letters written by fans between the various characters. The four points of view that we decided to feature were Ian to Wanda, Wanda to Ian, Jared to Mel, and Mel to Jared.

From June

If someone had told me yesterday that getting punched in the face while kissing a girl would be one of the happiest moments of my life, I wouldn’t have believed it. But it was, Mel, because it allowed me to truly believe for the first time that you really were still in there. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, though. If anyone could fight against an alien occupation, you could. You always were stubborn. In a good way, of course.

Mel, I’ve missed you so much. Life just hasn’t been the same since our trio was broke up. Jamie’s willing to accept both you and the soul as a package deal, but I can’t do that. I only want you. I think back on all the wonderful times we shared before you left, and you have no idea how much I want that again. I will never give up hope that you will come back to us, so don’t you dare disappear on me, Melanie Stryder! You have to fight to stay in there until we can get you out, do you hear me? I cannot lose you again.

I love you. Don’t forget that.


From Alicia M

Dear Jared,

I’m sorry. I’ve failed. As I write this, I am hiding from them. It won’t be long now, and I just wanted to say goodbye.
I want you to know that I only did this for our safety, so we could be together without fear for once. Never give up hope—you can find sanctuary anywhere.

I want you to know that, wherever I am, I will always love you. I will try my hardest to make sure they do not find you. It’s the last thing I can do.

When you think of me, I don’t want you to remember this. Remember me in the cabin. I can’t call it home— my home is with you. My whole life revolves around you now. That means don’t you ever, I mean ever, give up. Even with me gone, stay strong, for me. For Jamie. And know that I will always be with you, no matter who they put in my head.
I’m sorry that it had to end this way. We should have been together until the end of our days. I will be waiting for you on the other side.

I love you. Never forget that.

Love, Mel

From Amber

Dear Ian,

I am leaving. I should have told you in person, but I couldn’t bear to say goodbye.

This mind, this body; it’s only big enough for one of us… and it belongs to Melanie. I’ve taken over, something I’ve done to other creatures countless times now; they’re nothing but a host to me. The thing that has changed my way of seeing things is actually having a connection to the previous mind in the host body that refused to let go. Melanie refuses to let go, and I’ve become to love her. She is selfless and amazing. I’ve never seen anything in all of my lifetimes as strong as her. I wish I could say the same for myself.

Ian, I couldn’t say goodbye to you because… I love you. You’ve treated me with such kindness and compassion that creatures like me should have experienced. I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve this body, and I don’t deserve this world.

Ian I love you, and you’ll be the only one that I will lay in my heart. As a soul, I don’t believe in “soul mates”, but if there ever was such a thing, it would be you. Don’t change.

Love, Wanda.

From Kelsey


You said I wouldn’t find you beautiful, and how wrong you were. I held you, you, the soul Wanderer, in my own hands, and I swear I have never seen anything more unique or special than you. You seemed so peaceful, and no one would lay a harmful hand on you. You made them promise, but here love always outweighs promises. I just found you, and it seems I’ve been looking for my entire life. I was not going to just let you go as soon as I found you. They wanted me to pick out your new body, but there is no human on this earth that could even dream of matching your true beauty. You are a wonderful person, full of innocence and knowledge. How you could ever doubt how wonderful you are puts me at a loss for reason. Just know that there is nothing you can tell me that would change my opinion of you. I love you, I always will love you, and nothing is ever going to change that.

With the most sincerest of loves,



  1. CullenChik says

    So, I really LOVE The Host…but I can’t really think about The Host right now because the NM trailor has left me quite incoherent. =) I will be super-excited about this later though, I am sure!

  2. After reading this post I think I need to go out, buy The Host and read it.

    • YES! DO IT!
      This book is amazing, though very long. Its not to sci-fi and has very little techno-sciencey mumbo jumbo. Its more of a Human relationship story than anything else. You’ll like it.

  3. Elizabeth says

    I love this book.
    It shows that Stephenie is way more than a one-hit author and that’s a very important thing for a wirter.
    I remember when I bought this book (the day it came out), i swore to myself that i couln’t love it more than twilight, but I was surprised, I didn’t love it more, but in the same extent, just a different kind of love.
    It is an adult book, and a very good one at that.
    I am a person who can not stand any movies or books of Sci fi but THIS book, it’s my favorite after twilight.

  4. I just recently read The Host and I loved it! Stephenie does such a great job with character development that it just draws you in, well drew me in anyway. I am really hoping that she writes more. Honestly, I hope Stephen Meyer is inspired and has time to write LOTS of stuff – I will happily pay full asking price (which is very out of character for me) for anything she produces.

  5. Rachel L. Morrill-Maharath aka Rachelstar13 says

    HOST – Honestly Obscure Story Transportation, Stephenie did it again but different when she wrote the host she transported us into a new world where we could wonder with Wanda, I look forward to the second part she’s writing. I still pray will get Midnight sun soon two but they say good things come to those who wait so that’s what I’ll do wait n pray. It would B nice to see this book turned n2 a Gone With the Wind type movie with an intermission, we fans would love it & B willing 2 pay extra 4 it. Her writing is so worthy of that kind of specialization & the book is written so that U can’t loose anything unless U want to cheapen the experience and be totally lost in translation

  6. I love the Host.
    This reminds me..I haven’t re-read in a while, which is..over a year since I bought it the day it came out and read it in two days. Kept me awake all night.

    • I know…I’ve been letting all of my friends borrow it, but then I realized that I haven’t even read the book in a while…maybe when I read it again, everything will click faster. 😉

  7. I love these letters. It brings me back. Very beautiful.
    Did anyone else cry when they read this book?
    I did ALOT.

  8. i loved the host. it took me a while to get into it but i really did after a while! I even got my dad to read it now

  9. I love The Host – I think it’s maybe better than Twilight.

    I love the letters. They’re beautiful and made me almost about to cry. Like I did in the book… I think I cried a lot more in The Host than in New Moon 😛


  10. These are great letters. Kudos to the authors! I love The Host. I love Twilight but The Host is on an entirely different level. Stephenie does an amazing job with character development. I haven’t been able to let go of them. I cried from the middle of the book on too. It was amazing!

  11. I cried when I read The Host, too. And while it’s a different book from the Twilight series, I think Stephenie was exploring many of the same themes in it as she did in Breaking Dawn. The ideas of one body truly loving two different men, the protective nature of women (for their offspring in Breaking Dawn or in The Host, little brothers), willingness to sacrifice, both books have a strong older male character who gives advice, etc. Just give it a try.

  12. I enjoyed The Host but took awhile to get in it. I
    guess I like fantast better than sci-fi because its a easier read. Once there tho it was awesome. These letters are amazing. So much talent out there.

  13. I adore this book! I was just rereading it the other day. I’d enjoy a sequel at some point. Can’t get enough Wanderer/Ian ^_^

  14. Peace.Love.Twilight. says

    These letters were excellent! Kudos to the very talented authors!

    The Host is definitely on my top ten book list (as well as the Twilight saga) because it made me honestly FEEL for each of the individual characters, which is really hard to do! Kudos to Stephenie Meyer on not only making me love her characters but allowing me to read an adult Sci-Fi book (and let me tell you i HATE sci-fi…but this book was different)!!

    Man this really makes me want her to write DHN!! Please?!

  15. I love the Host! This makes me want to open it up and read it again. sigh…Ian.

  16. awww, these are all so sweet.

  17. I bought the Host to read after I finished reading the Twilight Saga for the 3rd time and I liked it. I read it when I was in twilight withdrawal. I went back and read the twilight saga again so many more times and I just read the Host again awhile ago. I liked it a lot and did cry toward the end. I still like twilight better but the Host did fill that void for a while, it too would make a good movie.

  18. Amber Cullen says

    I really can’t believe I won. All these other entries are absolutely amazing. Congrats to the other winners!!

  19. Jennifer says

    I agree with Elizabeth (in comment #3). The Host proves SM is a great author (despite what “Sour Grapes Stephen King” had to say {Jealous, much SK???} What a hypocrite!) Anyhoo….it is a great book and it & the Twilight Saga constantly battle for first place on my favorite list. I am ready to reread it…again. 🙂 Just have to be sure I read the last few chapters in private since I bawl like a baby EVERY time I read it!!!

    With that said: I refuse to read the “Love Letters” written by the fans. Sorry: only SM can know what her characters will do/say/think. Leave the writing to her, please!

  20. Alicia M says

    I’m with Amber…I can’t believe I won… All of the other entries are amazing as well. Everyone else is right…Makes me want to read The Host again, even though I just finished it. The Host is equal to Twilight with me. They’re both too amazing to choose one over the other.

  21. mantramnBeauh says

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