Reminder We Want Your Trailer Reactions

You have until 11:59 tonight eastern time to email us a You Tube Clip of you (and possibly friends) reacting to the trailer.  Don’t be shy send it in. We only have a couple so far and since yesterday was our biggest webtraffic day ever, we know you are out there.

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  1. Hopefully I will be able to get my webcam hooked up tonight so I can do this!!! What is it for?

  2. I LOVE THE TRAILER!!!!! It was so good . I love when Jacob turns into a wolf. I just Cant wait for the movie.

  3. Evie LePelley says:

    Me personally I would never do a reaction but boy do i LOVE watching them…Mugglenet had a good turn out when the trailer for HBP came out…utterlly hilarious..come on people!! lol


  4. I WISH i would have recorded my reaction! I think I looked pretty ridiculous.

  5. I LOVED the trailer!!.. specially when Jacob tranforms… I can’t wait for November to be here.

  6. Thank goodness there were no cameras on me while I was watching last night.. like a giddy kid.. and i’m NO kid.. lol.. loved the trailer especially the wolf growl..

  7. I am so glad I didn’t have a camera on me. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Jacob without his shirt on. I am still in awe.

  8. mrsmkeyman says:

    omj i sooo forgot abt this! and my camera was dead! but i was crying, shaking, hyperventalating, all that good stuff crazy obsessed fan chicks do(:
    but they couldve done a little better at the transformation but still awesome!

  9. twilight fan says:

    I think that their was too much light. Twilight was more overcast and that is how it was described in the book. Alot of rain. It look to me like it was not cold but I am sure it was it is just that it look better in twilight you could feel the cold air and overcast and the feeling that it was always wet in Forks. But in the trailer I thought I was watching a movie film in a warmer climate and I was disappointed with that it did not look they way it was described in the book and twilight movie definitely captured that feeling. Maybe Chris Weitz can still fix that. Even when Edward is breaking up with her it look too bright. Today in LA it was overcast and has been for the past few days and it look more like twilight weather that the trailer showed and we are LA California….

  10. I liked it, I thought they did a great job with the short amount of time they had. They just finished filming a few days ago and I’m sure they are still working fast and furious on the CGI stuff. If things aren’t perfect in this clip I’m sure things will be better for the movie. They will fix it. These clips were not sequential, just different scenes linked together for something to show us. There was a good feel to it and the makeup and wardrobe is so much better, especially for the birthday party. I’m pleased.

  11. Becky Williams says:

    I was a little disappointed but I’m sure they need to save the really good stuff for the movie. The birthday party looked pretty cool though.

  12. Twilightastical says:

    OMG! If I had known to do this! I was hypervenalating and my mom kept yelling at me to calm down and I was really mad wen they did the fake one but I was freaking out stadning on the couch wen the real one came on! I was really upset tho how they had him phase in front of her, and since wen duz this all happen in front of Jake’s house?

  13. I don’t have a web-cam so here’s my response!

    I can’t wait to see this clip in full because they cut the best part out!

    You can see that Bella is still looking at her papercut when Edward knocks her back (showing that everything was happening too fast for her eyes) and Emmett is standing by Rosalie on the stairs, but then is noticably absent when Edward looks back at Bella!

    We missed Jasper being held back and fighting to reach Bella AFTER Edward knocks him into the piano!

    Can’t wait.

    It does have a very clean look though… HD effect I suppose. I like it and I’m excited for what’s going to be just a little bit different in everything too. 🙂

  14. K_InTheFlo says:

    I thought the trailer was a little flat. I also agree with the lighting comment. It was too bright. I really liked the house they found in TWILIGHT – that living room just didn’t say CULLEN to me. I’m still looking forward to the movie..but it just didn’t have “the feel” i was hoping for.

  15. edwardaddict1901 says:

    I don’t have a video cam, so i obviously cant film my reaction, but i loved loved loved the trailer! Hey, i found a really good song for New moon, it fits really well.

    go to this page and listen to one more chance.

  16. Was it just me, or did the jacob wolf look a little small? (Awesome trailer overall tho)

  17. Theresa says:

    i agree. after my initial infatuation with the trailer i started to see the living room definitely didnt have the cullen feel nor did the lighting have the forks feel. oh yes they also had too much rouge on lips and cheeks BUT nevertheless, i was enraptured and have watched it at least 25 times so far

    • Michelle says:

      I agree with the make-up comment. In some scenes it’s alright, but in others it’s WAY too glamorous (not just Edward, but Bella, too – wish they would’ve toned it down). Almost an Edward drag-queen! Oi. The CGI was cheesy, but I’m hoping that’s just due to the fact that filming wrapped so recently… I would’ve liked to see a bit more realistic wolf… Just my thoughts!

  18. my sister and i were filming our reaction when they did the spoof and we decided we looked horrible so we didnt bother filming our reaction for the real thing. we were in our PJs post showers all ready for bed…not too pretty.

    but man we gasped and cried and oohed and ahhhed and were basically thinking “oh dang!”

  19. hey there,
    im australian, so ill record mine once i get home from school at 4:30, i hope its not too late by the time i get it up.. so please dont exclude my entry!

  20. Loved it. But why are Edward’s lips still so red.
    I thought they would have gotten over that.

  21. Caroline says:

    Oh Man, Im so dissapointed i didnt film my reaction, to the fake one and the real one, although the fake one may have been inappropriate. i thought it was good for having just finished filming, but how can they have jake PHASE IN FRONT OF HER?! i also agree about the lighting. not dark enough, especially with the depression she goes through in this book, and since when does laurent attempt to kill bella in plain site of a random house, and why isnt the whole pack attacking? but nonetheless i was literally screaming when it came on, and i also thought that the birthday party looked amazing, and im sure its going to be incredible by november and i wish it would get her FASTER. lol. I abosolutely can NOT wait to see the film, and I love STEPHENIE MEYER! and the cast! im so excited omygod. p.s. Jake looked pretty dang sexy to. lol.

  22. i think it looked too different. its the same like harry potter. different director and everything has changed. stupid!
    and i didnt like the wolf. they never get it to animate a good wolf except in van helsing…

  23. caandcmsmom says:

    OK, so I didn’t capture my reaction, but it was definitely mixed. I was thrilled to see it and in short I think it’s great overall. Definitely too bright–I hope they capture the feeling of Forks in the final editing. Everyone looked even more beautiful, which I definitely liked, inlcuding Laurent’s eyes–which are much mre obvious. In one scene, Robert seemed to be adopting Kristen’s head shake, which doesn’t bother me on her but doesn’t feel right on him. The fact that Jacob phased near Bella is not good–he wouldn’t let that happen. And I’m not sure that the Laurent scene and the Jacob phasing scene are actually consecutive since Kristen is wearing two different outfits, so it will be interesting to see if the whole pack attacks Laurent and if Jacob’s phasing is maybe when Paul tries to attack Bella, since it appears they are on the reservation there. Also, I hope that there is more of the drama captured after Jasper tries to attack Bella—there are “6 suddently ravenous vampires” and eventually, everyone has to leave, including Edward, leaving Carlisle behind to stitch up Bella. Right now, it just looks like they’re standing around. Again, I don’t mean to be too critical; this is a rough edit and I’m so glad that they gave us this glimpse. I have faith that they will get it right!

  24. It was AWESOME! It was so cool when Jacob phased. Taylor Lautner has great abs, he puts Arnold Schwarzeneger to shame.And also, Jasper’s hair is fluffy!LOL! Anywho, I still loved it, can’t wait for when it comes out.
    P.S. I LOVE Rob!

  25. Sparkle-chan says:

    My response is considered ‘inappropriate’ by Youtube.

    I did like Jacob as a woof though.

  26. hehe I went just really quiet and scary concentrating on like every detail.. and tyhen danced and screamed hehe

  27. Rachel M. says:

    I so wish I filmed my reaction. It was hilarious. And really loud.
    But unfortunately, my camera was out of batteries and I couldn’t use it. I did record it on my cell phone though, but that’s only audio.

  28. I think the trailer is very well done. So much about the scene of Bella’s party differs from the way it was depicted in the book, but who cares, really? It is visually beautiful. The trailer seems to maintain the dark, broodiness of the first movie. Also, from the very first scene, where Bella asks Edward to kiss her, I felt the impending melancholy, so pervasive throughout New Moon. Having Jacob leap at Laurent, and phase mid-air (right over Bella head?) works for me. It took me totally by surprise, and I suppose there has to be a certain element of surprise incorporated into the movie to keep our imaginations engaged. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!

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