New Moon Merchandise At Hot Topic

New Moon merchandise has been drifting into Hot Topic stores this week. Well, now it’s online. There are three tee shirts and counting.

No doubt there will be more.


  1. hahaha, i JUST has a dream last nite that hot topic got new moon merch… lol. maybe i can see the future, idk haha.

  2. I’m not gonna do what I did last time and buy the first one they come out with. I will most definitely wait and see…

  3. I agree with you Lauren. I will wait to see what else comes out.

  4. Yeah I guess I’ll wait like Lauren, or not buy anymore. I already have 2 Twilight tees, and I think that’s a lot! Haha. Unless there’s a Jacob shirt… That changes everything !

  5. Switzerland says

    these are the times i wished i didn’t live in canada…

  6. On my way to get my fix…love those shirts

  7. Peace.Love.Twilight. says

    I’m definitely getting the New Moon poster!! Woohoo!

  8. meganxxcullen says

    im wearing my twilight poster tshirt right now. i remember when they first came out with it. i bought it the day it came out and i was SOOOO excited. im going shopping today. off to get my new moon one now (:

  9. Don’t like the shirt, but I am TOTALLY getting that poster! XD

  10. Totally agree with you Love.Bite. The shirt does the poster absolutely no justice whatsoever. BUT I’m still happy to see that they are already selling stuff. I mean what with the beyond amazing trailer that just came out!

  11. I know I’ll be getting my New Moon merchandise at Hot Topic, since I work there and admire all the yummy posters and look at Rob’s face everyday.

  12. Dis is y im happy i practically liv in da mall…hahahaha….totally goin 2 hot topic!

  13. WOW!!!this shirts are amazing

  14. I saw these shirts today. I couldn’t believe they already have them. On the business side it’s genius. It’s free advertisement for the movie.

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