Mike Welch to Star in Jason Epperson Debut

Larry Richman over at ProNetworks bagged the scoop that Mike Welch is in a new feature film:

“…Welch will be starring in a new movie which goes into production later this month. Jason Epperson, runner-up on the Fox reality series On The Lot, will be directing Michael in his first feature film Unrequited”

According to Jason Epperson:

“We must be living right…we just landed one of the biggest new stars in Hollywood for the Lead in our film.  Michael Welch was one of the stars in last year’s biggest films “Twilight”…”


  1. Okay, no offense but Mike Welsh wasn’t a STAR of Twilight, he was a supporting role, he only had like 3 sceens with any important lines…

  2. mrsmkeyman says:

    how u likin da rain gurl?!!?!? haha thats my sig and my bg on my phone(:
    i love him besides kellan and jackson he is my fav!

  3. ChemistryofaSuicide says:

    …..Dayum. How is it he looks like a little kid in the movie but is FINE in real life?? <3333333 Tasty.

  4. With all due respect, Tia, take a look at the cast list and see where Mike is. I’d like to know where the “stars” end and whatever else you want to call him begins.

  5. Good for him, I hope they all get a chance to be in some different movies. All of them are such nice people and seem very supportive of each other. I don’t think any of them have an attitude and they aren’t the typical hollywood snotty young people.

  6. I just found out today that this movie is filming in my hometown.


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