Eclipse Casting

Marc Malkin over at E! got a look at the Eclipse casting notice that just started to circulate.

Here are some of the descriptions shared by Marc:

“Riley “is a handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy who falls victim to Victoria,” the notice reads. He’s in his early to mid 20s and “plays an integral role in Victoria’s attempt to murder Bella Swan.”

Seth Clearwater is a “tall, gangly-limbed boy with a huge, happy grin. Seth idolizes Jacob.

She[Leah Clearwater] is tall and slender with beautiful skin and short cropped black hair. She would be considered gorgeous if not for the perpetual scowl she carries due to a broken heart and her anger issues.”

Also, according to Marc, Rob was invited to do the musical number at the awards, but the timing just didn’t work out. Grab the video here because E! embed code is way messed up.

In answer to what will probably be the next set of  “how can I audition” questions to hit our inbox, if you are already “in the business” no doubt this is something your agent/manager can assist you with.  As far as we know, they are not up to extras casting at this point. No doubt any extras used will be Vancouver locals. If you have never been involved in the acting business before, don’t get scammed by the various ads stating “Twilight casting now” it’s a scam to sell you acting lessons and headshots. They aren’t in any way connected to the film. If you want some legit information on casting, visit Lana Veenker’s blog. It has a ton of info, Lana was invovled with the casting of Twilight (the first movie).


  1. I’m so excited for New Moon and eclipse…
    I think that Channing Tatum would make a good Riley but I think he is to well know…

    • SheenaP says:

      Justin Hartley would be perfect for this role. He’s Oliver Queen – The Green Arrow – on Smallville on CW11 in NYC. He’s a tall blond that already does action roles. In his twenties, not so much, but he sure does look the part:

      • Victoria says:

        yeha i agree. he doesnt look too young or too old. and many people in that movie are gorgeous anyway, he would be the perfect addition.or if not, travis van winkle from friday the 13??? and transformers??? google him

    That’s where I saw it haha

  3. twilight fan says:

    How tall will they cast the actor for seth? I think he should be a bit shorter than Taylor Lautner to capture the essence that the books emphasizes—Seth worshipping Idolizing Jacob? How tall is Taylor Launter anyhow? Does anyone know?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Taylor is at least 5’10” because our staff member who is 5’9″ has stood next to him and Taylor is taller than her.

  4. twilight fan says:

    Thank you. If Taylor is 5’10 what range will they target an actor to play Seth? 5’7-5’8? I think it might be kind of hard to capture an actor worshiping Jacob when they look like peers…Since Taylor is not tall like the character Jacob in the book, perhaps they will compensate with Seth being a few inches shorter and also he will look like the baby of the pack compared to the other wolf members too, what do you all think? I think anything shorter than 5’6 or taller than 5’7 might make them look like peers rather than a little brother wanting to hang out with his big brother mentality. What do you all think?

  5. Brittany says:

    It has begun! I can’t wait to see what kind of actors and actresses come up to audition and which ones get the parts. I think I might just audition myself!

  6. Amanda Beth says:

    In Eclipse didn’t Bella say that Riley was around her age?

  7. For Riley, I think that Lucas Gabriel would be great. I know a lot of people hate Disney actors (I used to too), but where else do you look for a “handsome, blond, clean-cut college boy”?
    For Leah, I always picture a short-haired Kristen Kreuk. I don’t have anyone for Seth right now, but will put it if I think of one. Maybe an un-known. So what do you think?

  8. Amber Cullen says:


  9. I know that usually sites don’t have much say in what the ads say that pop up from google…but isn’t it ironic that there is an ad all over the pages of the lexicon that say, “Twilight is casting now. Apply online”?! hahaha

  10. that little blonde girl says:

    riley = craig deering!! 😀

  11. Hey I’m blonde! :p

  12. Aaaaaaww man I would have loved to see Rob in the Medley!!! Ohwell maybe next time! :-/

  13. woot cool! GL to everyone trying to get in. I will be around there when they are filming but am not local darnit!
    I would really love to try for BD. hehe Would love to be considered for Siobhan 🙁 lol I don’t know if my casting office I go thru will have enough pull for that /cry maybe I am to old , there isn’t really a age for her tho hrmmm ….
    Anyways I bet they will do great I love their picks for the characters so far! *bounces*

  14. I think that Craig Deering from Evil Iguana Productions should play Riley. He matches the description and can act. I think he would be amazing!

    • Yes, I agree. I was reading the description of Riley and totally thought “That’s Craig”. =)

  15. the way i thought i could be apart of the movie easiest was by being an extra… but tit looks like that’s not gonna work out. 🙁

    Summer Bishil (from “Towelhead”) should totally play Leah Clearwater.

  16. Too bad Leah has to be tall….I’m 5’4″ but of Native American descent. Epic fail on my genes part.

    Wish Rob could have done the medley, would have been hilarious…or sexy…both?

  17. Omfg! Imma audition! Im nawt a good actress..but its worth a try! -psh edwards mine!

  18. OMG! i want to play Leah so bad! I know that im not the only one but, I wish I could play her! I think i can pull off the aggressive character! does anyone know where they are going to be casting?… if anyone knows email me! or add me to your myspace

    I want to play Leah!

  19. HEY EVERYONE CHECK THIS LINK OUT it’s a link to a post on my website about how I think I should play Seth Clearwater and it has photos and all that, pleae check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. had fun with the “didn’t have time to rehearse”…truth is he was done filming 1 day earlier than Kris and Ashley and waited the extra day for them to wrap on the Italy set…guess he does have his priorities straight…filming and bonding with his friends > jizzing ones pants…

  21. I want to see Seth! They better not stuff up his casting…

  22. Tom Felton should play Riley!!!!!

  23. I think that a new comer in acting should play Riley…give them their few minutes of fame. Besides I cant really think of anyone who could fit that description and everyone be content about it.

  24. kehacakes says:

    I’m just excited that they are already working on it and we’ll have even more news to hear. It will help pass the time till the New Moon release. And…it won’t be so long a wait in between New moon and Eclipse. YAY!!!

    I am soooo glad that Rob didn’t do any type of song for the show, especially the ones they were referring to which I (and its just my opinion) thought were stupid.

  25. I’m not all that interested in auditioning for Eclipse, but I would love to audition for Breaking Dawn! Meh, maybe when they’re up for casting extra’s I’ll look into it. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

  26. team jacob! says:

    Nicole Lee Smith for Leah Clearwater!!
    Started hearing rumors she auditioned for Emily back in January but maybe they are holding out to give her a bigger role?? Hope so…she’s gorgeous, has acting experience, and is a NW Native American actor actually from Washington State. Nice to see several younger “unknown” Native American/First Nations actors getting plum roles for once!!

    • Laura B says:

      OMG She definitely is perfect for Leah!! Truly I think she couldn’t be any more perfect for Leah. She is a NW Native American, she totally fits the physical description, she’s got the experience and truthfully….who is going to be better next to the actress cast for Emily Young?!!!! If they pick someone different, the casting agents need to be fired!!

  27. honorable gucci says:

    Wow, Nicole Lee Smith does look and sound like she would be a great Leah… Hopefully she’ll get her shot, she seems to be a good fit for the role.

  28. Twimomella says:

    Didn’t Kristen Stewart’s real-life boyfriend , Michael Angarano, want a role in one of the movies? Wouldn’t he be a great choice since he’s already hanging around set! AND, they would even get to film a scene together. Just imagine him with his hair dyed blonde:

  29. arazcal says:

    I’d like to see Channing Tatum play Riley.recently saw him in 2006’s She’s the Man. He pulls off vulnerable,likable,and sexy. After all we are talking about someone Victoria has(temporarily) chosen to be in her life.Having just lost the love of her life,James,she’s just not going to “bite” some Joe-Schmoe she’s on the hunt for a replacement hottie 😉 maybe we’ve misjudged Victoria.. just kidding

  30. I just looked at Nicole Lee Smith’s pics, she is EXACTLY how I pictured Leah! Hope she gets the role!

  31. Almost forgot… On, look at the first picture under her “photos” link, she totally looks like she is related to Tinsel Korey (Emily)! Maybe the twilightlexicon is at it again and we can say this is the first website to predict that Nicole Lee Smith will get the role of Leah Clearwater!!!

  32. Tom Felton would be an awesome Riley. He could pull off “Dark, conflicted kid with a need to please his master” quite well.

  33. twilight fan says:

    It says on blogspot that nicole lee smith is 5’3″…I don’t think that should be an issue, but how tall is kristen stewart? Would it matter if Leah is smaller than Kristen stewart? They can make for it with having Seth stay in the 5’7 category? Especially if the actor for Seth 5’7 and then Leah 5’3 it would look good and when Jacob is next to Seth the actor could capture the big brother feeling better?

  34. team jacob! says:

    Yeah, it’s weird to me that the casting notice says Leah is “tall”…wasn’t she the smallest wolf?? But I guess that’s because she’s a girl…so she shouldn’t be taller than the boys anyway, and most actors are shorter than they seem onscreen.

  35. love live! says:

    I think she would make a great leah! 5’7!

    did anyone get the adderss on where to send headshots etc.. my friend wants to send them! shes on a mission haha

  36. Tom Felton for Riley ftw!

  37. Michael Cera for Seth. Or is he too tall? He’s certainly gangly enough.

  38. twilight fan says:

    He is way too caucasian looking and looks like he will taller than taylor launter but besides that he just looks way too caucasian

  39. Hugh No says:

    @ chris

    Michael Cera is a white dude. On casting Quileute members they specifically said Native-American/First Nation actors Only

  40. Does anyone have any more info on Nicole Lee Smith being cast as Leah in Eclipse? I was reading Breaking Dawn (again) and she is totally Leah for me!!!

  41. Megan Fox for Leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. maybe Alex Rice for leah- she looks tough like leah should be!

  43. haha i can be leah. i have short black cropped hair(naturally) and im tough enough to handel the pressure

  44. I’m so anxious to know who they will cast for Eclipse, and maybe it will be my choices.

    I’ve been reading a lot about this Native American actress named Sara Tomko. After seeing her name pop up on several messages boards I finally checked her out and I 1,000,000% believe Sara Tomko should play Leah Clearwater. She has a website full of her acting videos. Go to and see for yourself.

    As far as Seth Clearwater I’m not sure who should play him yet. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Channing Tatum should get a chance to be considered for Riley.

    • Victoria says:

      have you seen Jean-Luc Bolideau? I know he looks kind of whte(no disrespect) next to taylor, but they can put makeup on him or something. He strikes me as the younger brother type, always wanting to do everthing perfectly. Good idea? yes? no?

  45. Yolanda Sahagun says:

    Does anyone know where the Twilight Saga “Eclipse” auditions are at?

  46. did you people even read the book?Its the story thats important mostly,not how cute or hot the actors are.

  47. eclipse fan! says:

    The actress Nicole Lee Smith is my favorite for Leah Clearwater!!! Sara Tomko looks like a cool chick, but too old for Leah.

  48. i tihnk id be great 4 lesh i hsve short blackk hair im about 5’4 im slender im a litte darker than fair im a really hugh twilght fan ive seen it 6 time i love plz eamail me

  49. hi you might of seeen me a lot on other websites but i have gone to hell and back looking for a way to reach you guys and im around 5’2-5’4,brunette[dark],grey/blue eyes,caucasion and something else?=/?anyways i want to play the role of Bree or leah cleawater i do tan and im willing to do what ever it takes to get to u,even walking barefoot in the middle of a far end desert.=)i am a quicm learner and have been trying to get a hold of you guys fo 2 monthe everyday for around…?i dont know 4 hours at least on the computer trying to be casted for this movie and would eat,sleep,and breath u hear im totalley commited my name is monica deckard i live in amsterdam,NY and would love it if someone catsed or even got a hold of me for that matter and im determenedto get this part=)=D

    soon to be there…


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