Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back in LA

Hopefully Rob and Kristen got a decent rest on the flight from Rome to LA. Jet lag can be brutal, especially after a week filming action scenes in the heat! No idea what airline they flew, but if it’s British Air, they have those really comfy looking chair/beds in first class. They’re going to need all their energy for the red carpet and show at MTV.

There is going to be a ton of coverage from MTV, to ET, and we’re sure other media outlets will be on the redcarpet.

Latest info has Liz Reaser added to the people attending. So be on the lookout for other Twilight stars that might be last minute adds. For that matter it’s MTV, they are always full of surprises, you never know who is going to turn up.


  1. i am going to watch the mtv movie awards i really do hope that Twilight wins Best Movie.. i am so excited

    • Kay_Cullen says

      Ummm, Jasmine they did win the Movie awards, for best kiss, best fight, breakthrough male performance(Rob), and finaly the best female performance(Kristen)…….5 awards!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh, I am so excited.

  3. Jeannaly says

    poor Rob and kristen the won´t have enough sleep, well at least rob will be looking like his charater with circles under his eyes…Lmao!

  4. OMG!!!!! i just keep getting more and more excited!!!!!!!

  5. just wondering the chick who plays esme how come we never see anything of her…

    • I wonder about that too, I also wonder about Billy Burke as well? Has anyone heard anything on on Elizabeth and Billy…their characters are important too.

      • yeah she doesnt really seem to go out alot .. or anything i know billy has been filming something else too hopefully we see more of her in new moon notice how the scene in the garage she isnt in it even tho he throws a jacket to her u never see her ialways wondered why oh and i got a question for someone who can answer in the twilight book when he shows her that he sparkles where does he go he says something about a human moment i really wanna know what that means my hubbie reakons he goes to pee behind a bush lol i tried to tell him they dont pee lol

        • Laura G. says

          He never says anything about a human moment…not when they are in the meadow anyway…she says that the first night he stays with her and she goes to take a shower…

  6. finally has a picture of Jane. Just found it on my Twilight group…

    • whoa i just saw those pictures of jane!!!!Not what i expected.The cloak who knew that thay made kiddy ones??LOL Not to scary!!!They all fear her and look what they put her in.If i was ed i would run away from her b/c id be scared of her clothes lolol. a big THANK YOU to CHERYL

      • It’s not her clothes that are going to make her scary, it’s her presence and attitude.

        • oh twifriend! She looks like a jacked up red riding hood!!!! I could have bought a better cape at the costume store for Halloween. lol Not Scary!!!!!! Funny!!!!!

          • But wasn’t it Michael Sheen or somebody say she looked like a deranged red-riding hood. So maybe that’s the look their going for.

      • You’re very welcome. Remember guys, the New Moon trailer will be on before the MTV Movie Awards!

  7. does anyone know if mtv show is posted anywhere on the internet?

    • i was wondering this too. like is it going to be streaming live anywhere? i really want to watch the awards but the hotel i’m staying at doesn’t have mtv! i don’t want to have to wait til it’s posted through series of youtube vids… :[

  8. Yesterday was a slow news day, I hope this is not all we get today, I’m in withdrawals for news. Hey,
    doesn’t Billy do the conventions in between other projects. I haven’t been to one yet but saw some pics on internet. Never see her anywhere, but you know it is kinda like Jacob in this film, very few lines. Maybe not alot of demand for her. Or maybe she doesn’t like conventions. Glad the rest do, hear there is going to be one in Nashville in January and I am soooo there. Betcha there will be lots of wolves @ this one because New Moon will already be out! Excited

  9. ScarletRubie says

    WOw, Liz Reaser is actually coming out of hiding. She never comes out like this, i hope she does go to the MTV awards, i think i’ve only seen like 2 or three interviews with her, I’ve seen more of Alex Meraz and New Moon hasn’t even come out. Maybe she doesn’t like the spotlight too much and Billy well….he seems like a fun guy, he should come out more often as well. I can’t wait for tonight, even though i don’t have cable 🙁

  10. Mrs.Cullen997 says

    omg all these magazines are like who is Robert dating? really first they say kristen the these other 4 girls??! now really is he dating kristen? p.s. there a great couple??

  11. MRS.CULLEN, They have said many times that they are just bff.Media is going crazy 4 rob and the rest of the crew b/c they are the it peeps of hollywood.Summit probably likes all the hype around rob and kris b/c they probably feel it will bring more attention to the film.Its none of our business who they date even though we all want rob to date us lol.They do have a site that is dedicated to the rob rumors rob pattinson anonymous.Carzy i cant believe they have a site for this.. hope it helps


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