New Moon Trailer: An Analysis of the Analysis

Deadbolt has done it again and come up with a great feature that explores the media hype that surrounds the Twilight franchise. This time they’re talking about how the Internet is going to explode tonight with people analyzing and reanalyzing the trailer. No doubt there will be screen caps of second by second footage, blow ups of frames, and endless commentary ranging from OME! Can’t wait till Nov. to Chris Weitz ruined it!

According to Deadbolt:

“…the New Moon trailer will serve a dual purpose:

1. It will satisfy the near fever pitch Twilight anticipation.

2. Build fresh New Moon momentum from a brand new starting point.

Hey, we’re just as excited to see the New Moon trailer as you are, but it’s been awkwardly entertaining to see so much hype around … well … a trailer.”

Check out their full trailer story.


  1. veronica says:

    I am totally gonna be one of those screaming OME!!!

  2. deadbolt is dead on. since i got introduced to twilight a month before the movie was to premiere, i only got a bit of the hype leading into twilight. However, now with 6 months to go for new moon and there is already this much hype, it’s starting to make me not want to watch the movie come nov.

  3. A very accurate description. I remember the twilight trailer coming out and people blowing up the pictures and doing a frame by fame description of the whole thing. It was impressive. I don’t think I’ll be squealing that much but I will definately be excited; I’m still a little wary of Chris Weitz and the fact that MTV, who solved our worries, no longer have access means this hasn’t been stopped but I like a lot of it. But I just hope it won’t be a ‘teaser trailer’ because the amount of those we actually got before the real trailer was rediculous.

  4. OMG!! Everything just makes me more excited!! and i dont think too much coverage is gonna make me not wanna see the movie…i will still be dying to see it!!

  5. what does OME mean??

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